Best Kids Gloves and Mittens 2024

Check out our favorite mittens and gloves for kids! These are the ones we rely on to keep our little ones’ hands warm and dry all winter long. Our team of kids put these to the test, so you know they’re perfect for your next winter adventure.

Sure, top-quality gear might not always be the cheapest, but it’s what makes outdoor fun cozier and lasts for hand-me-down adventures. Plus, investing in durable gear means more comfortable and memorable moments for years to come!

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Best Kids Mittens for Skiing and Snowboarding

Learning to ski or snowboard is a whole new adventure, and feeling cold can make those early runs even more nerve-wracking for kids. And let’s face it, warm hands just make everything comfier, whether they’re still mastering the basics or moving on to more advanced skills. So, you’ll want gear that keeps those little hands cozy and dry. Here are our top choices!

Gordini Hearth Mittens

All the features of a high-end adult mitten, but kid-sized. With down insulation and a fuzzy fleece inside, these are the warmest mittens according to my kid tester. It even has a mitten leash, a stretchy fabric that goes around your kiddo’s wrist and attaches to the mittens. This way when your kids remove their mitts to take a picture, eat a snack, or do any other barehanded tasks their mittens never get lost.


Kids Chopper Mill Mountain Mittens

Designed and produced in Minnesota, Chopper Mill mittens are built to stand up to intense cold.  They are waterproof and windproof, and the goat leather outers only get better with time. We love that the mittens come in a wide range of sizes for kids and now adults too! They are ergonomically curved, super soft inside, and have long cuffs with multiple cinch points to keep out snow.

Kids’ choppers have a velcro attached name patch you can have custom stamped and replace when the mittens are passed along to a younger sibling. Each mitten has a small carabiner attached and a larger carabiner included for hanging mittens on a backpack. Don’t worry if a mitten goes missing (as they do). Chopper Mill, a woman owned company, will replace your first lost chopper for FREE! 

Burton Kids’ Gore-Tex Mitten

Warm and stylish. Any kid would be excited to have one of their unique prints and colors. Plus those bright colors and patterns make them much easier to find in the snow if dropped. These mittens are waterproof, warm, and have nice long cuffs to keep the snow out.


Reima Kids Ote Mitten

A team favorite, these hold up great to aggressive wear and tear even in the harshest conditions. One of our most winter extreme members says this is the only mitten that will make it through their entire winter season of hard winter play for her kids. It has all the must-haves: a long cuff, adjustable wrist strap, waterproof, and warm. This is a solid pick for any adventure.

Stonz Kids Mittens

My personal favorite and the ones my kids all wear. These are super easy to get on and off wiggly kids. After trying many different mittens that would constantly fall off my kids’ hands, I love the bungee cord around the wrist and the upper forearm that helps keep these mittens on. The mittens are so long they come up to the elbow of my three-year-old so there is no chance snow is getting inside.

Hestra Gauntlet CZone Jr. Mitt

Team member Shayna says, “My favorite features of the Hestra mittens are a low profile, warm, and durable. Nimble mitten fingers are the best!” Her trusty pair of mittens has braved the adventures of two older sisters and now finds a new life with the younger brother.


Best Kids Gloves for Skiing and Snowboarding

With older kids deciding between gloves and mittens comes down to a few factors: temperature, dexterity, and personal preference. 

Gloves will not be as warm as mittens due to the increased surface area, however, they allow much more dexterity and are great for times when they need to use their hands. 

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference; some kids love gloves and others prefer mittens.  

Burton Unisex Kids Gloves

A recommendation from our resident snowboarding expert family. These are perfect for your little shredder. While Burton has lower-priced gloves that are great for shorter snow play, we recommend springing for the gore-tex version linked here for warm and dry all-day play. Burton gloves have many more fun color options and patterns than the other gloves shared here plus the brand gives extra street cred when your kid hits the slopes.

