Best Winter Gear for Kids 2023

Every year I like to pull together a round-up of the gear we are using and our thoughts on it. If you live in a cold climate, quality winter gear for kids is essential to have for both safety and comfort reasons.

This post will be updated throughout the winter of 2023-24 as we continue to test new gear this winter, so check back often!

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A young boy wearing an orange jacket and blue pants hikes in the snow with his dog in the best winter gear for kids.

Best Kids Base Layers

Base layers really are SO important for warmth from the inside out. We’re big fans of wool thanks to their cooling/heating properties which make them ideal for year-round use.

We consider them a staple when we are highlighting the best winter gear for kids….because warmth starts from the INSIDE out.

But, I also included our favorite poly-pros too (which are awesome when it’s super cold out!).

Three young children wearing Iksplor baselayers stand in front of some mountains holding hands.

Wool Base Layers for Kids

Iksplor Base Layers

This brand is a local one to us here in Jackson, WY and we LOVE them. They are just barely thicker than Wee Woollies and are thinner than Ella’s Wool, but also seem to hold up longer without holes in our testing. Our kids wear them nearly daily year-round for pajamas and base layers and they show no wear.

They are very soft, are easy wash and dry and fit great! I would say the fit is similar to Wee Woollies (below) – on the slim side. In our years of testing, I think they they are slightly more durable than the Wee Woollies (again, listed below).

I also love that the baby sizes have hand covers that fold off the sleeves. Brilliant for maximized warmth for baby.

Available in baby sizes 0-24 months and kids aged 2-12.

They also have neck gaiters and beanies available for kids and adults. Of all the wool beanies we have tried, these are my favorites. They stay on well, keep heads warm and fit under helmets.

See our full review of Iksplor Adventure Wear here.

iksplor baselayer

Chasing Windmills

These base layers are a new find for us this year, and my kids have fallen quickly in love with them. They are made in the US from Australian wool and are incredibly soft. They are a mid-weight base layer (so slightly thicker than the Iksplor base layers above).

As a mom of kids who love to play, I appreciate they come with double reinforced knees for extended use. We highly recommend the “ribbed” line for extra softness. Even my kid who usually doesn’t love even the softest wool has no issues with these!

Again, you can totally wash and dry these with no issues.

Chasing Windmills baselayer

Ella’s Wool

Ella’s Wool base layers are the thickest of the wool base layers listed here, and incredibly soft. Available for kids aged 3 mo – 12 years.

They also wash very well, but I choose to not put them in the dryer to avoid shrinking. Note: While these have a “higher pile softness”, go for the Chasing Windmills for more sensitive kids.

Ella’s Wool has been a little harder to find the last couple of years, but they assure me they are restocking this winter.

Ellas wool base layers

Synthetic Base Layers for Kids

Akova (formerly Shred Dog) Foundation Base Layers

The Foundation base layers from Akova (formerly Shred Dog) could really be either a next-to-skin base layer or a mid layer (my kids layer them on top of their Iksplor wool on really cold days).

They are very high quality, super soft, warm, and wear well. My kids have been wearing them a few times a week for a couple years now and they show no wear.

The Foundation base layer bottoms also make awesome every-day leggings for girls – the waistband stays up and they are very durable.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

Shred dog baselayers

Burton Lightweight Baselayer Set

The Burton Lightweight Baselayer Sets are thin and have a smooth feel (silkier than Patagonia Capilene). My kids love the feel because it’s not bunchy under their snowpants.

These lightweight sets are perfect for layering under fleece on a very cold day, or wearing along on a warmer day.

They are highly durable and will last you at least 2 seasons. My daughter is wearing a pair that are on their third year of use and there is no seam issues or pilling. They also wash very well; no hot chocolate stains here!

They come in toddler and kid sizes. The fit throughout both the toddler and kid line is generally big, especially in the waist-band. If your child is slim I’d recommend sizing down.

