Burton Kids Snowboard Gear Review

Burton Kids Snowboard Gear Review

We are a snowboarding family, and we can’t speak highly enough about Burton kids gear. From performance base layers to bright, colorful outwear and helmets with integrated goggles, this review covers all of our favorite essential pieces of Burton Kids Snowboard Gear.

The author and her family at the summit of a mountain with their snowboards.

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7 year old August putting his Burton gear to the test. “Warm and dry, mom!”

As with all winter activities, the most important thing is to keep kids warm and dry. But snowboarding does require slightly different clothing requirements.

Kids (especially toddlers) who are just getting started on snowboards will spend a considerable amount of time on their knees and bottoms.

Snowboarders also have lots of hand-to-snow contact, so it’s important that gloves are warm and waterproof, yet thin enough to manage binding straps.

TMM Team Member & Snowboard Mama Sarah Toal
Kids wearing burton snowsuits playing on the ice Burton Kids Snowboard Gear Review

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Burton Base Layers for Kids & Fleece

Before I fell in love with Burton outerwear, I fell head over heels for their base layers. I have found them to be more durable than Helly Hansen or Patagonia, yet just as warm.

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Wondering how to keep kiddos warm? We have a blogpost for that, too.

Burton Gear Reviewed in This Section:

Burton Fleece Neck Warmer

My kids love these neck warmers because they’re so soft, and long enough to be pulled up high underneath a helmet for that “ninja look”.

I love them because they hold up so well, even when they’re washed and dried over the years.

TMM Team Member Sarah

Lightweight Base layers

Once you get to a youth extra small the baselayer sets have thumbholes.

The Burton Lightweight Baselayer Sets are thin and have a silky smooth feel (silkier than Patagonia Capilene). My kids love the feel because it’s not bunchy under their snowpants.

My daughter in her Lightweight Baelayer set and Riglet Board. Indoor snowboarding rocks!

The Burton Lightweight Baselayer sets do run big, especially the waistband in the pants. My daughter wore the 3T’s when she was 3 and 4, and now at age 5 she is wearing the 4T’s.

My oldest daughter has worn her Burton Base layer sets daily in the winter and weekly the rest of the year for camping, biking and hiking.

She has worn them for years and they have held up strong.

No other piece of clothing my kids own have been so durable. These sets are worth every penny – but I always find them on sale.

TMM Team Member Jen Gardner

Midweight Base Layers

The Midweight Base layer pieces are a little thicker and warmer than the Lightweight Sets, and they don’t have that silky smooth feel.

On very cold days, I layer my kids in a lightweight set plus fleece, but on a regular cold day (between 15-30 degrees fahrenheight), this Midweight Baselayer under their outwear is plenty warm enough.

Interestingly, these do not run large. The waistband fits nice and snug and the lengths are pretty spot on for sizing. My 7 year old (pictured above) wears the youth extra-small small size and it’s a perfect fit.

Burton Fleece Base Layers

Burton Kids Fleece Sets are soft, flexible and warm. They last longer than their counterparts and can be worn alone in 40/50 degree weather. They tend to run big so size accordingly.

Burton fleece holds up extremely well season after season. We have sets that are three years old and still in use!

They are softer than Patagonia but a little thinner. And they can be found on sale in the off season for around $25.

TMM Team Member Jen Gardner
Child outside in her Burton fleece base layers

Burton Mittens & Gloves

Admittedly, I expect a lot out of my kids mittens. But cold hands (or cold anything) can quickly ruin the day. Here’s my must-have’s when it comes to mittens, and I’m happy to report that Burton mittens check all the boxes!

  • Keep hands warm and dry for several hours
  • Kids can put them on independently
  • Kids can strap their bindings independently with mittens on
“No snow in my sleeves, Mom!”

Burton Gear Reviewed in This Section:

Toddler Warmest Mitten

Would you call me crazy if I told you that I own like six pairs of these mittens?! They’re just that good! My kids each have a pair for school, a pair for home, and a pair that we keep nice for snowboarding.

They’re affordable (especially on sale at the end of the season), keep hands warm, and they’re SUPER easy to put on. Even two-year olds can get these on independently.