Reima Kids Gloves

Waterproof and warm with a cozy fleece lining. High quality and ready for regular or rough use, Reima is a brand you can trust for gear that will last. These gloves can be cinched tighter around the wrist making sure the fit is always secure.

I do find that Reima gear tends to run a bit big to allow ample growing room. While I appreciate the extra room in the mittens, the extra room in the gloves can make it difficult for kids to properly use their fingers. Consider sizing down.

Hestra Kids Gloves

A team favorite for older kids who love to be on the slopes all day long. Warm and completely waterproof with a patented fingertip reinforcement to prevent wear and tear. They also have the ability to cinch around wrists and forearms. These do, however, have a shorter cuff so they may not be the best choice for kids who like to stick their hands into deep snow.

L.L. Bean Cold Buster Glove

This glove comes in at a lower price point, yet still gets glowing reviews. It has an adjustable wrist cuff, reinforced palm for added durability, and a waterproof exterior.

Akova Kids Winter Glove

Our team is thrilled about this new glove from Akova. It boasts all the things we look for in a top-notch ski glove: warmth, impeccable waterproofing, a convenient wrist leash, and an adjustable cuff. It’s a fresh addition to our lineup as it was just released this year. We’re committed to subjecting it to a rigorous full-season test and will provide an updated review here after it endures an entire ski season.

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Best Mittens for Babies and Toddlers

When it comes to buying mittens for toddlers, you usually have two options: ones with thumbs or without. I prefer mittens with thumbs once my kids hit three years old. Before that, it’s often more trouble than it’s worth to try and get those tiny thumbs into the thumb holes.

In our selection of mittens for babies and toddlers, we provide options for both styles, so you can choose what suits your kiddo’s age and personality best.

Stonz Baby Mittens

Forget the thumbs!! These are great for easily putting on cute, uncooperative, chubby, baby, and toddler hands. The mittens slide on and each has two adjustable toggles (one at the wrist and one around the forearm) to get the perfect fit every time.  Completely waterproof, these are great for crawling babies who love finding slush and puddles to splash in.  These are my personal favorites and have been worn by all four of our kids.

Little one enjoying a ride in the snow tube with warm hands thanks to their Stonz Baby Mits

Give’r Kids Mittens

A natural leather mitten with hand-crafted details. These are a beautiful mitten option that will keep small hands toasty. With the included wrist leash, the mittens stay on and close at all times while your little one plays outside. For the thumbless size make sure to select size “XS – no thumbs”.

Jan and Jul Waterproof Mittens

Another great thumbless choice, Jan and Jul’s tiny-sized waterproof mittens are a breeze to put on and take off. With a warm fleece lining and a handy cinch around the wrist and forearm, they stay put on active babies. They come in cute colors and patterns, but I’ve found they’re a tad less waterproof than the Stonz ones.

Best Gloves and Mittens for layering

For babies and toddlers sporting thumbless mittens, slipping on a cozy wool sock as an inner liner can add an extra layer of warmth. On the other hand, if you have a little one who insists on gloves even in the coldest weather, or if you’re after a thinner glove for those in-between seasons, these options are fantastic picks. They offer the right balance of warmth and versatility for a range of outdoor adventures.

Burton Kid Glove Liners

Great by themselves in warmer weather when waterproofing is not needed. These also make a great liner when your kid is in very cold conditions, but still wants to wear gloves. For your more tech-inclined kids, these are also touch-screen compatible so kids can stay warm on the ride home while playing on a tablet or phone.

Thermasilk Kid Glove Liners

The silk provides additional heat and is super soft and comfortable. May be a great choice for a child with texture sensitivities as it provides a nice soft and smooth barrier to the more heavy outer glove. These gloves are very slippery by nature and wear out quickly if worn on their own; best to be worn only as a liner.

Smartwool Kids Glove Liner

When it gets really cold, our Alaska living team members love to add these glove liners under mittens for their kids. These are also great to wear alone when hands get sweaty when kids are working hard snowshoeing or nordic skiing.

