Morrison Sleeping Bag Round-Up

Morrison Sleeping Bag Round-Up

If you were to do a quick Google search for “baby sleeping bag for camping”, you would consistently see one brand pop-up on numerous sites: Morrison Outdoors. We’ve mentioned their sleeping bags multiple times on our blog, and we have even given away some of their bags during our gear giveaways. But what exactly is a Morrison sleeping bag, and what sets it apart from other options?

We’ll answer those questions in this post and go through all the different sleeping bag options they offer. But first, let’s look at how one frustrated parent took a lack of gear options for his baby into his own hands and created a product to benefit many.

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A Big Mo and Mega Mo Morrison Outdoors Sleeping bag laid out in a tent

What is Morrison Outdoors?

Morrison Outdoors is a family-run business that specializes in making sleeping bags for our youngest adventurers, from 6 months to 6 years. They also just came out with an adult-sized option for those adults that want to twin with their kiddos or enjoy the same comfort offered in the kid sizes.

So how did this family of campers start making sleeping bags for kids? It all stemmed from their desire to find sleeping options for their own kids that were safe, easy to pack, and warm enough to withstand cold Colorado nights in the wilderness. When they started their search for gear that met those criteria, they were disheartened to discover that there was nothing available on the market.

Instead of throwing in the towel and dealing with layering their child up like a little burrito, they set out to create their own option. After some trial and error, they created a sleeping bag that packed light, kept their kiddo warm, and was safe for sleep. They could have stopped there, but they wanted to share this new creation with other like-minded parents who were struggling to find safe sleep solutions for their little ones while camping and backpacking.

The Birth of a Kickstarter Campaign

In February 2019, they launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bag for ages 6-24 months. The campaign was a huge success, and the brand was quickly picked up by REI and other retailers for sale in their stores and online. Since then, the company has grown to include four different sizes, three of which offer two different temperature rating options.

To show gratitude for the support they received early on, they committed to giving back to their community. Within the first year of launching their products, they joined the Pledge 1% Movement and formalized this commitment as part of their business model.

That means they agree to donate 1% of their revenue, product, or employee time (or all three) to support local nonprofit organizations. So far, they have supported organizations such as Hike it Baby, Operation Warm, Make-a-Wish, and Direct Relief.

A woman sitting in a tent with a small child, both wearing Morrison Outdoors synthetic sleeping bags

Sleeping Bags for Babies

A Sleeping Bag for Babies? Is that Safe?

Creating a safe sleeping environment for your child is one of those stressful topics that plague both new and seasoned parents and caregivers. On top of that, how do you transfer that safe environment to a tent while camping? First, let’s take a look at what it means to have a SAFE sleeping environment.

SAFE Sleep Guidelines

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should adhere to the following guidelines, regardless of whether they are home or elsewhere:

  1. Place infants on their backs to sleep
  2. Place baby on a firm surface in their own sleep space
  3. Keep loose clothing, pillows, blankets, etc. away from your baby’s sleep space.

Following these guidelines while camping can seem daunting, but it is likely easier than you think. If your child is accustomed to sleeping in a crib, taking along a pack-and-play or portable crib is a great option if you have room in your tent.

Prefer to skip the crib? A firm sleeping pad or even a thick yoga mat can work well on the floor of the tent. For safety purposes, avoid placing your child on an inflatable mattress until they are at least 15 months old.

Using an appropriately sized sleeping bag is a great way to avoid excess bedding and blankets while adding a little extra padding for a comfortable sleeping space for your child. Just be sure that the sleeping bag manufacturer adheres to these SAFE sleep guidelines!

How Morrison Outdoors Adheres to These Guidelines

As stated in their Kickstarter video, the Morrison Outdoors sleeping bags are the brainchild of an Eagle Scout and a Pediatric Nurse. They have made safety their priority, and it shows in the kid-friendly (and parent-friendly) features included in their sleeping bags.

None of their bags have hoods or drawstrings that could cause potential choking hazards. The inverted zipper on the Little Mo bags not only makes diaper changes easier but also prevents the bag from unzipping at night, which could cause a suffocation hazard. The collar is designed to be soft and snug enough to prevent babies from slipping inside the bag.

To top it off, they are designed to be warm enough that you won’t need extra blankets or bulky layers to keep your little one warm through the night. You simply dress your kiddos in their normal sleepwear and zip them into the bag! They also include warnings and instructions for the proper use of their sleeping bags to take the guesswork out of keeping your baby safe while camping.

A small baby wearing a red Little Mo Morrison Outdoors Sleeping bag in a tent

Benefits of Morrison’s Sleeping Bags

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a product for children that was made by parents is that it usually comes with some pretty awesome features that make parenting easier. The Morrison sleeping bag is one of those products. Here are some of the parent-friendly benefits of using these sleeping bags with your kids:

They Keep Kids Warm

While it may be cheaper in the long run to buy a sleeping bag that is bigger than needed to let your child grow into it, this isn’t a great idea with little ones. The air pockets created by extra space trap in cold air, forcing the child’s body to warm up a bigger area to keep warm.

