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Jan and Jul Rain Gear Review

Jan and Jul Rain Gear Review

It’s mud season. We aren’t quite ready to bring out the snow gear yet here in the Pacific Northwest, but it can be quite a challenge to dress kids to stay warm AND dry for our outdoor adventures.

Jan and Jul rain gear review

This fall we have been testing out some of the Canada-based Jan & Jul’s gear (you can find them on Amazon here) for kids and are happy to report it is perfect for wet, shoulder-season days. In fact, for the most part, we have put away our heavy winter gear (ahhh!) and kept out a few pieces that work well in this off-season. See our full round-up here of rain gear for kids here!

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What we love about Jan and Jul Gear:

  • It’s very waterproof
  • They have multiple fleece-lined options for added warmth
  • The hoods have great brims for keeping out rain and snow and slush
  • The designs and colors are bright and fun
  • Lots of pockets in the jackets

Jan and Jul Waterproof Gear Review: Cozy-Dry Waterproof Play Suit

These suits are perfect for wet weather shoulder season adventures! We’ve been wearing them to the beach just about every day this fall, and they’ve kept our kids cozy and dry for hours out in nasty, rainy, muddy conditions.

The Jan and Jul Cozy-Dry Waterproof Play Suits (sizes 1T – 6T) have quickly become our go-to outerwear! From beach play to puddle stomping to rainy walks, they help our kids stay outside longer in less-than-ideal conditions which always feels like a win.

There are no hand or feet covers, so we pair them with Jan and Jul’s Waterproof Mittens and Toasty-Dry Lite Winter Boots.

The trickiest part about these suits is getting them to dry out after a good soaking. Even though our kids’ feet stay dry, the fleece lining around the ankle cuffs is often saturated and does not dry out quickly.

To be fair, when our kids play in wet conditions, they don’t hold back! They are often wading and stomping in puddles deeper than their ankles, which is a tough situation for any rain gear other than true waders.

Jan and Jul rain gear review

If the fleece lining does get wet, Jan and Jul recommends turning the suit inside out and hanging it up to dry. If you need to expedite the process, you can put them in the dryer with no heat or on your dryer’s most delicate/lowest temp setting in order to avoid damaging the waterproof membrane.

The only other challenge of a fleece-lined suit is that it can be tricky to pull on over clothes. We’ve had good success “pre-loading” boots into the pant cuffs as seen below and then pulling the suit up over the torso. But if pants aren’t tucked securely into the boots, they can catch on the fleece and ride up.

Jan and Jul rain gear review

Jan and Jul Waterproof Gear Review: Cozy Dry Waterproof Rain Jackets and Pants

For older kids (the sizes go up to 10!), Jan and Jul also offers jackets and pants with the same “Cozy-Dry” design. Obviously this makes it a bit more tricky to sit in puddles, but the waterproofing is just as solid and does really well for colder, wet conditions.

The jacket and pants are great for XC skiing because they are not bulky, and the breathable fabric allows kids to keep warm while working hard.

Like the suit, the jacket and pants have elastic cuffs that keep the water and mud out. They do (barely) fit over bulky snow and ski boots.

Jan and Jul Waterproof Gear Review: Waterproof Mittens

While these are also waterproof, we’ve found that it’s pretty tricky to keep the insides completely dry. At least for our kids, when they hear “waterproof” they assume that they can completely submerge their hands in the lake for an extended period of time! Not necessarily a reflection on the quality of the gear, but a reality nonetheless.

Surviving complete submersion would be a tall order for any mitten, no matter how waterproof. Even with both the toggle and the wrist cinch tightened down, we find that in truly wet conditions the lining is pretty wet before too long with rougher play.

That said, they are warm and waterproof without being bulky, go on easily and have a nice, long cuff to keep that slush, rain and mud out for less extreme adventures. And the lining dries out really well if you place them on a boot dryer after you get home.

Jan and Jul Reviews: Bottom Line

We have been super impressed with Jan & Jul rain gear. It is perfect for climates that tend to be both cold and wet OR the shoulder seasons (fall and spring). More temperate climates like the Pacific Northwest could get away with using it all year long.

While we have only tested the Cozy-Dry line, the suits, pants, and jackets are all also available in unlined “Puddle Dry” versions for warmer weather.

Jan & Jul is available on Amazon and for purchase on their site.

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Jan and Jul Rain Gear Review

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