Burton lightweight base layer set

Patagonia Kids’ Capilene® Midweight Crew & Bottoms

This set is versatile and pretty good quality. They are smooth and lightweight, easy to layer and comfortable. They have a slim fit, thumb holes and raglan sleeves that help those arms move with all that activity. They keep kids warm and hold up well!

Patagonia Capilene Base layers

Best Warm Socks for Kids

Don’t skimp on socks! They can seriously mean the difference between feet staying warm and frostbite or at least serious discomfort. If temperatures are cold, your kids (and babies!) NEED wool socks.

It’s very important that socks fit snug, but aren’t too tight to allow for good circulation and warmth. Avoid cotton socks at all costs, and choose wool or a wool blend instead.

It’s also important to remember that adding multiple layers of socks does NOT guarantee warmth since that can cut off circulation. Its best to just choose a well-fitting sock in a warm boot.

We also recommend adding Aurora Heat reusable foot warmers for extra cozy warmth on cold days.

Darn Tough Socks for Kids

Darn Tough makes incredible durable socks and their kids line is no exception. We love the fun designs and their guarantee! These are our top choice particularly for tall ski socks.

Darn Tough socks for kids

Farm to Feet

I love these socks for myself and think they are perfect for kids too. And the XS fits a preschooler (about a size toddler 6+). They hold up very very well and come with a lifetime guarantee! There’s a range of styles for kids available at Biddle & Bop.

Farm to Feet socks

Oaki for Toddlers and Big Kids

These boot socks are great for everyday use and come in a sizes little kid (size 8-13), big kid (size 11-3) and juniors. They are light, but still are much better than cotton socks.

Oaki socks

Iksplor Wool Socks

Finding great wool socks for toddlers that fit well and keep them warm is really challenging. These socks for babies and kids aged 3 months – 11 years are fantastic. They fit tall for extra warmth.

One thing to note is the toddler socks (sizes 1-6 years) have grippers on the bottom of them for no slip, which can be tougher with layering in boots. However, most kids have no issues with them and parents appreciate the extra safety feature.

Iksplor wool socks

Best Mid Layers for Kids

Mid layers are the part of the layering that really can be “fudged” more than any other layer. Fleece, down, or wool is best, but it doesn’t need to be top of the line or super technical to be effective.

Here in Wyoming, we opt for mid layers on the coldest of days or if we are layering for long days in the cold and want to be able to remove or put on more gear as the temperature changes.

The options below are our favorite mid layers. I also recommend checking out our post on best puffy jackets for kids for more options than we have room to outline below.

Five children in snow clothing are snowshoeing on a sunny day.
Snowshoeing in a variety of Akova (formerly Shred Dog) mid and outer layers.

Mid Layer Jackets for Kids

Mid layer jackets are some of the most well-worn pieces in our winter collection. They work as layers for the chilliest weather and can stand alone in mid-season. Here are some of our favorites!

Patagonia Down Sweater for Infants/Toddlers

This jacket is really available for all sizes from infant to adult and is the perfect mid-layer when you just need a little extra boost of warmth.

I also love it because kids can wear it safely in car seats thanks to a low-loft design that still keeps them warm. Also available in a reversible version with a hood (which I prefer!)

You can also find the Patagonia Down Sweater at REI.

Patagonia down sweater

REI Active Pursuits Jacket

This jacket is great as a mid layer since it is cozy, has zippered hand pockets, and a substantial hood. It has a brushed outer too for easier layering.

REI Active Pursuits Jacket

Reima Fossila Light Down Jacket

This light down jacket is fantastic for layering. We love the longer length for no gaps and how it work easily in cart seats if needed.

Available in sizes 4T – 14Y.

Reima Fossila Jacket

Town Hall Down Town Puffy

This is a more technical piece with 100% recycled down insulation that can serve as the only jacket for cooler days or it can be a solid midlayer for downright cold days. It comes in sizes XS (5/6) – XL (13/14) and in a variety of fun colors. We love the hood and internal zippered pocket and we’ve also heard it’s easy to clean.