Since little bodies aren’t capable of regulating their body heat as efficiently as adults, adding in extra trapped air can leave the child feeling chilly despite the temperature rating on the bag. Morrison Outdoors sleeping bags are sized specifically to reduce the extra space and keep your little ones toasty while sleeping outdoors.

They Stay Put Without Being Restricting

Ever since they were babies, my kids HATED having their arms confined (they were like little ninjas, breaking out of their swaddles). These bags allow kids (and adults) to move around naturally, without slipping down to the bottom of the bag or slipping out completely. You won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to find your little one has kicked off their sleeping bag!

They Limit the Bulk

Having a well-fitting, comfortable sleeping bag for your child means getting to leave the bulky sleep sacks and numerous nighttime layers at home. Simply dress your kiddo in normal sleepwear, stick them in the sleeping bag with their arms in the sleeves, and you’re set!

They are Machine Washable

Kids are messy. Whether it’s a blow-out in the middle of the night, a sloppy s’more mishap, or an irresistible patch of mud, camping trips tend to amplify the messiness. Thankfully, all Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bags (yes, even the down ones!) are machine washable and easy to care for. So, you can let your kids do what they do best, knowing you can simply pop their bag into the wash and be good to go for the next camping adventure.

They Have a Trade-in Program

With how quickly kids grow out of their gear, it can get pricey to buy quality gear for every stage of their lives. Thankfully, the team at Morrison Outdoors came up with a solution to take off some of that financial burden. They partnered with Rerouted to create a trade-in program with multiple benefits.

When your child outgrows their sleeping bag, you can register with Rerouted and they will send you a prepaid label to send in your bag. Once they receive and process the bag, you will receive cash or credit from Rerouted along with a matching discount code to use for your next Morrison sleeping bag. Rerouted then cleans and resells the bags, donating $5 from each sale to the nonprofit organization, Hike it Baby.

A man in a mountainous lake landscape holding a baby who is wearing a Little Mo Morrison Outdoors sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag Options

Trying to decide which Morrison sleeping bag is the right fit? Here is a rundown of all the bag options they offer including their specifications and key features.

Three Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bags laid out in a row in the Little Mo, Big Mo, and Mighty Mo sizes.
Mighty Mo, Big Mo, and Little Mo Morrison Sleeping Bags

Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bags

This is where it all started, and they have continued to make improvements and adjustments since its launch in 2019. The Little Mo sleeping bag fits babies approximately 6 months – 24 months and comes in two temperature ratings.

As with any new piece of gear, especially those made specifically for babies, it may take a bit of time for your child to adjust. I would recommend trying out the sleeping bag at home first so that your baby can get used to the shape and feel of it. You could even have them take an outdoor nap in it or test it out during a backyard campout.

It took my youngest son a few tries before he got used to it, but now he loves it and has graduated to larger sizes! Here are some specifics on the two Little Mo sleeping bag options:

Little Mo 20o Down Baby Sleeping Bag

This down bag has a wide temperature range while still being ultra-lightweight and compact. It is a great option for backpacking with your baby or camping in colder temperatures.

You can also purchase the Little Mo 20 Degree Down Baby Sleeping Bag at REI


  • Price: $159.95
  • Age Range: 6 months – 24 Months
  • Temperature Range: 20oF to 60oF / -6oC to 15oC
  • Sleeves: Closed
  • Length: 32in / 81cm
  • Weight: 9oz / 245g
  • Shell Material: 100% Ripstop Nylon
  • Insulation: RDS-certified 650 fill-power White Duck Down

Key Features: This bag is the ultimate baby warmer for cold camping. The sleeves are sewn shut to keep your baby warm through the night and prevent little fingers from getting chilly. The footbox is enclosed, and there is a draft tube behind the zipper to prevent warm air from escaping. Also, there is an inverted zipper that zips up from the bottom to make diaper changes easier without having to completely expose your little one.

“We have the Little Mo down option for our son, and once he decided the sewn-up hands were like mittens he liked it! It was 35F the second night and with his hat on he really did stay warm! I think the synthetic option with open hands might have made his transition to it a little easier, but since it was so cold I was glad his hands were tucked in!”

~TMM Team Member Jamie M.
A woman lying in a tent with a baby in a Little Mo Down Baby Sleeping Baby

Little Mo 40o Synthetic Baby Sleeping Bag

If your camping adventure involves temperatures that stay above 40oF, the synthetic option of the Little Mo sleeping bag is a good fit. The synthetic fiber insulation performs better in wet conditions when compared to the down fill.

