First Peak Clothing Review

I love stories of tenacity, perseverance and community. What I love even more is when the hero of the story is a woman, and bonus points if that woman is a mom I can relate to! That’s how I see Jocelyn Newman’s story of First Peak. 

Rather than be perpetually frustrated with children’s clothing options and accept the status quo, she saw a need for a better product, produced it in a better way. She then researched and executed a business through relationship building that created that product to fulfill that need.

4 year old boy hugging very large tree in the woods.
First Peak clothing is cute, functional and eco-friendly!

Outdoor Clothing for Children

First Peak Clothing is a mom-owned children’s outdoor clothing business rooted in functionality, eco-friendliness and love. Jocelyn was tired of children’s clothing that: didn’t protect her son from the sun’s harmful rays, wind and bug bites; stank after wear; wasn’t convenient to get on or off; lost its shape after washing. 

After noticing her husband had shirts that resisted stink, she began looking into what made them so and searched for a similar material made into apparel for children. When she couldn’t find it, she decided to create it. She began with cold-calling biotech companies to discuss materials and get samples, then taught herself about manufacturing by networking with fabric weavers.

First Peak clothing uses PurThread (an EPA-certified yarn that is embedded with silver) which provides the quick drying and odor resistant capabilities and helps the clothing to hold its shape after wear and wash. It is chemical free and bacteria-resistant, making it safe for our children’s sensitive skin.

young boy and girl in First Peak shirts playing near river.
First Peak clothing comes in gender neutral color that are wearable throughout the seasons.

100% USA Made and Eco-Friendly

All First Peak products are 100% made in the USA- the fabric is sourced in Los Angeles, then cut, sewn and dyed in San Francisco in small batches. This was important to Jocelyn as she was relationship driven and ecologically conscious in creating First Peak.

Another really cool feature of the First Peak clothing line is that since the clothing is made in small batches here in the USA, any imperfections are noticed immediately. Rather than tossing out less than perfect garments like many companies do, First Peak strives to be waste free and proudly features these products, offering them at a discounted price to buyers. 

For example, a batch of First Peak clothing came out of the dye process with the collars being darker than the rest of the garment. This minor imperfection was highlighted and then offered at a discount to shoppers, an eco-friendly solution to waste that was passed on as a economical savings to the purchaser!

Eco-friendly packaging materials on display (compostable mailer, twine and tissue).
Eco-friendly packaging from First Peak is re-useable, recyclable & compostable!

What struck me first about my First Peak clothing order when it arrived was the use of minimal, eco-friendly packaging (compostable mailers, recyclable twine and tissue!) It was refreshing and greatly appreciated!

The small-batch production process and use of eco-friendly packaging reduces First Peak’s carbon footprint as a business. Then I was immediately able to use the mailer in my compost and reused the twine and tissue to package a gift I was mailing. 

Plus, with odor resistant apparel that holds its shape and dries quickly, families like mine can anticipate fewer wardrobe changes and washes of First Peak clothing. This results in less energy and water used, as well as time saved! 

Mailer from first peak being used as compost bucket liner.
I’m testing out the compostable mailer from First Peak. Currently it’s being used as the liner for my compost bucket & will get tossed in the outdoor bin once the bucket is full, then we’ll see how long it takes tp break down.

Soft, UPF Clothing for Sensitive Skin Sizes 3 Months to 4T

First Peak fabric is incredibly soft and stays so even when it got covered in blackberry juice and melted popsicles by my kids. I’m used to my kids clothes becoming stiff when covered in various liquids or sticky substances, and this didn’t seem to happen with First Peak.

All First Peak fabric is UPF rated between 40-50+ which blocks 99% of UVA and UVB rays. It is a jersey knit of PurThread, cotton and poly so it has the touch and feel of your favorite, exceptionally soft cotton shirt. I personally really like this feel since I am not a fan of most dry fit or synthetic quick drying tops.

Selfie photo of mama and boy hiking in woods.
A great convenience factor of all First Peak long sleeves, short sleeves and body suits is that they feature snap buttons at the neckline to make getting garments on and off squirmy children a breeze.

First Peak tops also have collarbone snap closures to the left of the neck opening making wardrobe changes on fidgety toddlers or babies a breeze. All the long sleeve tops have extended length sleeves with thumbholes to help protect small hands from the sun, wind, chill and marauding bugs that seek exposed skin to nibble. 

What a wonderful color selection too! All First Peak hues are neutral and nature inspired meaning that when my son (4 years old) outgrows his First Peak clothing, it can be worn by his sister (2 years), and then later their baby brother (due November 2022). I felt the colors were also very season appropriate no matter what the time of year- summer, fall, winter or spring they are worn.

Collection of First Peak apparel in variety pf colors from sizes 4T to 3 months.
Great color assortment and size range for my kids. For my kids, I have a long and short sleeved option in size 4T, a long and short sleeve in 3T and a long sleeve body suit in size 3 months.

Why I Love First Peak Clothing

As a mom of a boy, a girl and soon another baby boy, I predominantly shop and dress my kids in thrift store finds and hand me downs. I typically just accept that laundry is a regular, if not daily occurrence in my house, and clothes will still occasionally stink after wash and end up stretched out after worn by the first kid. 

With First Peak, this doesn’t have to be the case. I can outfit my kids with UPF strong, odor resistant and soft apparel that can be easy on my wallet, long lasting and fit the bill for being USA made and eco-friendly. Plus the fact that all three of my kids will be able to wear a set of cute, quality clothing over the next 4+ years is another winning trait of First Peak clothing. 

Honestly, I hope First Peak expands into apparel for mamas too because I love it so much! 

a boy wearing a yellow First peak shirt and a girl wearing a light blue First Peak shirt while hiking.
First Peak clothing is a great choice for eco-conscious mamas whose kids get outside and dirty often!

Where to Buy First Peak Clothing

Where can you purchase some First Peak apparel for your favorite young kids?!?!? Currently you can purchase online at the First Peak website and follow along their journey on Instagram at @firstpeakbaby. Or, if you’re lucky enough catch Jocelyn and her family adventuring across the country slinging cute, functional and practical kids tops, suits and bibs. Happy trails!

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First Peak Clothing Review

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