Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier Review

Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier Review

To be honest, the Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier is my favorite carrier, though the Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL comes in in a close second. I just find I prefer being able to haul more extra gear on most hikes than the Active series allows (must be a mom-of-5-kids thing).

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The Deuter Kid Comfort is Deuter’s mid-line carrier with the perfect amount of features and bells and whistles for most caregivers.

Need something with a bit more support and comfort for larger kids? The Deuter Kid Comfort Pro is the “cadillac” of all child carriers.

Deuter recently updated their carriers in early 2019 with some features that we think make the new versions worth picking up.

Deuter Kid Comfort

Deuter Kid Comfort Quick Stats

  • Gear Capacity – 14 L (or 854 cubic inches)
  • Weight – 7 lbs 1 oz.
  • Max Weight (gear + child + pack) – 48 lb. 8 oz.
  • Fits torso length – 15-20 inches
  • Fits waist/hips – 24-54 inches
  • Suspended mesh back panel
Deuter Kid Comfort
Suspended mesh back panel

Best Hiking Baby Carrier For….

One of the main reasons we really love Deuter packs is they fit MOST body types exceptionally well. And this goes for all their packs. They have a wide adjustment range for both torso and waist, and special attention is made to how they fit on a body for comfort.

My husband and I have found that of all the framed baby hiking backpacks we have used, the Deuters fit our bodies best and we can hike long distances with lots of weight in them.

The Deuter Kid Comfort pack is best for men and women who are tall or short, thin or wide, with hips or without and plan to hike with kids aged 6 months to 4 years old. How’s that for covering a wide range of active parents?

deuter kid comfort

Favorite Features of the Deuter Kid Comfort

Highly adjustable waistband

The waistband of the Kid Comfort Pro adjusts from 24 – 54 inches….which is a range that fits most caregivers (including some older siblings too!) This also means that you have the ability to adjust up for extra gear in the winter, which we always appreciate.

Enough carrying capacity

While the Osprey Poco AG pack does have more carrying capacity in general (20 L vs 14 L of the Deuter), we have honestly never felt restricted by the amount of gear we could carry. Also, they both have the same max weight limitations, and usually most of that weight is from the child.

We also personally prefer being able to put the kickstand in on the Deuter (which you cannot do when the Osprey is at it’s max gear capacity).

Exterior pockets

We are constantly stuffing (and unstuffing) gear from the pack as we go. We tend to put the extra layers, extra water and lunch food in the bottom compartment and the snacks, small layers (hats and gloves) and child water bottles in the pockets on the top part of the pack.

We just recommend exercising caution when bending down so you don’t lose a water bottle out of those top mesh pockets.

Good positioning of child

Deuter takes great pride in making sure their packs position children comfortably and safely in their packs. While we do advise letting your child out every couple hours to stretch their legs, our kids never complain about spending long hours in the pack.

The child’s knees should be at the same level or higher than their hips to avoid all crotch-dangling. the adjustable stirrups help a ton.

Sleeping comfort for child

I have yet to meet a child who does not fall asleep at some point in the pack. And not all sleeping pillows are created equal!

The Deuter sleeping pillow is large and plus….and removable for easy washing should that be necessary.

deuter kid comfort

How to fit the Deuter Kid Comfort Properly

Like all backpacking packs, the Deuter Kid Comfort should sit directly on your hips so you carry the weight there opposed to on your shoulders.

Steps to proper fitting on you

  1. Loosen all straps.
  2. Put the pack on your body. Lift the pack up and position it on the top of your hips. Tighten waist strap.
  3. If torso length seems too long or short, take off and make adjustments under the mesh back panel.
  4. Tighten the shoulder straps with the straps under your armpits to a comfortable fit.
  5. Pull shoulder stabilizer straps (the threaded nylon by your shoulders) snug. This will pull the pack closer to your back. Note that most of the load should still be on the hip belt.
  6. Adjust those stabilizer straps as you hike along and prefer the child closer or further away from your back.

Steps to Proper fitting of the Child

  1. Open the pack up all the way (including unbuckling the side strap for easy entry) and have the child sit in the pack.
  2. Note the child’s height in the pack – the child’s chin should be about level to the top of the chin rest pad.
  3. Make adjustments to the pack as necessary. Adjust the shoulder straps up and down and the heigh of the seat (adjustment under the chin rest pad)
  4. Buckle all three buckles to secure the child.
  5. Cinch down the straps so the child is comfortably secure.
  6. Buckle the side entry “door” and cinch down the other side also so the child is secure.
Deuter Kid Comfort
All interior buckles buckled
Deuter Kid Comfort
Proper height in carrier

What we love about the Deuter Kid Comfort Hiking Backpack

Super comfortable for the wearer

Not only does the Kid Comfort fit well, the Deuter Aircomfort system allows maximum air flow on your back.

We also think the VariFlex system is the best for comfortably carrying heavy loads. The VariFlex let’s your load move in the pack….without them throwing you all around. Ideal for larger kids!

Works for all weather conditions

The Kid Comfort comes standard with a detachable sun roof. Our kids don’t love it all the time, so we just pull it out as needed. Otherwise, it stays comfortably tucked upside down in the top mesh pocket.

It is super easy to put on and does provide some coverage for the child. That said, we always wear sun hats too.

Deuter Kid Comfort
Sun roof stowed away (but available should we need it!)

Lots of Pockets

Not only does the pack come with the pockets mentioned above, we also love the two zippered large pockets on the waistband for storing easy-to-reach necessities like phones, etc.

What we would like to see improved about the Kid Comfort

When kids are really bundled up, sometimes getting around their gear and buckling them lower in the pack (opposed to a buckle at their shoulder) is super tough.

I have found that if I don’t have the pack adjusted super well, my head bonks into the back of the pack (remedied by loosening the shoulder adjustment straps). Sun hats with no back brim work best for wearing when hauling kids.

Bottom Line

The Deuter Kid Comfort is hands-down my favorite pack for 4-season adventuring. It is built exceptionally well and provides maximum comfort for both the child and the wearer.

Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier Review

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  1. A minus point to the comfort 4 is the sun shade being much smaller than the one of comfort 3.
    Small kids get easily a sun burn, so it’s really a shame they compromised on that.
    The straps of the sun shade are an improvement though, the comfort 3 had straps that where like a rubber, which wear out after some time, while the ones of the comfort 4 won’t.


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