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Disana Boiled Wool Jackets

Disana Boiled Wool Jackets are a 3-season staple for us.  They are a very versatile piece of gear as an outer layer or as an inner layer.  In spring and fall they’re a great stand-alone jacket, and in winter they can be layered over or under other pieces.

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Some fall biking using them over rain bibs

Shoulder seasons are often full of mud/dirt/puddle play, but boiled wool as a fabric is extremely easy care, so don’t be scared off that you can’t machine wash it.

Wool fiber has scales on it which help make it a superb insulator but also make it so dirt just brushes off. Get the jacket soaked in mud after puddle biking? It will look filthy but just let it dry and then shake it out!

I didn’t even have to wash it after this outing

Boiled wool is often our layer of choice for under a rain jacket, especially when the kids are at forest school and it’s raining in the morning but might be still cold but not raining in the afternoon.  They can handle a light drizzle or wet snow very well too, the snow or water will bead up on them because of the lanolin in the wool.

Eventually they will start to absorb the rain and get heavy, so if it’s raining or very wet snow we put on the rain gear or use extra layers. 

We also wear them a lot with our rain bibs for lake/mud exploring in shoulder seasons.  You can lanolize them for extra waterproofing, but they don’t need it.

In the winter, we will often wear them under snowsuits as an extra layer. Both my girls run cold so it’s great to have this extra layer we can add; it’s always a bonus when gear can work in different ways through different seasons. Just make sure there is enough space to fit a double layer and still trap enough warm air against their bodies to keep them warm.

When worn as an outer layer by themselves or over a down jacket, they are awesome in the snow. Even after prolonged rolling, the kids have stayed toasty warm even as snow chunks form and stick to the outside. The hood is the perfect size, offering visibility but full coverage and perfect for layering.

When they take them off, shake them out well or you’ll have a sizable puddle in your entryway!

Other Styles of Boiled Wool from Disana

Boiled Wool Bunting

Disana also makes a boiled wool bunting, which is one of my absolute favorite pieces of gear for babies. It has fold-over cuffs on the hands and feet, and my kids wore the 6-12 month size from when they were a few months old until they were about 3 years old. It was huge but cuffs folded over, and they were in carriers so allowed plenty of room for knee-bend while babywearing.

A 1.5 year old wearing a pink 12-24 Disana bunting over a 6-12 Disana bunting (you cannot see the smaller bunting underneath)
The 6-12mo Disana bunting layered under a 2T Burton snowsuit, worn by a 2.5yo. At this age she also wears a size 12-24 in the jacket which runs less generous than the bunting.

The 12-24 month size (the biggest size they make in this style) also runs very large, and my kids generally wore that one from about 1.5 to 4.

Brown 12-24mo bunting on a 3.5 year old and blue 6-12 bunting on a 1.5 year old

They work wonderfully layered over another wool baselayer, like Ella’s or Wee Woolies.

The bunting is generous in the torso, so even when it didn’t exactly *fit*, the kids were still able to wear them when they wanted. They were just capris and 3/4 length sleeves, but still did the job of insulating and when worn with gloves and boots it worked when they outgrew that largest 12-24mo size but still wanted to wear a cozy bunting.

3 year old in 12-24 Disana bunting, 1.5yo old in 6-12 Disana bunting, 4.5yo in 12-24 Disana bunting

Boiled Wool Overalls

Disana makes a boiled wool overall that pair very well with their jackets, and is their “big kid” version of the bunting. They run less generously than the buntings, they are a slimmer fit. But they’re just as warm and durable!

2.5 year old on left wearing 2-3T overalls under a 12-24mo jacket, 4yo on right wearing 4-5T overalls under a 2-3T jacket

The overalls come up higher in the back and have two buttons in the front so you can adjust the sizing a bit.

Boiled Wool Mittens

These mittens are great on their own or for layering. They hold up to snowplay very well, especially given that they have no added waterproofing besides wool’s natural ability to resist moisture!

We also love layering them under rain mittens for total protection on wet snow days or for puddle splashing in the spring and fall.

The mittens come on strings which is very handy, but the strings are a bit long. We like to tie them to take a few inches off the length.

2.5 year old wearing 12-24mo Disana Jacket, 2/3T Disana overalls, and 12-24mo Disana mittens


What I love

Disana’s boiled wool is versatile, warm, and very durable.  It lasts a long time and is the kind of gear you can pass through all your children and still pass it on looking pretty much new.

The hoods are perfectly sized, and we have no trouble layering balaclavas underneath or snow/rain suits over the top. They cuff easily, and the buttons are easy for kids to do.

The pieces also look nice and many of the colors would probably work as a dressier/less outerwear-looking coat.  Boiled wool cleans up well but you hardly ever need to clean it, just let it dry and shake it out and it looks clean.  

What I don’t love:

A small gripe is that the jackets are lined with organic cotton.  We try to never wear cotton outside, and I wish they were lined with merino.  But this would of course make them pricier, and we’ve never had much trouble with the cotton layer getting wet (and therefore being cold), even after rolling around in the snow for hours.  And this is something that’s seen in a lot of outerwear so it is not unique to Disana.

I also wish they were made in bigger sizes.  The jackets max out at size 4/5, which my almost 6yo still fits in but probably won’t fit next year.  They do make a new style of jacket and coat that go up to size 11/12; it’s a zip style and might work just as well but we have not tried it yet.

The Bottom Line

Boiled wool is a versatile piece of gear, and don’t let hand-wash wool care scare you off – they require very little fuss!

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