You can also purchase the Little Mo 40 Degree Synthetic Baby Sleeping Bag at REI


  • Price: $84.95
  • Age Range: 6 months – 24 Months
  • Temperature Range: 40oF to 60oF / 4oC to 15oC
  • Sleeves: Open-and-close adjustable cuffs
  • Length: 32in / 81cm
  • Weight: 15.1oz / 428g
  • Shell Material: 100% Ripstop Nylon
  • Insulation: Polyester Fiber

Key Features: This bag is made to keep kiddos cozy in moderate conditions with an enclosed footbox and draft tube behind the zipper. It also features open-and-close adjustable cuffs, so your baby has the freedom to use their hands. As with the down version, the zipper is inverted to provide easy access for diaper changes without needing to fully remove the bag.

Big Mo Kids Sleeping Bags

As the Little Mo baby sleeping bag gained popularity, there was a growing need for a toddler size. That’s where the Big Mo Kids sleeping bags came in. These bags fit kids approximately 2 – 4 years old. This size came out soon after the Little Mo and works the same way in a bigger size.

 There are two temperature ratings for this size as well. As with the smaller version, I highly recommend having your child try out the sleeping bag at home or camping in the backyard before setting out on a camping or backpacking adventure.

Big Mo 20o Down Kids Sleeping Bag

As with the Little Mo version, the Big Mo Down Kids Sleeping Bag is all about maximizing warmth while minimizing weight. The sleeves are closed and the footbox is enclosed to keep hands and feet toasty, while the draft tube helps prevent warm air from escaping.

You can also purchase the Big Mo 20 Degree Down Bag at REI


  • Price: $179.95
  • Age Range: 2 – 4 years
  • Temperature Range: 20oF to 60oF / -6oC to 15oC
  • Sleeves: Closed
  • Length: 42in / 106cm
  • Weight: 13.1oz / 370g
  • Shell Material: 100% Ripstop Nylon
  • Insulation: RDS-certified 650 fill-power White Duck Down

Key Features: The Big Mo introduces a 2-way zipper as opposed to the inverted zipper of the smaller Little Mo. This allows kids to have some draft control if they get too warm on mild nights while still allowing easy access for diaper changes when needed.

Big Mo 40o Synthetic Kids Sleeping Bag

Keep your toddlers and preschoolers warm on mild campouts with the Big Mo synthetic kids sleeping bag. The open-and-close cuffs allow kiddos to have their hands free for playing and s’more eating. You won’t have to worry about the sticky mess that inevitably follows, simply pop the bag into the washing machine once you get home!

You can also purchase the Big Mo 40 Degree Bag at REI.


  • Price: $99.95
  • Age Range: 2 – 4 years
  • Temperature Range: 40oF to 60oF / 4oC to 15oC
  • Sleeves: Open-and-close adjustable cuffs
  • Length: 42in / 106cm
  • Weight: 1lb 3oz / 537g
  • Shell Material: 100% Ripstop Nylon
  • Insulation: Hi-Loft Polyester Synthetic

Key Features: The 2-way zipper allows draft control, and the adjustable cuffs allow kids to use their hands or tuck them inside on chilly nights. The draft tube and enclosed footbox make this bag super comfy and warm on chilly campouts.

“It took my youngest a little time to get used to the sleeping bag (we practiced at home, lounging in the living room), but once he got used to it, he loved it! He moves around a LOT throughout the night, and it was nice to not have to constantly get him tucked back in since his bag moves with him. When he gets too warm (we have the synthetic bag), I just partially unzip from the bottom to give him some airflow. We love this bag!”

~TMM Team Member Rebecca H.
A young boy lying down in a tent wearing a Big Mo Synthetic Kids Sleeping Bag from Morrison Outdoors

Mighty Mo Kids Sleeping Bags

Morrison Outdoors continues to grow, producing sleeping bags for a wider range of ages. One of their most recent additions for 2023, the Mighty Mo, continues to fill the need for comfortable, safe sleeping bags for our youngest campers. It covers kids approximately 4 – 6 years old, in two temperature ratings, allowing you to choose what works best for your next family backpacking or camping excursion.

One thing to note is that as kids get older, age ranges become a little murky based on your child’s individual growth patterns. Thankfully, Morrison Outdoors included a note on the maximum length their sleeping bags will fit for the Mighty Mo sleeping bags. That means that if you have a child that is on the low or high end of the growth curve, you can get a better idea of how long they will fit into their sleeping bag.

Mighty Mo 20o Down Kids Sleeping Bag

With many of the same features as the down version of the Little and Big Mo sleeping bags, the Mighty Mo Down Kids Sleeping Bag is all about keeping the warmth in for cozy camping or backpacking nights. The difference is in the addition of the open-and-close cuffs to allow kids the ability to use their hands when they need to and tuck them inside when a little extra warmth is called for.

