The Cozy Cloak Review

In the vast landscape of outdoor gear, the Cozy Cloak is an innovation that bridges protection and simplicity for families venturing into the great outdoors in less than ideal conditions. 

Crafted after a disastrous cross-country skiing trip, the inventors of the Cozy Cloak (and parents of two tiny humans) were determined to extend outdoor pursuits with their children. I’m sure many of us can relate to stopping short on our outdoor adventures due to cold kids. Good thing the Cozy Cloak has come into existence (see discount code below!) 

Imagine a softshell jacket that’s big enough to go around both you and a backpack carrier. Now imagine that same jacket isn’t bulky with loads of extra fabric but instead has a strategically sewn-in compartment to go around the pack. The Cozy Cloak in a nutshell.

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Person wears purple and gray Cozy Cloak over child carrier in snow-covered area.
Team Member Jess wears the Cozy Cloak during a tree cutting excursion.

Cozy Cloak Product Specs and Features

Carrier Compatibility

It’s important to note that this jacket is meant for use with framed kid-carriers (not frameless options). The company has tested the fit on the Osprey Poco Series and Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Series. Our family was able to test out the Cozy Cloak with a few different Deuter Kid Comfort Series options and the fit was perfect on these carriers as well. 

If you’re still determining which frame pack child carrier would be best for your family, be sure to check out the several other Tales of a Mountain Mama reviews of specific types. Our team has reviewed and compared several including Deuter, Osprey, and Kelty.

Cozy Cloak Product Specifics

  • Price: $349.00
  • Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large/XL
  • Colors: Malbec (red-ish), Green Apple, Plum
  • Materials: softshell made from windproof, waterproof, breathable fleece-lined fabric paired with mesh-lined vents; water-resistant YKK zippers

Cozy Cloak Features

  • Full-side vents for temperature regulation
  • Child-sized hood on the back of the jacket to keep your little one snug
  • Drawstring hem to tighten around carrier and wearer’s waist to eliminate draft
  • Zippered “lid” for child access for easier loading and unloading 
  • Velcro cuffs
Child peaks out of Cozy Cloak with purple hood around head.
The Cozy Cloak features a hood that fits snug around a child’s head.

Best for Families That Adventure in…

The Cozy Cloak really shines during inclement weather (more on exactly how it shines later in this post) but if your family tends to find themselves in the following conditions, this piece of gear really deserves your consideration.

Person walks while wearing the Cozy Cloak in snowy area. Viewer sees back of jacket that says Cozy Cloak.

Wintery Conditions

The number one advantage of the Cozy Cloak is the fact that it will keep your kiddo warm while out on a snowy adventure. If you regularly hike, cross-country ski, or snowshoe in wintery conditions, the Cozy Cloak could be incredibly helpful.

Windy Areas

The Cozy Cloak serves as a great windbreak for you and your little one. If you play outside even when there might be hurricane-force winds, this piece of gear will keep your bodies protected. You’ll still need hats (and perhaps even some vaseline or Dermatone for little cheeks) but the blustery conditions are much more bearable.

Frosty Fall and Spring Mornings

For those of us in locations that routinely have below freezing mornings in both the fall and spring, the Cozy Cloak is the perfect piece of gear to make these trips enjoyable. Who says you need to wait until the sun pokes out to hit the trail!

What We Love About the Cozy Cloak

Weather Protection

The Cozy Cloak’s claim to fame lies in its weather protection capabilities. The jacket’s exterior, fortified with water-resistant and windproof features protect against the elements, ensuring that both parent and child remain dry and warm even in changing weather conditions. 

Person with teal winter hat smiles while wearing a baby on their back.

Our family tested the Cozy Cloak in a variety of weather conditions. For most of our adventures, our daughter stayed toasty in just baselayers (nothing fancy, simply a long-sleeve onesie, pants, and boots).

During a particularly cold hike (8 degrees Fahrenheit), we opted to keep a down jacket on her but ended up unzipping the “lid” and loosening the hood to regulate temperature (see more about that below).

The jacket proved to be great while it was snowing as well. Snow brushed off easily without melting and creating wet spots. We even double-tested this element by wearing it during a mostly tame snowball fight. Both me and my daughter stayed dry!

I warmed up quickly while wearing the Cozy Cloak. Despite the varied temperatures in which we were out, I always wore only a wool base layer on top and managed to stay toasty warm. If you’re looking for more insight on layering, check out our team’s blogs on layering yourself and layering your kids in cold weather.

