Family Backpacking: The Gear You Need

Have you been wanting to try backcountry camping, also known as backpacking, with your family, but are intimidated by the gear you need to get started? That’s completely understandable! Even seasoned car campers often balk at the idea of entering the backcountry with everything carried on their backs. We’ve gathered our list of must-have items … Read more

Best Sleeping Bags for Kids

Kids in REI and Marmot Sleeping Bags

When people think about taking kids camping, their biggest concern is almost always how are people going to sleep (and WILL sleep actually happen???). And with good reason – it’s hard for kids to do change sometimes…and even more so when they’re suddenly in a sleeping bag instead of a bed. Because of this we … Read more

Sleeping Pads for Families 2024

None of us like the feeling of waking up on a flat air mattress in the middle of the night. We can tough it out, but it still makes for a cruddy night. Sleep is universally accepted to be important, right? Many folks’ number one fear of camping is being unable to sleep. They have … Read more

Family Sleeping Bags

Two sisters laugh together in a family sleeping bag.

Have you ever tried a family sleeping bag, or as they are typically labeled, a double sleeping bag? I’ve been camping with my family for a long time, and family sleeping bags are something that I wish had been on my radar much sooner! In short: THEY ARE AMAZING!! The longer version: There are some … Read more

Best Family Tents for 2024

Best family tents

Whether you’re new to camping or a seasoned pro, your first tent or your newest upgrade is one of the biggest and most exciting purchases. Your tent is your home away from home, and it’s important that it can fit your family and gear, and protect you from the elements. If you live somewhere where … Read more