Town Hall Down Town Puffy

Akova Essential Fleece 2.0 Jacket

Available in sizes 4-16, the interior of the jacket is grid fleece which helps with warmth and wicking. The outer part of the jacket is a smooth jersey which makes it easier for layering too. This is my kids’ favorite fleece by far.

We love the zippered pockets for stashing snacks and extra gloves.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

Akova Essential Fleece 2.0 Jacket

Akova (formerly Shred Dog) Elevated Insulator

Available in sizes 4 – 16, we love this puffy jacket without the bulk. It can attach to the Kids’ Elevated Hardshell for a full jacket system.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

Akova Elevated Insulator

Kids Mid Layer Bottoms

Mid layer bottoms help keep your body insulated against the cold. These mid layer bottoms are perfect for wearing on their own or over base layers for added warmth. They are cozy, warm, and easy to wear.

Ella’s Wool TUBES

Our favorite wool pants for layering. The kids usually wear them over wool base layers on super cold days. They roll up easily and are super soft and comfortable! I just wish they came in bigger than a size 8 kids!

See our full review of Ella’s Wool TUBES here.

Ella's Wool Tubes

Iksplor Midlayer Merino Wool Pants

You’ll note this comes in a set, but our whole family LOVES these new midweight midlayers from Iksplor. The pants have handy pockets and they are a perfect for layering or wearing on their own. We wear them together and each on their own often.

Iksplor Adventure Set

Patagonia Micro D Fleece Joggers

Soft and cozy fleece pants that can be worn on their own or used as a mid layer. The Patagonia ones are more money, but they hold up very well.

Patagonia Micro D Fleece Joggers

REI Trailsmith Fleece Pants

These are our favorite thick fleece pants for kids. They breathe well, keep kids safe if damp (opposed to the dangers of cotton), and have great zippered pockets for small treasures.

REI Trailsmith Fleece Pants
Two children in gray midlayers and 3 children in purple midlayers stand for a photo.
They may be tired of photos, but they love these Iksplor mid layers!

Best Winter Outerwear for Kids

Good outerwear keeps the elements out and warmth in! It protects from wind and keeps body heat in. Quality outerwear for kids can cost money, but it’s an investment that is worth making, especially if you live in a cold, snowy climate.

Best Winter Ski & Snowboard Jackets for Kids

Being out in the cold for hours at a time is not easy. Especially for young kids learning to ski or snowboard. Good jackets are the key to making winter sports fun from the get go! They keep the wind and moisture at bay, breathe well and let kids move freely.

Burton Symbol Jacket

The Burton Symbol Jacket has more insulation in the core and less on the arms, which was perfect for TMM team Sarah’s son when he’s out snowboarding. This jacket is warm without being overly hot and bulky, and it is waterproof.

It features an adjustable powder skirt which attaches to the belt loop on the back of Burton pants. The powder skirt is snug and no snow ever gets past it.

The fit is loose but not baggy, and the wrist cuffs are adjustable to go inside, or outside of gloves. The hood fits over a helmet for those blustery days at the top of the Tram.

My son will tell you his favorite feature is the soft fleece on the inside of the chin area.

Burton Symbol Jacket

Obermeyer Ski Jackets

I continually am so impressed with Obermeyer, especially as a ski brand. Their jackets are warm, have an “I-grow” feature to extend the wearability as your child grows and lots of ski extras like mitten clips built into the cuffs.

They’re durable too and come in bright colors and fun patterns to help your kids stand out on the ski slopes (all the better to find them!) I truly recommend any of their ski jackets.

Obermeyer Ski Jacket

Reima Ski Jackets

Reima Ski Jackets are durable, totally waterproof and insulated well. They are also comparably affordable (especially with our discount code!) for such high quality, insulated jackets. After years of use they show very minimal wear.

Our kids ski in the Posio jacket and the Tieten.