Thoughtful Design

As I embarked on my first adventure with the Cozy Cloak, I found myself thinking “how do I even get this on?” However,  the seemingly complex process of putting it on solo proved to be remarkably straightforward: 

  1. Slide the Cloak over the carrier.
  2. Put child in carrier through zippered “lid.”
  3. Hoist carrier onto back.
  4. Slip arms through hanging sleeves. 

No complex set-up meant that adding in the Cozy Cloak didn’t delay our outdoor adventures at all. I will say that removing the jacket arms is more difficult solo. Having an extra hand to help with that step is convenient. With some practice, it can be done alone.

Person lifts baby in purple coat into a Cozy Cloak and child carrier in a winter landscape.
The zipper “lid” of the Cozy Cloak makes loading and unloading easy.

Temperature Regulation

The inclusion of two full side zips demonstrates a level of thoughtfulness in the design, acknowledging the dynamic nature of outdoor activities. This feature not only enhances the user-friendly aspect but also caters to the practical need for temperature regulation, especially during uphill hikes.

Close-up photo of a gray jacket with long side zippered vents.
Full zip side vents help with temperature regulation.

In addition, we could unzip portions of the “lid” as well as unzip the child hood to regulate the temperature of our daughter.

Adaptive Sizing

Person stands wearing gray jacket over kid carrier.
The L/XL Cozy Cloak meant both me and my partner could utilize the gear.

I went for the L/XL sized jacket in an effort to fit both me and my partner who is a foot taller than me. This meant I was somewhat swimming in the sleeves of the Cloak but the hem drawstring allowed me to cinch it up so it wasn’t long enough to impede my movement.

Close-up of hand holding the drawstring mechanism attached to the hem of a gray jacket.
The Cozy Cloak’s hem drawstring is a plus.

What We’re Not as Crazy About

Most of the following were inconveniences but didn’t detract from the fact that the Cozy Cloak was a good fit for our family’s outdoor adventures.

Price Point

Quality often comes at a cost, and the Cozy Cloak’s higher price point may require careful consideration for budget-conscious families. For our family, the durability of the jacket and ease-of-use would justify the expense given the fact that we live in an area where the weather is often not perfect and the jacket would get very regular use.

Seasonal Limitations

While the Cozy Cloak excels in cold weather, its usability may be limited during warmer shoulder seasons. In our hot summer season, the Cozy Cloak becomes unnecessary. 

Families should assess their specific needs and consider the jacket’s seasonal suitability based on their typical outdoor activities and the climate where they live.

Limited Hand Freedom

Child sits in purple child carrier cover with one hand out.
By unzipping the hood, your child can access their face and hands.

A notable consideration, and one we wouldn’t have realized without going on longer skis, is the limitation to your child’s hand freedom when the lid is zipped and the hood is zipped. As someone with a kiddo that loves to grab at vegetation as we pass by, this became an aggravation for her. While we could unzip one side of the lid to allow one hand out, a two-way zipper would have been better so both hands could be free.

Our daughter also tends to fall asleep in the carrier and is a thumb sucker. With the hood zipped, she couldn’t get to her thumb which made her very cranky. The easy answer was to undo the zipper and the hood, however, as predicted, this drastically compromised her warmth. 

Child sits in child carrier with one red-gloved hand exposed.
Another option for hand freedom is unzipping the “lid” of the Cozy Cloak.

Where Do I Put My Hands?

Whether it was due to the size of the jacket or the attempt to have the vents serve as pockets, they weren’t in a place where I couldn’t use them comfortably. They were too far back where my hands couldn’t really reach them. 

When hiking uphill, I like to hold onto the backpack carrier shoulder straps. This wasn’t possible as they’re under the jacket. If this is you, maybe consider whether this will be an inconvenience for you.

Cozy Cloak Removal

Initially, I had hoped to “delayer” by removing my arms from the cloak while hiking if I got too hot, all while keeping my child covered. However, the reality proved a bit challenging. The process of removing arms, whether by oneself or while in motion is cumbersome.

Cozy Cloak Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Cozy Cloak is a thoughtful companion for families seeking a blend of comfort and protection during outdoor exploration. While considerations such as seasonal limitations and price point exist, the fact that your child and you are protected from cold weather conditions provides such a big advantage. Completely worth it for our family.

Child in white winter hat sits in child carrier covered with Cozy Cloak jacket.
The Cozy Cloak turned out to be a valuable piece of gear for our family.

Where to Buy

For those intrigued by the prospect of adventures with the Cozy Cloak, the product is available for purchase on the official website The website provides pictures of the different colors, a FAQs page, as well as the history of the creation.

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The Cozy Cloak Review

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