Capitol Reef with Kids

View of Capitol Reef

Located in south-central Utah, Capitol Reef National Park is the stunning, least visited member of Utah’s Mighty Five national parks. A bit off the beaten path, Capitol Reef has an otherworldly desert landscape and feels quite remote and quiet for a national park. Because it’s out of the way, it’s a place to settle into … Read more

Hiking Gift Ideas for Everyone 2023

Gifts here are as exciting to research as they are to use. All of these items are gifts that can keep on giving well beyond the holidays. From hikers being carried, to seasoned legs on the trail, these hiking gift ideas will lead you to the right gift. Time outside away from it all can … Read more

Easy Hikes in New Hampshire

Easy Hikes in New Hampshire The Appalachian Mountain Club publishes a list of the 48 mountains in New Hampshire that rise over 4,000 feet above sea level. At their annual meeting in Boston, they recognize those that have hiked all 48 with a certificate, patch, and handshake. Growing up in northern Vermont, in the shadow … Read more

Best Daypacks for Women

Best Daypacks for Women 2023 Getting our families out into nature is the goal.  Ensuring our kids are comfortable, nourished, and safe requires us to carry a variety of gear through all kinds of weather and terrain. A well designed, thoughtfully packed daypack sets you up for a successful adventure, no matter your destination. Whether … Read more

Toddler Hiking: Checklist and Tips

Toddler Hiking: Checklist and Tips Toddlers are generally chaos machines, and throwing an adventure like hiking on top of their normally boundless energy can feel overwhelming. But in the end, I find the outdoors absorbs the energy of my two-year-old much better than I can! I’ve made my fair share of mistakes while hiking with … Read more

Best Hiking Shoes for Kids 2023

best hiking shoes for kids

Best Hiking Shoes for Kids Spending the money on pint-sized hiking shoes for kids can feel like a a waste, especially when your child is going to grow out of them so quickly. Can your child just get away with wearing their basic kids running shoes or sandals on a hike? Well, yes, but mostly … Read more