Best Rain Gear for Kids 2022

Best Rain Gear For Kids

All too often a wet day is an excuse to stay inside if you don’t have the right gear to keep kids warm, dry and happy. We’ve collected the best rain gear for kids to help you get outside more on rainy days all year long.

This gear is all gear our team uses and recommends with the main differences being price and best conditions to use it.

Need a little nudge for getting out to play during mud season? Here’s the reasons why it’s so beneficial and how to make it happen for your family.

Have girls? They need to get muddy too!

For this year especially when we are doing everything we can to keep kids outside, rain or shine in school and at home, this the gear we use and trust.

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Best Rain Gear for Kids

Best Rain Jackets for Kids

Having great rain coats for outdoor play means that little kids, toddlers AND big kids can spend more time outside while staying comfortable and dry.

Burton Veridry 2.5L Rain Jacket

Sizes XS-XL

Lightweight, breatheable, waterproof, and made from 100% recycled materials. This jacket dries out quickly and packs down small into its own pocket.

Columbia Switchback II and Columbia Watertight Jacket

Sizes XXS – XL

Lightweight rain jackets for kids. We love this one because it is affordable, does a good job and is packable.

REI Rain Wall Jacket for Kids

Sizes 4T – 18Y

The Rain Wall is a family favorite for it’s quality, packability and the fact that it is available in a wide range of sizes.

Reima Lampi Jacket

Sizes 18M – 12Y

Reima never uses PVCs and this jacket is soft and flexible, even when it’s cold. We love that it has a great hood, is fully waterproof and has generous sizing. It is slightly heavier than the three options listed above.

Shred Dog Elevated Kids Hardshell

Sizes 4T – 16Y

Use code “MTNMAMA25” for 25% off!

We love this waterproof shell jacket for 3 (or 4!) season adventuring. It is very high quality, keep kids dry and warm and is perfect for layering under on colder days. While it’s not an ideal jacket if you are in a hot and wet climate, it’s perfect for cooler temps and winter conditions too.

VillerValla Shell Rain Jacket

Sizes 6M – 10Y

Villervalla is hands-down a favorite in our house. It’s more of what I would call a “hard shell” so is incredibly durable, works for snow, slush and rain and is full of tiny details for a great fit.

The shell suits and pants/jacket separates are available in stripes and bright solids. The sizing is in Euro so best to measure the child’s height to find the perfect fit.

Best Rain Bibs for Kids

CeLaVi Classic Rain Bibs Kids

Sizes 9M – 8Y

These are a thicker, softer rain jacket and so great for mud because they clean super easily. Often in warmer weather, we’ll send the kids out in just bibs. They’re generously sized, but snap at the waist for a more trim fit.

CeLaVi classic rain pieces are free from harmful substances such as PVC, fluorine substances, nickel, AZO dyes, and flame retardants.

Jan and Jul Puddle Dry Rain Bibs

Sizes 1T – 5T

These bibs are great for rain or as a shell for colder days. They have a thin liner that just keeps them softer on the inside.

They also are available in a cozy fleece-lined version that we love too. They work great in mild, wet climates that need less warmth and more waterproofness.

Polarn O. Pyret Rain Bibs

Sizes 1Y – 8y

These bibs are the thickest option here. They’re extremely durable, extremely waterproof, and not very breathable. They are our favorite for shoulder seasons and colder weather, and for creek exploration.

Reima Lammikko Rain Bibs

Sizes 9M – 8Y

Use code “mtnmama” for 20% off.

These rain bibs are fully waterproof, have adjustable suspenders and are great for keeping kids outside longer. They are a light to mid weight bibs. Thinner than Polarn O. Pyret, but more breathable. 

Best Rain Suits for Toddlers

Rain suits are a fantastic way to keep toddlers dry as they spend a lot more time crawling and sitting. One-piece suits that keep out the rain are invaluable for getting outside in wet weather. However, some of these suits go up to larger sizes too. Looking for a rain suit for your tween? The Oaki rain suit comes in a size 14/15 which is the largest of any of these.

Again, the suggestions below are listed in alphabetical order. Be sure to read them all for our top choices for different ages and conditions.

