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Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Review

Of all the carriers we own/have tried, the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro gets the most use year-round in our home. Not only is it comfortable for both the child and the wearer, but it also includes safety and convenience features we prefer.

The Deuter Kid Comfort Pro is the updated (in 2019) version of the former Deuter Kid Comfort III.

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What makes the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro stand out

For our family, the Deuter packs fit us better than any other framed carrier. Deuter puts a lot of effort into make sure that their packs in general fit more body types. Because of that, when people ask us for a gear recommendation and they can’t try them on for some reason, we recommend the Deuter Kid Comfort line first.

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Stats

  • Weight: 8 lbs. 4 oz.
  • Weight capacity (gear + pack + kid): 48 lbs. 8 oz.
  • Volume: 22 liters (includes daypack)
  • Fits torso length: 15-21″
  • Fits waist measurements: 24″-54″

The Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Features

  • High back for maximum protection for the child
  • Integrated sun shade
  • Removable day pack to carry additional gear on your front (see photos and more info below) or for a quick side trip
  • Cushiest chin pillow
  • Hydration compatible

Best Uses of the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

Hiking and Skiing with babies AND bigger toddlers

While we all hope our 3 year old will walk for a hike, it’s best to plan on them hitching a ride at some point. We love that the Comfort Pro fits bigger kids better than any other framed carrier out there.

The ability to open the cockpit super wide AND the higher back mean that if you can haul it, they can ride. And, like all Deuter packs, we find that hauling that heavier load is very doable when fitted properly.

Deuter Comfort Pro
Deuter Comfort Pro (on left) with a 4 year old riding in it and Deuter Comfort (on right)

Skiing and Snowshoeing

Colder temperatures mean kids are wearing more gear, which can be a bit problematic when stuffing them into a pack. Again, the pack opens up all the way which allows kids to get in and out on their own AND allows easy access for caregivers to the buckles.

A fall potential while skiing or snowshoeing is definitely higher than while hiking. Because of this, for winter sports we grab the Kid Comfort Pro first because of the rigid high back that protects little heads and necks.


When we go backpacking as a family, we definitely need the highest capacity in a kid carrier pack we can manage. This is our favorite use for the removable day pack: snacks go in it for easy access on the trail.

Also heavy loads (gear and kids) are easier because of the Variflex hip system. The hip belt pivots which reduces fatigue for the adult and motion sickness for the kiddo. And it makes a HUGE difference.

Deuter Comfort Pro
Backpacking and using the day pack with the Deuter Comfort Pro

All other adventuring

Of course the Kid Comfort Pro works for all OTHER adventures too, even those around your backyard or in your home. We especially appreciate how when the kickstand is in (so you don’t take out a neighbor or other small child), the carrying capacity is not compromised.

What we love about the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

Best chance of fitting you well

Like I mentioned above, the Kid Comfort Pro is our go-to pack for year round adventuring. Because of the wide range of adjustments available on the pack, it also fits MOST people very well.

I am short and curvy and my husband is tallish and straight. Of all the packs that have come through our home (which has been dozens), this one fits BOTH of us the best.

Deuter Comfort Pro

Slim Design

While the Osprey Poco Plus has a larger gear capacity (by 4 L), that capacity requires that the kickstand is out. For someone who is constantly navigating around small people (both on the trail and off), I prefer a pack that doesn’t stick out any more behind me than it needs to.

I have had way to many instances where I have left a kickstand out and inadvertently taken out a child right at eye level.

The Kid Comfort Pro is taller, but it is slimmer, both with a kid in it and without, than any of the other top competitors.

Breathes Well

There is nothing worse than carrying a heavy wiggly load, than carrying a heavy wiggly load with sweat pouring down your back. Deuter’s Aircomfort System means air can fully circulate to keep you cool.

Packing the car for backpacking. Showing the back system of the Deuter Comfort Pro.

Lots of Pockets

Like with any backpack we own, pockets are key or organization and sanity (as long as you don’t zip up your car keys and forget which pocket you used!)

Not only does the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro have pockets at the waistband (for those keys, cell phone and their special “rearview mirror” to check on baby), they also have plenty in the pack itself.

Comfortable for the child

Deuter Kid Comfort packs position a child so their knees are above their hips (the adjustable stirrups help this), which is the safest and most comfortable.

Their chin pillow is also the most cush on the market, which is important since kids ALWAYS fall asleep in the pack.

What we aren’t so crazy about

No zipper for bottom compartment

I am going to preface this one by saying that the no zipper thing was something that really really bugged me at first and I was sure it would need changed. I worried that items would fall out or snow/rain would get in.

While I would highly recommend a rain cover anyway if you live in a super wet climate, we have yet to have any troubles with losing items or weather issues.

Super important items go in zippered pockets. And the open pocket allows easy in and out of gear as needed.

Deuter Comfort Pro

Bottom Line

The Deuter Kid Comfort Pro remains our favorite carrier to use from 6 months – 3 or 4 years old. As with all Deuter packs, it is extremely well made and comfortable for the child and the wearer.

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The Deuter Comfort Pro is our go-to all-season kid carrier pack for hiking, skiing, and backpacking. We find it to be the safest and most comfortable.

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Review

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