Reima Ski Jacket

Akova (formerly Shred Dog) Shells for Boys and Girls

We love the Akova shell – it’s completely waterproof, has great pockets and THE best hood out there for fitting over helmets. It’s also soft and pliable and isn’t noisy when kids move – perfect for children with sensory challenges.

As far as I know, they are the only shell that has pit zips for kids, which is particularly helpful for XC and backcountry skiing and warm days on the slope. This is truly the shell that can do anything.

Check out their insulator that works as a system with the shell and read our full review of Shred Dog gear here.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

Akova Shell

Stio Rafferty Insulated Jacket

The perfect mix of a puffy and a shell all-in-one. This is a serious jacket and one of the best you can get for a warm, durable ski jacket in kid sizes.

Stio Rafferty Insulated Jacket

Town Hall Mountain Town Winter Jacket

Town Hall is a newer brand and we are LOVING them. Based out of Steamboat Springs, owner Robin has developed her gear with mountain kids in mind. The Mountain Town Winter jacket is warm, has pit zips, tons of pockets for snacks, a pass pocket and more. The quality is top-notch and we highly recommend. For a warmer days, check out the Around Town Jacket.

Town Hall Mountain Town Winter Jacket
Two kids skiing with poles in complete winter gear and a helmet and goggles

Warmest Winter Coats for Kids

Looking for a super warm all-around great jacket for kids? I love these jackets for their extra warmth, length, and ability to keep kids dry.

Jan and Jul Toasty Dry Puffy Coat

Jan and Jul is known for fleece-lined waterproof gear. This Puffy Parka is incredible. It’s long to keep kids nice and warm, along with a cozy fleece liner and a completely waterproof outer. Available in sizes 1T – 5T.

Jan and Jul Toasty Dry Puffy Coat

Patagonia Kids Downdrift Parka

This is one jacket I wish came in my size! The length makes it much warmer than a regular-length jacket, and the fleece-lined hood keeps around the face warmer. My daughter loves the thumb holds and deep pockets too.

Patagonia Kids Downdrift Parka

Reima Naapuri Parka

The Naapuri is definitely heavier than the Patagonia Parka above, but it is INCREDIBLY warm. It’s the jacket for the coldest days and is similar to Reima’s Stravanger snowsuit. The fur is removable from the hood.

Reima Naapuri Parka

Stio Hometown Down Jacket

This down jacket really and truly is an all-mountain jacket. Kids (including our kids) wear them to school, on the ski hill, for XC skiing, around town and playing outside. We got our son one a little big and he literally wore it for 4 years.

It fits well, has a great hood and keeps kids warm. I have the Hometown Down parka too and love it! It’s also down so requires a bit more care, but can always be fixed with Noso patches too….

Stio Hometown Down Jacket

Best Snow Pants and Rain Pants for Kids

Snowpants for kid should be durable, provide tons of coverage and keep kids warm. Good for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snow angels. These are our favorites!

A boy in teal snow bibs faces away from the camera.
Burton Kids Gore-Tex Stark Bibs

Burton Kids Gore-Tex Stark Bibs

These bibs are guaranteed to keep your kiddo dry and warm in all conditions thanks to trusty Gore-Tex.

These pants are ultra waterproof and lightly insulated. On very cold days my son will wear a baselayer and fleece underneath, but most days he wears a midweight baselayer and is the perfect temperature.

The fit is perfect; not too baggy and no gap in the back. The straps are stretchy and adjustable, and there are 5 different pockets. The back belt loop is strategically placed so the powder skirt of any Burton kids jacket can be attached.

The straps can be unhooked, but the easier way to get these on and off is the side zipper. Just unzip and slide the shoulder strap for easy bathroom breaks and getting dressed.

Burton Kids Gore-Tex Stark Bibs

Columbia Powder Turner Infinity Suspender Pants

Have a kid that hates bib snowpants? Yea, me too. These suspender pants have Columbia’s signature omni-heat insides (that really work!).

We also love their “Outgrown System” which allows you to get another year or two as you extend the cuffs.

