Backcountry Skiing with Kids in the Northeast

Dad and child skiing across a snowy bridge.

Backcountry skiing is growing in popularity, but what do you do when you have kids? If you backcountry skied before kids, you might think it’s not possible now. If you never tried this aspect of the sport, can you start with your kids? And if you live in the northeast and are only finding advice … Read more

Family Ski Vacations on a Budget

Family of four on a ski slope with mountains and trees in the background.

If you skied or snowboarded before having kids, you might be chomping at the bit to get some big ski adventures into your lives. But man, it can be expensive! I grew up going on an annual ski trip to big resorts out west, and wondered how I could possibly afford on that now that … Read more

Urban Winter Adventures

I grew up at a year round camp in northern Michigan. It was a pretty idyllic setup for an outdoor loving kid. Whenever campers were around, there were activities to be a part of, gear to rent, and people to supervise.  I took full advantage of that: pond hockey, winter tubing, fishing, swimming, canoeing, archery, … Read more

Winter Unit Study

Child measuring snow depth.

It’s fun to take a break from regular schooling every once in a while. If you are homeschooling, this can be the occasional period where you toss out the curriculum and do a unit study. If you always do unit studies, then here’s another one to throw in the mix. If you don’t homeschool but … Read more

Jan and Jul Snow Gear Review

Two kids wearing Jan & Jul Winter Gear

Staying warm and dry is key to making winter fun for kids if you live in a cold climate (like most years here in Minnesota). High quality snow gear can transform a dark, cold and snowy winter of everyone going stir crazy inside, into one full of fresh air, fun and worn out kids. Jan … Read more

Nordic Step Ski Boot Harness Review

The Nordic Step is a plastic harness with a rigid base and binding mount. It allows you to to use a pair of cross-country (nordic) skis with your own winter or hiking boots. The boot straps into the harness, and the harness mounts to the binding of the skis. As an Amazon Associate and member … Read more