Gardening with Kids

Blonde girl and boy holding carrots outside

Gardening with kids can be done at any age, in any size yard (or apartment!), and requires very little equipment to start. The benefits of gardening with kids are nearly endless. They learn patience, biology, where food comes from, how to try new things, and studies have shown that gardening can even improve health! As … Read more

Caves with Kids

Girl in pink jacket and boy in blue jacket with headlamps in a cave

Caves are a unique and exciting part of nature to explore with kids. There are estimated to be more than 45,000 caves in the US with The National Park Service managing over 4,700! While no exact count exists, there are likely millions of caves worldwide. These caves are home to diverse and often fragile ecosystems … Read more

Getting Outside With Medically Complex Kids

Toddler boy in a swimming pool wearing a blue hat

Getting outside with medically complex kids comes with the normal challenges of taking kids outside, but also comes with a completely unique set of obstacles to overcome and logistics to coordinate. More and more research is coming out showing evidence of improved physical, emotional, and mental health in children that spend regular time outside. This … Read more

Gift Ideas for Water Lovers 2023

Family on the edge of a lake with an inflatable raft

The holiday season can be a great time to prepare for a fun spring and summer ahead of water play! There are so many great deals this time of year, and often water play gifts can be heavily discounted. Water play gifts also are a great addition to the surprise of an upcoming warm vacation … Read more

Trail Etiquette For Kids

Two children hiking on a path in summer

Trail Etiquette For Kids When we take kids on the trail, not only are we raising the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts, we are raising nature protectors and defenders. Taking the time to teach kids trail etiquette for kids will give everyone the best outdoor experience and create an environment of sustainability. Kids are always … Read more