Columbia Powder Turner Infinity Suspender Pants

Patagonia Snow Pile Bibs

These bibs are perfect for toddlers because the bib part provides really good coverage to keep snow out and warmth in. I also love how they are very durable for crawling around in. The bibs at the top unsnap for easier bathroom breaks.

While they do have a higher price tag, they are high quality and made to be passed down from kid to kid. They pair very well with the Snow Pile Jacket.

Patagonia Snow Pile Bibs

Reima Oryon Ski Pants

Reima Ski Pants are 100% waterproof, reinforced and hold up to lots of hard play. I love these new ones this year that have a slightly slimmer design and a fleece top for comfort and warmth.

Reima Oryon Ski Pants

Akova (formerly Shred Dog) Elevated Kids Bibs

These bibs are super unique because of a couple things:

  • Their Adjust-a-Fit allows to lengthen AND shorten for the best fit for all kids in your family as they get passed down (or grown into)
  • They are the only pants with a fully removable full bib.

Available for kids sizes 4-16, we love these bibs and find them of incredible high quality for the price. You can see our full review of them here.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

Akova (formerly Shred Dog) Elevated Kids Bibs

Town Hall Mountain Town Winter Pants

Town Hall is new to town and their gear is fantastic. These are our favorite non-bib pants. They are warm, lightweight and breathable, and extra durable. We highly recommend!

Town Hall Winter Pants

Best Snowsuits for Toddlers (and Young Kids)

Snowsuits are great solution to bundle up the little ones. One piece to get them all snuggly. If you’re looking for the best snowsuit for toddlers, these are the ones that we love! Most of these fit kids 18 mo – 5T.

Burton Toddler One Piece Suit

In my opinion, this is Burton’s very best product. They are easy to put on and take off, and they are warm and breathable. The suit comes in a Gore-Tex version at a higher price-point, but I have never wished I had the Gore-Tex version.

These suits are warm without being overly bulky, and very waterproof. They feature a durable reinforced butt and knees (which is particularly great for snowboarders).

These do run a little big, but not huge. They come with the Room To Grow feature, which allows you to snip the arm and leg seams for an extra 1.5″ of room. This is a suit that you can definitely get two seasons out of.

The colors and patterns are so fun and bright, and your child will be ultra visible on the hill!

Burton Toddler One Piece Suit

Columbia Snuggly Bunny Bunting

We had a different version of this for our babies years ago, and this one is even better. The hood stays on well, but allows for baby movement and it’s completely fleece-lined on the head and torso for happy babies! Plus, I love that it zips completely down a leg for easy in and out.

Also check out their Infant Powder Lite Reversible bunting if you prefer it to be a little less bulky and not fleece-lined.

Columbia Snuggly Bunny Bunting

Reima Lappi Snowsuit

Reima snowsuits have THE cutest patterns which kids love to hear. They are warm and even have extra warmth in the seat for babies who sit in the snow. We love the removable faux fur-lined hood (which, yes, does help with warmth) too.

Reima Lappi Snowsuit

Best Snowsuits for Kids

Snowsuits are great for older kids too. It’s so easy to layer up, head out in the snow and stay warm. Here are some great options for bundling up.

Burton 2L One Piece

Available in sizes S – XL (6-16), this is the best snowsuit for big kids! We love how it isn’t too bulky, has room for layering, and has great cinches around the waist so it’s not sagging and getting in the way of movement.

Burton 2L One Piece

Reima Stavanger Snowsuit

Reima is another brand nailing the insulated, fully waterproof suits. I was so shocked when testing this one (and really all Reima gear) that they were staying warm in super wet, cold and slushy conditions. This may very well be THE warmest snowsuit you can buy for kids. They are a bit heavy for tons of running around, but on the coldest days, nothing else stands up to the Stavanger.

Fits sizes 4T – 10 years (and runs slightly big).

Check out our full review of Reima winter gear here.

