Winter for Outdoor Families

As a team of outdoor families, winter is one of our very favorite times to get outside. But, we also know that it can be a lot more work and intimidating to many.

We’ve gathered up our very best tips and tricks to help you get outside and enjoy the season!

Looking for winter gear recommendations? Go here for posts about cold weather gear and here for posts about wet weather gear.

Tips and Tricks for Winter

Winter Gear

Kid’s Gear

Women’s Gear

Winter Pregnancy and Baby wearing Gear

Outdoor Family Gear

Winter Activities

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

XC Skiing and Stroller Skis


Ski/Snowboard Travel

Winter Camping

Winter Fun

Winter “Day in the Life” Posts


  • Kristin grew up in Western Massachusetts but moved north to Alaska in 2008 in search of more snow and bigger mountains. She homeschools her three children and tries to spend as much time as possible learning outside. Kristin loves hiking, camping, puddle stomping, laughing, igloo building, reading, science, baking, photography, and watching the sun go down from on top of a mountain; and is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm for the natural world and her knowledge of the gear that can get you out there in every kind of weather. She works part-time from home as an Environmental Scientist and technical editor.

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