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Best Rain Gear for Kids

All too often a wet day is an excuse to stay inside if you don’t have the right gear to keep kids warm, dry and happy. We’ve collected the best rain gear for kids to help you get outside more all year long. Need a little nudge for getting out to play in the mud? Here’s the reasons why it’s so beneficial and how to make it happen for your family.

Have girls? They need to get muddy too!

For this year especially when we are doing everything we can to keep kids outside, rain or shine in school and at home (a pandemic perk I suppose!), this the gear we use and trust.

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Rain Jackets, Pants and Suits for Kids and Toddlers

Reima Rain Gear for Kids

Reima Kids is a very well-established (since 1944) Finnish brand that is relatively new to the US and makes incredible gear for kids. Their entire goal is making gear that allows kids to be outside all day long and they’ve nailed it!

They make a wide range of rain gear for kids including jackets, bibs (here’s how they compare to others), trail pants, gloves and hats.

Use code “mtnmama” for 20% off at Reima Online!

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Best Rain Gear for Kids
Best Rain Gear for Kids

Jan & Jul Rain (and wet snow) Gear for Kids

Jan and Jul rain gear is waterproof AND fleece-lined so perfect for cold AND wet days. It isn’t bulky, has great hoods and keeps kids warm and dry.

While we haven’t been as impressed with their mittens (many of the toggles have fallen off), we highly recommend their gear.

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Villervalla Rain Gear for Kids

Villervalla is hands-down a favorite in our house. It’s more of what I would call a “hard shell” so is super, incredibly durable, works for snow, slush and rain and is full of tiny details for a great fit.

The shell suits and pants/jacket separates are available in stripes and bright solids. The sizing is in Euro so best to measure the child’s height to find the perfect fit.

Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

What I love:

  • Cinched waists allow room for layering without it being bulky and in the way
  • Adjustable cuffs AND an inner sleeve and thumb holes keep out the moisture
  • Adjustable hood is big enough to actually work in the rain, fits on kids’ heads and is detachable when you just don’t need it
  • Detachable and adjustable elastic for under boots (though I am sure this is the first thing that will go when it DOES start breaking down someday.)

We have used it and loved it in all spring and fall weather conditions (pouring rain, slush, snow, & mud).

Suits available in ages 2-6 years; Jacket/Pants in sizes 6-9 mo – age 10.

PuddleGear Rain Gear for Kids

This mom-owned company out of Canada makes impressive high quality rain gear for kids up to age 10.

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Wet Gear

DucKsday Rain Gear for Kids

Another import, this is one we have been using and wearing for years and years now.

It’s soft and supple for really great rain movement and their hood is THE best I have seen. It’s a lighter weight than the Villervalla so great for warmer temperatures. We have seen occasional tears in our suits (like 2 in 6 years of wearing them), some zipper sticking and eventually they just aren’t waterproof anymore (like after 4 years).

But, don’t let those small things turn you away – these are fantastic suits. Plus they pack very small and are bright for easy-to-spot kids!

Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

Oaki Trail Suits Rain Gear for Kids

These the most budget-friendly of any of the rain suits you will find and are also fantastic. They are less supple than the DucKsday and more of a hardshell (though not as reinforced as the Villervalla).

I love the inside cinchable waist and adjustable cuffs AND ankles. Their downside? The hoods are sort of terrible and don’t keep rain off little faces.

Tuffo Muddy Buddy Coverall Rain Gear for Kids

The tuffo is the lightest weight and simplest design and also the cheapest. It has double zippers for easy on and off and provides a basic full rain-suit. The cuffs aren’t adjustable and it’s not super thick, but people love love love them and that they are so affordable.

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Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

CeLaVi Classic Rain Bibs/Jackets Rain Gear for Kids

These are a thicker, softer rain jacket and so great for mud because they clean super easily. Often in warmer weather, we’ll send the kids out in just bibs. They’re generously sized, but snap at the waist for a more trim fit.

CeLaVi classic rain pieces are free from harmful substances such as PVC, fluorine substances, nickel, AZO dyes, and flame retardants.

Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

Reima, Polarn O. Pyret and Playshoes Bibs

We like these three bibs so much that our team member (Kristin in Alaska) did a comparison post on them. Check it out to see which ones we recommend for which conditions.

rain pant comparison

Best Rain Mittens for Kids

Rain mittens that WORK, where you been for the last 9 years?!?! Intended to be of an overmitten than work by themselves, these are the only ones we have tried that we’ve actually been happy with.

Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

CeLaVi Rain Mittens

If you want some warmth, we love these ones from CeLaVi since they are fleece lined.

Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

VillerValla Rain Mittens

If you just want a shell, the VillerValla Rain Mittens are flexible and easy to move in.

Polarn O. Pyret

The rain mittens from Polarn O. Pyret are more lightweight than the VillerValla, easy to put on and do a good job staying on.

Best Rain Boots for Kids

Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boots

The Crocs Handle It Rain boots are unique because they have no liner in them to impede dry time. Pair them with the socks that work best for the conditions and temperature and you’re set. They also are very durable and pull on easily.

We love that their are a molded boot so no seams that can come apart.

Muck Boots

We have been long-time lovers of Muck boots because they fit well, keep little feet warm in colder, wet conditions and hold up for years and years and years.

In fact, our pairs that are over 6 years old show virtually no wear, despite being on the 3rd kid.

The only thing we have noticed is that for kids with a bigger heel/arch, we recommend their Rugged II over the Hale (which we love!)

Lone Cone Kids Rain Boots

Lone Cone has high quality gear for kids that is super affordable. Check out our full review here to see why we love them so much.

Their elementary collection is a great basic rain boot for a good price. They keep feet dry and are easy to pull on.

If you tend to have more slush and snow than actual long periods of rain, you may want to check out the Lone Cone all-season neoprene boots.

Bogs Solid Skipper Boots

Bogs are a favorite for many families for good reason. They are incredibly durable, have great traction and last to pass down from kid to kid.

We love this slightly shorter Solid Skipper Boots with handles for toddlers and little kids.

Best Rain Hats for Kids

Best Rain Gear for Kids - rain hats

Reima Rainy Hat

The Reima Rainy hat is our favorite rain-specific because it has ear flaps that you can put up or down depending on how cold it is. Remember to use “mtnmama” for 20% off!

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero

The OR Seattle Sombrero is fantastic for both sun AND rain.

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