Child playing in snow wearing Burton mittens
My very favorite mittens (Burton Warmest Mittens). Look how far they come up on the arm!

One con: These don’t hold up for more than a season. In my experience, the seams come apart and i’ve had the inner-liner separate from the outer.

All Burton gloves and mittens come with a lifetime warranty, and I sent back two pairs with separated liners, but I’m not sure yet if they will be repaired or replaced.

Kids Gore-Tex Gloves

This year, my 7-year old BEGGED me for gloves instead of mittens, so we got him the Kids Gore-Tex Gloves, size extra small. The fit is great, and the cuff still comes up nice and high to keep snow out.

The inner liners don’t turn inside out when the gloves come off, and the fit is spot on. Not too big.

These gloves keep my kids’ hands warm on the coldest of Jackson Hole days.

They held up well to a full season of wear. The wrist gator string on one glove did pull out, but I fault my child’s misuse rather than a faulty product.

TMM Team Member Sarah
Girl wearing snowboarding gear from Burton

Kids Gore-Tex Mitten

These mittens are SUPER warm and thanks to Gore-Tex, super dry. In fact they might be too warm if your child runs hot. They do have a zipper on the top for ventilation, if needed.

These mittens run true to size and I don’t recommend sizing up like with the toddler mittens.

Kids Gore-Tex mittens with the vents unzipped on a warm spring day.

Burton Outerwear for Kids

Siblings eating snacks in the back of the car next to their snowboards.
Harper (left) in her Burton One Piece, and August (right) in the Powling Gore-Tex Jacket and Kids Gore-Tex Bibs.

My kids truly love their Burton outwear, especially the one piece snowsuits. The kid wins are they stay warm and dry. The mom wins are the durability and longevity, thanks to the Room To Grow system. And you just cant beat those bright colorful patterns!

Burton Gear Reviewed in This Section:

Burton Toddler One-Piece Snowsuit

Girl wearing the burton one piece snowsuit sitting in the snow.

In my opinion, this is Burton’s very best product. They are easy to put on and take off, and they are warm and breathable. The suit comes in a Gore-Tex version at a higher price-point, but I have never wished I had the Gore-Tex version.

We’ve owned several Burton One Piece suits. They last each kid at least two seasons, sometimes three thanks to the ingenious Grow With Me system.

This onesie has reinforced knees and butt, and even after a full season of use these parts show no sign of wear. The sleeves and pant legs have the Room-To-Grow feature, which means you can definitely get 2 seasons out of this suit.

The colors stay bright and fresh for years, and my kids are never wet at the end of a day sledding or snowboarding.

TMM Team Member Jen Gardner

One note on the Room-To-Grow system: Team Member Jen let out the sleeves on her suit this year and it was sewn so tightly that it left big holes that will need to be patched.

Both Jen and I have used this feature in the past with no issues, so hopefully this is a one-off situation.

Girl wearing Burton one piece snow suit

Burton Toddler Maven Bibs

The Maven bibs have reinforced knees and butt, and the fabric is highly durable. These bibs proved to be warm and waterproof (even on the slushy spring days).

We have a pair of Burton Maven bibs (the blue ones my son is wearing in the photo below) that we have gotten FOUR seasons out of, and I just passed them along to a friend! Honestly I don’t have a lot of gear that I can say i’ve gotten that many years out of. Truly one of Burton’s best products.

kids snowboarding in burton maven bibs
Layering on a warm spring day is easy with the Burton Maven bibs.

The fit is true to size, and the adjustable straps combined with the Room-To-Grow system mean you can get two seasons out of these.

Toddler Bomber Jacket

girl snowboarding in Burton bomber jacket
My daughter Harper in the Burton Bomber jacket.

This jacket is super warm, durable and waterproof. My kids have gotten 2 full seasons of snowboarding and school-use out of these jackets, and then they’ve been handed down to friends for more use.

I cut the Room-To-Grow seam in my son’s size 4T jacket, and he was able to wear it from age 4-6.

boy playing in the snow in burton bomber jacket
My son rocking a Burton Bomber jacket from the previous season.

