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Gear Discounts

The following are links and discounts for some of the brands we know and love. Discounts are subject to change and we will keep this page updated with our current discounts.


AdventureUS makes snow sleeves wrist gaiters to help keep the snow out.

  • Use code: “TMM10” for 10% off.

Check out our Snow Sleeves review in our in our Best Winter Gear post.

Baby DeeDee

Baby Deedee makes baby buntings that are great for camping and a camping-friendly baby sleep sack.

  • Use code “MTNMAMA” for 10% off

DetraPel Gear Protectants

DetraPel makes non-toxic water & stain repellent treatments designed to protect your favorite belongings from spills and stains.

  • Use code: “MOUNTAIN15” for 15% off on

Check out our DetraPel Gear Protectants review here.


✅ It really and truly gets the odor and funk out. And it’s not just covering it up with another scent, it’s totally gone.⠀
✅ It works great with cold water (which is what we use almost exclusively…and definitely if we have to do any washing while camping).⠀
✅ Any scents they have are 100% pure essential oil scents (the lemon is 👌)⠀
✅ Non-toxic and safe for people AND pets.⠀
✅ Works great for people with sensitive skin since it’s free of all the junk that causes rashes.⠀
✅ Defunkify is committed to sustainability and is plastic neutral, climate neutral, cruelty-free and a member of 1% for the Planet.⠀

  • Use code “MTNMAMATALES20” for 20% off


The Kid-O-Bunk is perfect for families on the go! Use it as a bunk, a bench, or 2 single cots to make the most of the space you have. Assembling the Kid-O-Bunk quick and easy with no tools, and it packs away into two easy to carry bags so they can be used together or separately. Available in three colors for kids and in adult sizes too!

  • Use code “MTNMAMA20” for 20% off

Check out our Disc-o-Bed review here!

DOD Outdoors

Japanese hiking gear in the US. We love their tents, pads and camping chairs.

  • Use code MTNMAMA for 15% off

Ella’s Wool

Ella’s Wool sells ultra soft merino wool thermals for babies and kids ages 0 to 10.

  • Use code: “MTNMAMA23” for 10% off

Check out our Ella’s Wool Tubes review here and in our Best Winter Gear post.

First Peak

First Peak has incredibly soft, durable sun-protective clothing for kiddos up to a size 4T.

  • Use code “MTNMAMA” for 15% off

Check out our First Peak review here.

Give’R Products Discount

Give’r is a local brand to here in Jackson, WY and we love their gloves, mittens and sun shirts!

  • Use code “MTNMAMA” for 15% off

Iksplor Discount

Iksplor sells premium merino wool thermal base layers and accessories for babies and kids ages 0 to 12+.

  • Use code: “MTNMAMA” for 10% off

Check out our Iksplor review in our Best Winter Gear post.

Keen Footwear Discount

Premium adventure footwear for the whole family.

  • Use code “MTNMAMASPRING15” for 15% off

Oaki Discount

Rain gear and waders fro kids.

  • Use code “MTNMAMA” for 15% off.

Pure Mountain Fun: The Ski Pack

Simple and easy to use ski carrier is specifically designed for downhill snow skis with youth and adult sizes.

  • Use code: “MTNMAMA” for 20% off

Review coming soon, but we love the simplicity of this pack! They are super helpful for kids carrying their own skis and the fold up into their pocket when not in use.

Reima North America Discount

Reima has premium performance wear for active children ages 0 to 12. 

  • Use code: “mtnmama” for 20% off.

Check out our favorite Reima gear reviews here.

Rocky Talkies Discount

Our favorite durable, easy-to-use, and long-range walkie talkies.

  • Use code “MTNMAMA” to save 10%

Shred Dog Gear

High performing kids gear, baselayer to shells.

  • Use code: “MTNMAMA25” for 25% off.
  • Or take 35% off of any order of $400 or more by using code “MTNMAMA35“.

Check out our Shred Dog full review here.

Stanley Discount Code

Amazing and classic insulated products for your adventures.

  • Use code “mtnmama” for 20% off


Great gear for the whole family. We love their jackets, UV shirts and hiking pants!

  • Use code “MTNMAMATALES” for 20% off


UV protective clothing with the protection actually woven into the fibers + great winter gear for kids!

  • Use code “mtnmama” for 15% off

WeeDo Funwear

WeeDo mixes function and fashion in their well-built, insulated and waterproof snowsuits. 

  • Use code: “mtnmama” for 15% off.

Check out our WeeDo Funwear full review here.