Reima Stavanger Snowsuit

WeeDo Funwear Ski Suits

If you want your kid to stand out on the ski hill, these are what you want! Not only are they creative and cute, but they are also solid as far as construction and details. They are now available for purchase in the US through Backcountry OR you can order them from their European site for more options and a longer shipping time. Available in size 18 months – 10 years.

These are also the only snowsuits for kids we know of that has a zipper at the waistline to make potty breaks super easy. GAME-CHANGER!

Features we love about WeeDo:

  • Helmet compatible hood with special grips to keep the hood on over the helmet
  • Hem lift system so they don’t drag
  • 100% recycled insulation
  • Snow skirts
  • Toilet system for easy potty breaks!

Check out our full review of WeeDo here.

WeeDo Funwear Ski Suits
Kids Bundled up in Reima Snowsuits
TMM Team Member Kristen’s kids in the Reima Stavanger Snowsuit.

Best Winter Boots for Snow, Slush and Rain

Good boots are essential in winter. It’s important for them to be insulated and waterproof to keep feet warm and dry in the snow and slush. Good traction is important because wintery weather is slippery! And you want them to support ankles and feet because winter elements can be hard on little bodies.

Best Winter Boots for Kids

Good winter boots with traction are important; they help kids stay active in the cold, snow and ice. And they have to be easy to put on. Be sure to check out our full line-up of winter boot reviews here!


For neoprene boots, I have come to trust Muck first and foremost. The Hale is a favorite for year-round play with a comfort rating from sub-zero up to 65 degrees F (4 mm neoprene).

But for my son with bigger heels, the Rugged II is a much easier on and off boot and is a bit warmer (5 mm neoprene – comfort rated -20 – 50 degrees F). We also have found it has slightly better traction.

Muck Boots

Bogs Neo-Classic

Bogs has really upped their boot game in the last couple years and we are very impressed. Quite honestly I always used to direct people elsewhere in general for neoprene boots. No longer!

The Neo-Classics are now 30% lighter (yes, we’ve noticed!), are warmer and have better traction.

You can also find Bogs at REI.

Bogs Neo-Classic Boots

Stonz Kids Boots

While there are a ton of fantastic boots for kids out there, we have had the best luck with Stonz Trek Winter bootz (for sizes toddler 10 – Youth 6). They are super lightweight and incredibly warm (comfort tested by the company to -58 degrees F, by us to -25 degrees F). 

Only downfall is that after about 3 seasons, the soles are slightly worn down and don’t have as good of traction. That said, the kids have never complained about them.

Stonz Kids Boots

Best Winter Boots for Toddlers

Toddler boots need to keep feet warm AND easy to move in. These are the ones we recommend for easy walking and warm toes. You can also always add in some Aurora Heat foot warmers to make them even warmer.

Baby Bogs

For new walkers, I have found the Baby Bogs to be the warmest (I always use a thick wool sock with them) and easiest to put on and walk in. Need more traction? We recommend the Bogs B-MOC Snow Adventure, which are rated to -22 degrees F.

Baby Bogs

Jan and Jul Toasty-Dry Puffy Winter Boots and Jan and Jul Toasty-Dry Booties

The Toasty-Dry Puffy Winter boots are not only cute, but they are cozy, warm and water resistant. While they are not super tall for deep snow, they are fantastic all-around winter boots that are light and easy to walk in. Rated to -4 degrees F.

The Toasty Dry booties are slightly shorter than the winter boots, but are a great all-around winter shoe to keep little feet warm and are very easy to put on.

Stonz Trek Toddler

The Stonz Treks are easy to put on like the Jan and Jul boots above, and rated the same as the Bogs boots (though easier to get on!) It’s worth noting that any boot with an opening like the Scout won’t keep as much snow out, though they are slightly taller.

Stonz Trek Toddler

Best Winter Boots for Babies

Babies need to have their feet kept warm too! These are our favorites for keeping little feet warm.