Hestra Mitten Liner

This fleece liner mitten is perfect for the tiniest explorers. It serves as a light, warming glove for outdoor play in spring and fall, or as a cozy liner for a shell glove in cooler weather. Crafted from durable fleece with a soft, brushed interior and a smooth exterior for easy layering. Size 0 is thumbless and perfect for pairing with our thumbless baby mitten suggestions above.

Best Budget Mittens for Kids

For families in warm climates where schools practically close at the first snowflake, here are some budget-friendly picks for those occasional snowy adventures. Keep in mind, while these options are more affordable, they might not keep hands as toasty or dry as our other recommendations. So, if you’re planning on longer outings in colder weather, you might want to explore other options.

Head Jr Mitten

These mittens are found year-round on Amazon and seasonally at Costco. Warm water-resistant mittens that are perfect for short snow play in the yard a few times a year. If you live in cooler climates and have already invested in high-quality mittens for the year, consider purchasing these as backup mittens to keep in the car in case of emergencies. My family also loves to have a set of these mittens in our kids’ backpacks for outside winter recess at school or daycare.

N’ice Cap Mittens

Another super affordable option, these come in more colors than the Head mittens. They also make a glove version for older kiddos or kiddos who prefer gloves. Both include a cinchable wrist strap, however, I find these tend to more easily fall off small hands.

Jan and Jul Mittens

A “Toasty-Dry” waterproof option with lots of fun patterns and a longer cuff to keep snow out. These may be the best bang for your buck if you are searching for quality mittens at a lower price. They come in lots of fun patterns and colors. A thumbless baby option is also available.

Jan and Jul mittens keep hands toasty and allow for lots of personality

Best Mittens and Gloves for Warmer Wetter Winters

Navigating winters in milder, wetter climates calls for a different kind of hand protection. We’ve curated a selection of the best mittens and gloves tailored to keep hands comfortable and dry in these unique conditions. Whether it’s occasional snow play or daily adventures in damp weather, these picks strike the perfect balance between warmth and water resistance. Say goodbye to chilly fingers and hello to cozy, dry hands!

Polarn O. Pyret Fleece Lined Waterproof Rain Mitten

When my sister-in-law’s triplets started their outdoor preschool in the rainy West Coast climate, finding suitable winter gear was much different than I was used to. We scouted for mittens that would tackle constant rain rather than heavy snow. That’s when we stumbled upon these gems. They’re completely waterproof, ideal for the drizzly Washington weather or splashing in puddles. The fleece lining ensures warm but not overheated fingers. And on those rare snowy days, she simply layers under them with the thicker REI kids fleece gloves or mittens for an extra, removable layer of warmth.

Helly Hansen Lined Rain Mitten

These mittens are expertly crafted to keep little hands warm and dry even in wet conditions. With a plush fleece lining, they provide an extra layer of insulation, ensuring your child stays comfortably snug. The waterproof exterior ensures that rain and dampness won’t seep through, keeping hands protected from the elements.

Reima Waterproof Lined Rain Mittens

Crafted from a pliable, comfortable material, these waterproof mittens for kids feature a cozy knit lining. They champion sustainability with their use of recycled materials and are entirely PVC-free, offering both comfort and peace of mind for eco-conscious parents.

Snowy delights! Little one savoring winter moments with mittens full of fluffy snow with the Reima Ote mittens.

Quality Kids, Toddler, and Baby Mittens and Gloves

When it comes to kids’ winter gear, choosing the perfect mittens and gloves can make all the difference. Our handpicked selection, rigorously tested by our team of young explorers, ensures they’re ready for your next winter adventure. While top-notch gear may come with a price, it’s an investment in enduring comfort and cherished moments. So, whether it’s conquering slopes or embracing winter wonder, trust that these choices have you covered. Here’s to snug, cozy hands and unforgettable winter adventures!

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