You can also find the Mighty Mo 20 degree down bag at REI.


  • Price: $199.95
  • Age Range: 4 – 6 Years
  • Temperature Range: 20oF to 60oF / -6oC to 15oC
  • Sleeves: Open-and-close adjustable cuffs
  • Length: 48in / 122cm (fits up to 56in / 142cm)
  • Weight: 16.4oz / 464g
  • Shell Material: 100% Ripstop Nylon
  • Insulation: RDS-certified 650 fill-power White Duck Down

Key Features: The built-in draft tube, enclosed footbox, and adjustable cuffs keep kids cozy, while the two-way zipper and ability to open the cuffs allow for independence and draft control for this older age group.

Mighty Mo 40o Synthetic Kids Sleeping Bag

All the features of the smaller sizes are now in a larger version so your kiddos can continue to enjoy the ultimate comfort of a bag made specifically with kids in mind. My only complaint may be the lack of colors for this particular option (my messy boys will quickly do a number on the light color options currently offered), but that is likely to change in the future.

You can also find the Mighty Mo 40 Degree Synthetic Bag at REI.


  • Price: $114.95
  • Age Range: 4 – 6 Years
  • Temperature Range: 40oF to 60oF / 4oC to 15oC
  • Sleeves: Open-and close adjustable cuffs
  • Length: 48in / 122cm (fits up to 56in / 142cm)
  • Weight: 1lb 9oz / 708g
  • Shell Material: 100% Ripstop Nylon
  • Insulation: Hi-Loft Polyester Synthetic

Key Features: Kids will enjoy the open-and-close cuffs and two-way zipper for draft control and independence. Parents can appreciate the enclosed footbox and draft tube for all-night warmth.

“We just got the synthetic Mighty Mo and my daughter loves it (she’s six)!  She loves that she can get her hands out and she unzips it from the bottom and walks around in it or sits at camp in the morning and before bed. Even with the synthetic version, she was warm enough on our trip that got down to 20 degrees with just base layers on under the bag.”

~TMM Team Member Anna K.
A young child lying in a tent wearing a Morrison Outdoors Mighty Mo synthetic kids sleeping bag

Mega Mo 40o Adult Bag

What started as an offhand comment about wishing they made these bags in an adult size turned into an influx of requests to create one. The Mega Mo Synthetic Adult Sleeping Bag was another addition to their product line-up for 2023. This bag mirrors the kid versions with some extra features that are rather genius.

This may not be your first choice for a backpacking bag since it’s a bit larger than other options, but it will likely become your favorite bag for lounging in a hammock with your kiddos, enjoying the campfire or fire pit on chilly nights, or camping with your crew in mild weather. With two sizes to choose from, this bag can fit adults up to 6’2”

Morrison Outdoors Mega Mo 40 Synthetic Adult Sleeping Bag
Mega Mo 40 Synthetic Adult Sleeping Bag


  • Price: $124.95
  • Temperature Range: 40oF to 60oF / 4oC to 15oC
  • Sleeves: Open-and-close adjustable cuffs
  • Length:
    • Medium: 62in / 157cm (fits up to 70in / 177cm)
    • Large: 68in / 172cm (fits up to 74in / 188cm)
  • Weight:
    • Medium: 2lbs 9oz / 1.16kg
    • Large: 3lbs 4oz / 1.47kg
  • Shell Material: 100% Ripstop Nylon
  • Insulation: Hi-Loft Polyester Synthetic

Key Features: Along with the open-and-close cuffs and 2-way zippers that allow you to control your level of warmth, there are a few other hidden (and awesome!) features in this adult-sized version. There are pockets where you can keep your hands toasty or store your phone or flashlight while enjoying the fire. There’s also a HIDDEN ZIPPER on the bottom that allows you to stick your feet out and walk between the fire and tent without ever having to take off the sleeping bag.

“I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical of using this bag for more than just hanging in the hammock or enjoying the fire pit. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was to sleep in! I have a hard time sleeping in my mummy bag at times since I move around a lot and dislike having my arms constricted. With this bag, I could move freely and unrestrictedly while staying warm since the bag moved with me. The hidden zipper on the bottom is pretty awesome too, so I could move between the tent and the fire without ever leaving the bag.”

~TMM Team Member Rebecca H.
A woman lying with a small child in a tent, both wearing Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bags

Keeping Your Kids Safe and Comfortable this Camping and Backpacking Season

Planning a camping or backpacking trip is stressful enough, between picking the location, planning meals, checking gear, etc. Thankfully, you can limit the stress of keeping your kids warm and comfortable through the night by adding a Morrison sleeping bag to your camping gear list. With three kid sizes at two temperature ratings to choose from, your youngest adventurers are covered no matter where your camping adventure leads you.

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