Stonz Booties and Liners

These are my favorite go-to footwear for babies. They can used with or without the liners and keep little feet really warm (especially when coupled with wool socks). Personally, my kids have struggled to walk in them, but they are great for lots of warm layers.

On super cold days we will place hand warmers between the boot and the liner.

Stonz Booties

Jan and Jul Booties

If you have babies who are starting to walk, we really love these Toasty-Dry Booties by Jan and Jul. Size up and wear with a thick wool sock for more warmth. The soft sole is flexible and grippy for easy walking.

Jan and Jul Booties

Best Winter Mittens and Gloves for Kids, Babies and Toddlers

Choosing the right mittens and/or gloves for your kids can truly be the difference between a good cold day and a stressful one. The following have been our favorites over the years for our own kids.

We also recommend pairing Aurora Heat reusable hand warmers with any of these for added warmth.

Warmest Mittens for Babies

The best mittens for babies keep them warm and are great for layering. Even better when they are easy to get on!

Patagonia Pita Pocket Mittens

I love these mittens for layering. For babies especially we don’t even use the thumb, but tuck those hands in and then layer them in their snow suit. They are also thick enough to cut out the wind if you’re not layering.

Patagonia Pita Pocket Mittens

Reima Tassu Baby Mittens

The Tassu baby mittens have a soft sleeve liner and good insulation so they stay supple, but dry and warm too. No thumb for easy on and off and maximum warmth.

Reima Tassu Baby Mittens

Stonz Baby Snow Mitts

The baby snow mitts are thumb-less and waterproof and make a great outer-layer mitten. I love the toggles that keep them on little hands too.

Stonz Baby Snow Mitts

Warmest Mittens for Toddlers

Toddlers are a fickle bunch and they need mittens that will keep them dry and warm AND stay on. You’ll notice that all our picks have a long cuff to keep snow out and make them easier to put on.

Reima Ote Mittens

These are our current favorite mittens for kids. They are 100% waterproof, warm and stay on. Available for kids aged 1-10.

Reima Ote Mittens

Stonz Snow Mitts

They are warm, keep the snow out and are perfect for layering under on really cold days. Every kid in our family has multiple pairs and we depend on them for keeping their hands warm.

Stonz Snow Mitts

Best Warm Gloves for Kids

Warm gloves make being in the cold so much more comfortable. Without them, winter activities can quickly become less fun! Here are some of our faves.

Burton Kids Gore-Tex Gloves

These gloves are warm, waterproof and breathable without being super bulky.

They are easy to put on and the insides don’t pull out when you’re taking them off. They come up past the wrist, but not too high. They can be worn under the sleeve or over it.

The sizing is pretty accurate. I ordered my 7 year old the extra small and they fit great.

Burton Kids Gore-Tex Gloves

Akova Elevated Junior Glove

These gloves are very technical, keeping kids’ hands so warm that they can stay out in the snow all day. They are waterproof, have good grip, and help fingers stay nimble.

Valid for any order at full price (not including Outlet and Renewed items that are already heavily discounted).

Akova Elevated Junior Glove

Give’r Gloves and Mittens

Our entire family is huge fans of these 4-Season leather gloves and mittens. The XS size fits our 9 year old and they keep him very warm and dry. NOTE: They’re leather so they do need some working in to make them perfect.

Initials are burned into them to make sorting out the entire family’s pairs easy!

Give'r Gloves & Mittens

Reima Skimba

These gloves are great for kids who are moving, don’t need crazy amount of warmth, but do need to stay covered and dry. They have a pocket for a ski pass and straps so you don’t lose them.

Reima Skimba Gloves

Best Lightweight Gloves for Kids

All of these gloves are touchscreen friendly and perfect for winter nordic skiing, biking, playground play in less cold temps, and as everyday gloves.

Patagonia Synchilla Gloves

Beware this set of gloves runs big, so they are actually perfect for tweens and teens (and adults!) We have a pair in size large and they fit my (small) hands perfectly. So well, in fact, that I claimed them for myself. They are thick and warm for fleece gloves and perfect for everyday gloves, nordic skiing, or more active pursuits outside. Size down one size for best fit.

