The Cozy Cloak Review

In the vast landscape of outdoor gear, the Cozy Cloak is an innovation that bridges protection and simplicity for families venturing into the great outdoors in less than ideal conditions.  Crafted after a disastrous cross-country skiing trip, the inventors of the Cozy Cloak (and parents of two tiny humans) were determined to extend outdoor pursuits … Read more

Gifts for Outdoor Babies 2023

Getting outside is beneficial for both baby and mama. Scientific studies show that time outdoors can be helpful for boosting cognitive function, promoting relaxation, and reducing stress. Research has found that exposure to natural light during the day may even help your baby sleep better at night!  While outdoor adventures can seem more complicated and … Read more

Morrison Sleeping Bag Round-Up

Morrison Sleeping Bag Round Up

Morrison Sleeping Bag Round-Up If you were to do a quick Google search for “baby sleeping bag for camping”, you would consistently see one brand pop-up on numerous sites: Morrison Outdoors. We’ve mentioned their sleeping bags multiple times on our blog, and we have even given away some of their bags during our gear giveaways. … Read more

Diapering in the Outdoors

Diapering in the outdoors

Diapering in the Outdoors Adventuring outdoors with a baby is a lot of fun for both parents and baby. But if you’ve never done it, you might have some questions. For instance, how do you deal with diapering outdoors? For many parents diapering and all the waste that comes with it, is a big concern … Read more

Hiking with a Baby in Warm Weather

Whether it’s the longer days, higher temperatures, or a plethora of flora and fauna to observe, there’s something about the warmer months that screams “get outside!”. These months provide some of the most memorable family moments and experiences. However, hiking and adventuring in the warm months present some unique challenges, especially if you have a … Read more

KidCo PeaPod Camp Review

KidCo PeaPod Camp Review We all know there is A LOT to pack when adventuring with your little one, even if it’s just a day trip not far from home. The PeaPod Camp by KidCo is one product that could save you space, time and effort when using this instead of your usual Pack N’ … Read more