Best Puffy Jackets for Kids 2023

A great way to help keep kids warm in the winter is a puffy jacket, filled with either a down or synthetic insulation, these jackets often give a very “puffy” appearance, hence the name. Puffy or puffer jackets come in all styles, shapes, and budgets. If you want to skip the info on insulation, click … Read more

Best Winter Gear for Kids 2023

Every year I like to pull together a round-up of the gear we are using and our thoughts on it. If you live in a cold climate, quality winter gear for kids is essential to have for both safety and comfort reasons. This post will be updated throughout the winter of 2023-24 as we continue … Read more

Best Winter Boots for Kids 2023

Best Winter Boots for Kids

Over the past 12 years we have had SO many kid boots come through this house. Some have been fantastic at keeping our kids’ warm during a cold winter and others have been ones we just didn’t keep around. Winter boots for kids’ feet are a big thing – they are sometimes the difference between … Read more

WeeDo Funwear Review

WeeDo Commando Jacket

WeeDo Funwear perfectly blends the worlds of function and fashion with their extremely well-build, one-piece snowsuits. Believe me when I say they thought of everything when they designed these suits.

Iksplor Adventure Wear

Iksplor Adventure Wear

Iksplor Adventure Wear We have been lucky enough to watch Iksplor grow from the very beginning right here in Jackson, Wyoming. While we literally wear them every single day and I talk about them a LOT on our social media channels, I just realized that I have never written a full dedicated post on the … Read more

Obermeyer Kids Snow Gear Review

Obermeyer Kids Snow Gear Review If you’ve attempted to teach kids a winter sport (or even just spend a significant amount of time playing outdoors in the snow), you know that outerwear can make or break the experience. There are few things more challenging than attempting to comfort a cold, wet kid. Especially this winter … Read more