Patagonia Synchilla Gloves

Head Gloves

We tend to buy these in bulk at Costco, but Amazon has them at a great price too. They are perfect for fall, spring, and warmer winter days. I love that they fit small hands well, have grippies on the palms and are touch-screen friendly. And the price point makes them good for sending to school.

The Best Winter Gear Makes All the Difference

We hope these winter gear suggestions help you outfit your family for the coldest season of the year!
What are your kids wearing this winter? Questions about how to keep warm? Feel free to leave us comments!

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The Best Winter Gear for Kids to Stay Warm in 2023

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  • Amelia lives with her husband and five young children outside of Jackson, WY in Grand Teton National Park. As a mom, she quickly learned that the secret to sanity was to spend more time outside where tantrums don't see quite so bad. Amelia started TMM in 2012 to help encourage all families (including her own) to get outside, no matter the weather. Due to the necessity of having to keep so many kids warm and happy, she has become an expert in kids' gear and loves being able to share it with others.

  • Whitney, originally from northern Virginia, is currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona, (with solid stints in Paris, France and Los Angeles in between). Whitney, her husband and two kids can often be found outside, taking advantage of what mountain life has to offer. Most weekends, they embark on adventures big and small - hiking, biking, camping, and snowboarding happen often. Outside of that, you can typically find her in the kitchen baking goodies or working for her brand strategy clients.

19 thoughts on “Best Winter Gear for Kids 2023”

  1. Thanks for this post. My son has autism/sensory issues, and doesn’t like the feel of traditional snow bibs. We have a pair of LL bean bibs that he does not want to put on unless we try for over an hour and he’s developing a lot of anxiety around them. I’m trying to find something more clothing like that we can just throw on to run around in the yard. Can I get away with Ellas tubes and a thicker wool baselayer? I am interested in the one piece snow suits, but I think we are going to run into the same issue. For a coat, I keep buying the same Patagonia reversible down jacket every year. It’s the only one he seems to tolerate. It’s softer an lighter than the obermeyer coat I tried a few years ago. He did not like that one at all.

  2. Hi,
    My kids with sensory issues want to see snow. We are heading to Jackson Hole in March. I would love any recommendations for sensory issues. We are used to shorts and t shirts mainly year round in hot and sunny Texas!

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  4. This blog post is awesome! We’re big skiiers, but our 5 year old was recently diagnosed with an allergy to the cold and breaks out in hives outside if its <55 degrees! If you had to pick the warmest gear hands-down so that she could be outside for sledding (fingers crossed: skiing one day), what would it be?

  5. Hi! I have a patigonia down one piece snowsuit for my 2 year old. I was hope that I could find a good waterproof layer to go over that instead of buying another snowsuit. Worried it would be to bulky…? Is there a good option that you feel would work well without being to bulky? Thanks!

  6. I have boys with sensory and need a base layer that mimics the feeling of clothes or is smooth when on. Nothing can be intchy when worn. I’m needing the best gear for tent camping in 30 degree nights particularly the base wear. Any recommendations for sizes 3, 7, 10 and 14/16. Thank you

  7. What do you recommend for the colder part of the shoulder season (30s and often wet where we live)?

    Also, my son gets hives from both synthetic and wool base layers and I have NO IDEA what to dress him in…

  8. Thanks for such comprehensive articles. I am curious if you have at all tried Polarn O Pyret performance snowsuit for kids? I’d love more reviews on that brand. It seems great, but some pieces are very expensive to just buy to try.

  9. Hi! We discovered Reima mittens through your site and have loved them! Our oldest now needs something larger, but we are having a hard time finding something equivalent in a slightly bigger size. She prefers mittens (for skiing, sledding, skating, hiking)— should we just look into Burton mittens? They seem to be a step down from the Reima mittens, but maybe I’m just overthinking it.
    Thanks in advance!


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