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Winter Boots for Toddlers

Best Toddler Winter Boots

Little walkers need warm boots for winter too! Unfortunately, many winter boots are bulky and hard to walk in. These are our favorites for kids just learning to walk.

Quick Recommendations For New Walkers

Quick Recommendations For Baby Boots

toddler girl hanging from a playground bar wearing kamik toddler snow boots in blue
Our little gymnast enjoying a winter park visit in her kamik boots

Best Winter Boots for New Walkers

When searching for the best winters boots for new walkers focus on the big three: traction, flexibility, and warmth. If you live in a more mild climate that tends to be more wet and sloshy than frozen focus on a flexible sole.

If you live in a frigid winter climate you might focus more on traction and warmth. Most toddler boots start at a size 4 toddler (4T). If you happen to have a tiny kiddo with feet smaller than a size 4T, add an extra thick sock to make bigger boots fit more snuggly.

Baby Bogs

Available in sizes 4T – 10T.

Comfort rated to 14 degrees F.

These are the first real winter boots my kids wear.  The sole is extremely flexible and the inside is very warm.  They are easy to walk in and easy for little kids to get on and off independently.  The bottom has little traction, so these are not great on icy surfaces and be careful when coming in from outside if you have wood or tile floors.  While the back closure is great for getting on and off is does let snow sneak in through the back of the boot.  We don’t use these in fresh deep snow.

Bogs B-Moc

Bogs B-Moc for toddlers

Available in sizes 4T – Big Kid 6

Comfort rated to -22 degrees F.

If you need just a bit more traction and/or warmth, we prefer the B-Mocs from Bogs. They are a bit bulkier, but definitely also have better traction than the original Baby Bogs. While they aren’t any higher necessarily, we consider them more of a snow boot than the multifunctional Baby Bogs above.

Jan and Jul Toasty-Dry Puffy Winter Boots

Jan and Jul puffy winter boots

Available in sizes 5.5T – 11.5T

Comfort rated to -4 degrees F.

I really love these boots for ALL kids, not just new walkers. They are very lightweight, cozy, and warm. They’re a great winter shoe that transfers from inside to outside and are water-resistant.

Kamik Snowbug 

Kamik SnowBug Boots for Toddlers

Available in sizes 5T – 10 T.

Comfort rated to -10 degrees F.

These are great boots for deeper snow and colder temperatures. I have found these run smaller.  The toddler size five fits closer to a toddler size four.  These are harder to walk in due to the thicker, stiffer sole so my toddler tends to require more breaks in the carrier when wearing these shoes. 

See Kai Run Boots

See Kai Run Snow Boots

Available in sizes 4T – Kids 3

Comfort Rated to -35 degrees F

See Kai Run snow boots are an excellent option for new walkers and very young toddlers (although my 5 year old loved them, too). They are extremely lightweight and the sole is flexible, not stiff. The side velcro makes them easy to put on and they stay put – even on chubby little baby feet. They are very warm, and mostly waterproof. I recommend ordering a size up to make room for thick winter socks.

Stonz Scout

Stonz Scout boots

Available in sizes 5T – 9T. Use code “MTNMAMA” to save 15%!

Comfort rated to -22 degrees F.

These are similar to the Kamik Snowbug, but they are lighter, so easier to walk in. The lighter sole does break down easier if you have a kid using them really hard (i.e. riding a balance bike with them). But the incredible warmth and weight is a worthwhile trade-off.

Toddler boy on a snowy hike earing baby bogs boots
Our little middle rocking his baby bogs

Best Winter Boots for Babies

These are a round-up of our favorite boots for kiddos who typically hitch a ride for most of your winter adventures. All the choices below are great for occasional walkers or smaller babies in really cold weather. When temperatures dip really low fold over baby bunting may not be enough to keep tiny toes warm. Layering thick wool socks, footed fleece baby sleepers, and baby booties are the best way to fend off the cold in your little ones. Remember a good rule of thumb is to add at least one extra layer to a non-mobile baby than you have on yourself.

Jan & Jul Stay-Put Baby Booties

Available in sizes 3 months – 24 months.

These booties aren’t bulky and stay put so work great for crawlers up to new walkers. They are less easy to layer with than the Stonz booties below, but still warm for everyday wear for babies and early toddlers.

Stonz Booties (+ Liners)

Available in sizes 0 – 3 years (find the bigger sizes here)

Can be layered for maximum comfort and warmth.

Use code “MTNMAMA” to save 15%!

These booties are great for babies who aren’t really walking, but need extra protection on their feet. I found that my babies really struggled walking in them, but others have no problems at all. On really cold days it is easy to add foot warmers between the liner and boots, which I always loved.

Ten Little Furry High Tops

Available in sizes 4T – 13 T.

The tiniest shoes for the tiniest feet.  These are the smallest winter weather boots we could find for our new walker.  These tend to run small which is perfect for super tiny toes.  The sole is super flexible but does not have the best traction.  The fur has kept our little guy’s feet warm paired with thick wool socks.  When we desperately searched for hard bottom shoes these were the only shoes smallest enough for our little guy.

What Boots are Right for Your Little One?

If your kiddo is on the edge between mostly being carried and ready to full-on walk it is usually best to go with the new walker boots. Little kid feet tend to grow fast and finding a boot that will last the whole season can save you some serious money.

Toddler wearing Stonz boots
Toddler happy in his Stonz boots and mittens – use code MTNMAMA to save 10%!

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Winter Boots for Toddlers

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