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Jan and Jul Rain Gear Review

Jan and Jul Rain Gear Review

It’s mud season. But, it’s still cold here in Wyoming which makes dressing the kids to stay warm AND dry is a bit tricky. Since the fall, we have been testing out some of the Canada-based Jan & Jul gear (find them on Amazon here) for kids and are happy to report it is perfect for wet, shoulder-season days. In fact, for the most part, we have put away our heavy winter gear (ahhh!) and kept out a few pieces that work well in this off-season. See our full round-up here!

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What we love about Jan and Jul Gear:

  • It’s very waterproof
  • It is fleece-lined
  • The smaller-sized suits open with two zippers to make in and out easy
  • The hoods have great brims for keeping out rain and snow and slush
  • The designs and colors are fun
  • Lots of pockets in the jackets

Waterproof Play Suit – Fleece lined

My younger two girls have been wearing these and staying toasty warm. While I wouldn’t recommend them for anything much colder than 20 degrees, the fleece lining makes a huge difference in their upfront warmth and you can always add more layers.

The Jan and Jul Cozy-Dry Rain Play Suits (sizes 1T – 6T) zip in two different places making them easier to get on and off. At first, the zippers did seem to catch the seems quite a bit, but more use fixed the problem, along with just holding the ends down as you zip and unzip.

There are no hand or feet covers, so we pair them with mittens and Stonz booties.

My one daughter is sensitive to jackets zipping close to her neck and has no problem with these and where they hit her when zipped up fully.

Rain Jacket & Pants – Fleece Lined

My older kids (the sizes go up to a 8T) wear the jacket and pants. Obviously, it makes sitting in deep puddles a bit more tricky, but they remain very waterproof and do well for colder, wet conditions.

My kids really love wearing the pants and jacket for XC skiing because they are not bulky, and allow them to keep warm while working hard.

Like the suit, the jacket and pants have elastic cuffs that keep the water and mud out. They do (barely) fit over bulky snow and ski boots.

Waterproof Mittens

While these are also waterproof, I have actually been the least impressed with the mittens ONLY because the toggles seem to pull off super easily. Either that or my kids are super hard on them. But of the four pairs of mittens we have, the toggles have come off three of them.

That said, they are warm and waterproof without being bulky, go on easily and have a nice, long cuff to keep that slush, rain and mud out.

Note, there are both “forest mittens” (for slightly warmer temperatures) and “winter mittens”.

Bottom Line:

We have been impressed with Jan & Jul rain gear. It is perfect for climates that tend to be both cold and wet OR the fall and spring. More temperate climates could get away with using it all year long.

Jan & Jul is available on Amazon and for purchase on their site.

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