How to Get Over Fear of Bugs

Two kids smile while holding butterflies on their fingers

You can picture it now, you’re quickly making breakfast on the campstove while your children are seemingly occupied with sticks and rocks nearby, but then you hear it “AGGGHHHHH, GROSS! GET IT OFF! SMASH IT!” Creepy crawlies – those tiny, multi-legged creatures that traverse our gardens, forests, and imaginations. As outdoor enthusiasts, we recognize their … Read more

The Cozy Cloak Review

In the vast landscape of outdoor gear, the Cozy Cloak is an innovation that bridges protection and simplicity for families venturing into the great outdoors in less than ideal conditions.  Crafted after a disastrous cross-country skiing trip, the inventors of the Cozy Cloak (and parents of two tiny humans) were determined to extend outdoor pursuits … Read more

Camping While Pregnant

Pregnant woman stands with child and dog in front of tan tent.

Camping While Pregnant It may be the farthest thing from your mind or it may be the thing you think you can’t do but you can’t stop thinking about. I’m here to tell you that camping while pregnant is doable and can be enjoyable with a few modifications to your gear and your expectations. Pregnancy … Read more