The only downside to the Bomber jacket is it doesn’t have a powder skirt. With the Maven bibs, snow never got up my kids’ back but with regular snow pants or lower cut bibs, this could be an issue.

Burton Kids Gore-Tex Stark Bibs

If you’re looking for a warm and very waterproof pant once your child transitions out of the toddler sizes, this is it.

My son is on his second season of heavy use in the Kids Gore-Tex Stark Bibs and they are still warm and waterproof. The knees and seat have signs of wear and they look “thin”, and the bib straps have stretched out some, but with over 200 days of heavy use they are still going strong!

Author Sarah Toal

The fit is perfect; not too baggy and no gap in the back. The straps are stretchy and adjustable, and there are 5 different pockets.

The back belt loop is strategically placed so the powder skirt of any Burton kids jacket can be attached.

Burton Kids Powline Gore-Tex 2L Jacket

This jacket is the BOMB. It is new for the 2022-2023 season and it has ALL the awesome features we love in grown up jackets that aren’t commonly found in kids ones. It has: Pit zips, powder skirt, chest pocket, pass pocket, outside and inside pockets, and a hood that fits over a helmet.

My son has worn this jacket on the coldest of Jackson Hole days, we’re talking 10 to 15 degrees below zero with wind and snow, and he stays warm and dry.

Author Sarah Toal
Child riding the burton Grom snowboard at the top of Tower 3, a double black diamond run at Jackson Hole.
August, age 8, riding the Burton Grom snowboard at the top of Tower 3, a double-black diamond at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

And should we get technical? This jacket is fully insulated with synthetic fluff on the inside, and 100% waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex on the inside. Seriously, this is the best kids jacket we’ve ever tried.

Burton Kids Symbol Jacket

When my son turned 7, he decided to forgo the onesie for a jacket and bibs, and we decided on the Symbol Jacket.

This is a great mid-price range jacket that has held up well for two winters. We recently got a small tear in the armpit area, which was covered under Burton’s Lifetime Warranty. I shipped the jacket back and they repaired it free of charge and returned it to me in a 3-week turnaround.

Author Sarah Toal

The jacket has more insulation in the core and less on the arms, which was perfect for my son. It’s both warm and breathable. It features a powder skirt which attaches to the belt loop on the back of Burton pants.

The fit is loose but not baggy, and the wrist cuffs are adjustable to go inside, or outside of gloves. The hood fits over a helmet for those blustery days at the top of the Tram.

The Symbol jacket washes very well – you’d never know how many hot cocoa’s were spilled on this jacket by the looks of it.

This jacket washes extremely well. You’d never be able to tell how many hot cocoa’s were spilled on this one last year!

Burton Snowboards & Bindings for Kids

A little sibling-to-sibling coaching.

The thing that sets Burton apart from other snowboard manufacturers is the convex base. Basically, the base of the snowboard is slightly convex which lifts the edges off the snow just a tiny bit.

What does this mean? It means that it’s harder for your child to catch an edge (ouch!).

Burton Gear Reviewed in This Section

Kids Grom Snowboard

Child snowboarding on the Burton Grom board.
Harper, age 6, on the 110 cm Burton Grom snowboard with Grom bindings.

Formerly known as the Chopper or the Chicklet, the new Kids Grom Snowboard is great for beginners and more advanced groms alike. The board comes in a 110cm, 120cm and 130cm. This year, my kids are on this board in the 110 and 120cm size.

This board is a twin shape and has slightly upturned edges, which makes learning to turn a little more forgiving. There are 8 pre-drilled binding holes which means you can really dial in a precise stance-width, whether you are using Burton kids bindings or a different brand.

Photo of 4 Burton snowboards.
Our family quiver, from left to right: Mini grom, 120cm Grom, 110cm Grom, Feelgood snowboards.

Toddler Mini Grom Snowboard

August (age 6) with his 100 cm Burton Mini Grom Snowboard.

The Mini Grom Snowboard comes in an 80, 90 and 100 cm, which is perfect for around age 3-7. The slightly upturned edges and flat profile make learning to link turns easier (and less dangerous because it’s harder to catch an edge).

