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Winter for Outdoor Families

As a team of outdoor families, winter is one of our very favorite times to get outside. But, we also know that it can be a lot more work and intimidating to many.

We’ve gathered up our very best tips and tricks to help you get outside and enjoy the season!

Looking for winter gear recommendations? Go here for posts about cold weather gear and here for posts about wet weather gear.

Sperry Boots Review

Sperry Boots Review

Sperry Boots Review There is a reason Sperry has been a shoe company since 1935. They make great, durable shoes.  My dad always had a pair of …
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Wild Ice Play with Kids

Wild Ice Play with Kids Spending time on wild ice is always an activity that carries risk. There is no such thing as safe ice, and …
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How to Snowshoe with Kids

How to Snowshoe with Kids If you clicked on this post, you probably live in a place with significant snow depth. Snowshoes are an important …
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Tips and Tricks for Winter

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