Harper (age 4) on her 80 cm. Burton board.

These boards feature holes in the tip and tail to attach a Riglet Reel, which is a retractable handle so you can pull your child around and steer their snowboard.

The twin shape of the Mini Grom board means that kids can explore riding both regular and goofy footed.

Our kids didn’t develop a preference until they started linking turns confidently.

TMM Team Member Sarah Toal

Toddler After-School Special

The Toddler After School Special is exactly the same board design as the Mini Grom.

The board comes in sizes 80-100 cm, making it a perfect started setup for kids age 2-7.

The beauty of this package deal is that it arrives bindings already mounted, for less than buying the board and bindings separately.

TMM Team Member Sarah Toal
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 47.jpg

Toddler Burton Riglet Snowboard

The Toddler Riglet Snowboard is a plastic board with no edges that is perfect for indoor snowboarding or playing around in the yard. My kids love to tow each other around the house and make indoor obstacle courses.

You wouldn’t want to bring this board up the chairlift, but it is great for sliding around the base area or backyard.

Burton Grom Bindings

My favorite feature on the Grom Bindings is the 1-strap design. For very young kids, this strap offers all the support they need and its designed for small hands in mittens to do independently. The Grom Bindings fit kids shoe size 1K-3K, while the Mini Grom fits smaller kids and toddler sizes 7C-13C.

One thing I wish Burton would add is forward lean. The Grom Bindings don’t have any forward lean, and I think this would be hugely beneficial to little kids learning to turn (especially with the convex base design).

Anon Define Helmet

Kids snowboard or ski helmets are a personal preference and it’s a good idea to try on several before buying. We’ve tried other helmet brands such as Giro and Lucky Bums, and the Anon helmets fit my kids the best.

Anon helmets are fleecy soft on the inside with lots of ventilation so you don’t end up with a sweaty head. The internal BOA adjustment dial allows for micro adjustments so the helmet fits just right. And the chin strap is a magnetic-click design so little kids can strap it independently – even with mittens on!

Siblings August & Harper (ages 4 & 7) in Anon Define helmets.
Siblings August & Harper (ages 4 & 7) in Anon Define helmets.

My kids have been wearing Anon Define helmets for the past 7 years and we have had zero complaints whatsoever (my son did melt his helmet next to the fireplace in the lodge, but that’s no fault of Anon’s).

I love, love, love that the goggles are attached to the helmet. No lost goggles, and they’re always right there (on the top of the helmet) when the kids need them.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 32.jpg

Check out my full review of the Anon Define Helmet here.

Anon Burner Helmet

This season, both of my kids wore the size small/medium Anon Burner Helmet (they are age 5 & 7). The helmets are extremely lightweight, and they fit like a glove with the Anon Tracker Goggles. No gaper gap!

harper wearing the Burner Helmet with Tracker Goggles.

They have adequate ventilation and my kids never needed a buff or wool liner underneath, even on below-zero Jackson Hole days. The chin strap clip is magnetic, so putting the helmet in is a breeze.

We have loved these helmets and I think this is my new go-to!

Burton Kids Snowboard Boots

Burton Mini Grom boots are a soft, supple boot that comes in toddler sizes 7-13. The boot comes with a Room To Grow footbed that can be snipped so the boots fit one size bigger.

Burton Grom Boots are for bigger kids, in sizes 11C-3K. The Grom comers with the BOA quick-lacing system.

The simple, two-strap velcro design makes the Burton Mini Grom boot soft, flexible and comfortable.

This boot is perfect for kids just learning to snowboard who don’t need much performance out of their boots.

TMM Team Member Sarah Toal


Over the years our Burton kids snowboard gear has completely met all of our needs, keeping the kids (and parents) warm and dry.

The kids love the gear because it’s bright and colorful, and I love the gear because it lasts more than one season and keeps everyone comfortable on snow.

Our massive kids gear pile for a day of snowboarding.

We are excited to try out some new gear this winter, like the Kids Powline Jacket, and that section will be updated once we have a change to really put the gear to the test.

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