CeLaVi Rain Suits

Sizes 9M – 5T

CeLaVi rain suits are soft and pliable and perfect for toddlers (there are two piece sets for older kids). They have a detachable rain hood, reflective strips, fleece lined collars, boot elastics, and welded seams. We also appreciate that they are PVC-free.

Jan & Jul Cozy-Dry Waterproof Play Suit

Sizes 1T – 6T

I love Jan and Jul cozy-dry because it is fleece-lined and perfect for extra warmth in really wet and cold weather. We use this often in the fall and spring, but you could certainly use it all winter long with some extra layering. They also have an unlined-version of their play suit called the Puddle Dry.

Their suits are adjustable, have great cuffs, have reflective piping, and brimmed hoods. They’re another favorite for very cold and wet conditions.

Oaki Trail Suit

Use code MTNMAMA to save 15% on Oaki!

Sizes 12M – 14/15 Y

A favorite for many families, the Oaki trail suit is very durable, comes in a wide range of sizes and colors and is easy to layer under. I also like the cinchable waist and adjustable cuffs AND ankles so you can purchase bigger and grow into it. I’m not a huge fan of the hood, but that can be remedied with a good rain hat.

They are more of a hardshell (though not as reinforced as the Villervalla). If you have a kid that doesn’t love gear that makes a lot of noise as they move, don’t choose an Oaki. I love this suit is available for older kids too and boasts reflective detailing.

Reima Roiske

Sizes 12M – 6Y

Made with no harmful chemicals, fully waterproof with taped seams and reflective detail make this a great choice. 

Use code “mtnmama” for 20% off Reima gear!

Stonz Rain Suits for Toddlers

Sizes 12M – 4T

Stonz is a Canadian company that we have used and loved for years for their winter gear. Their rain suit is loose-fitting and lightweight, but incredibly durable with bonded, seam-sealed construction, PU coating and covered waterproof zippers. It comes in 8 different colors. This is our favorite toddler rain suit as it’s perfect for rough play.

The built-in hood visor and soft cuffs with thumb holes are some other functional touches that make these suits extra practical and comfy.

Use code “mtnmama” for 10% off Stonz gear!

VillerValla Shell Overall Suit

Sizes 1Y – 6Y

If you live in a cold, wet climate, this is my favorite since it is definitely more of a shell than just a rain suit. It is extremely durable, has a great hood, layers well over other layers, and is super cute.

Best Rain Mittens for Kids

Rain mittens that WORK, where you been for the last 9 years?!?! Intended to be of an overmitten than work by themselves, these are the only ones we have tried that we’ve actually been happy with. Keeping little hands dry on cold and wet days goes a LONG way towards happy adventures.

Helsinki Shell Gloves

Sizes 4Y – 7 Y

Really the best shell mittens out there, these are lightly lined, but have reinforced seams and can be layered under easily.

CeLaVi Rain Mittens

Sizes 0 – 4Y

If you want some warmth, we love these ones from CeLaVi since they have a thick fleece liner.

Polarn O. Pyret Rain Mittens

Sizes 6M – 6Y

The rain mittens from Polarn O. Pyret are more lightweight than the VillerValla, easy to put on and do a good job staying on. For colder days you do need to layer under them.

Reima Knit-Lined Rain Mittens

Sizes 6 months – 8 years

These are lightly lined (knit, not fleece) for comfort, but still are easy to layer under. They come up high and cinch around the wrists to keep water out.

Vilnius Recycled Rain Mittens

Size 2Y – 7Y

These recycled mittens are flexible and easy to move in with a soft fleece liner.

Gear to Keep Kids Dry in Wet Weather

Best Rain Boots for Kids

Having great waterproof boots for toddlers and kids is vital to keeping them dry and comfortable. The recommendations below are in alphabetical order. Read through them carefully to see what we recommend for different ages and conditions.

They are ALL great rain boots that range from a classic rain boot to ones that work great as winter boots too.

Bogs Neo-Classic Boots

Sizes 7T – 6Y

Bogs are a favorite for many families for good reason. They are incredibly durable, have great traction and last to pass down from kid to kid. Of all the Bogs we have tried over the years, these are our favorites for kids. They are lightweight, very warm and have good traction.

Bogs Baby Bogs

Sizes 4T – 10T

These are the boots we recommend for first walkers who need a flexible sole. They are relatively warm and easy to move in.

Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boots

Sizes 6T – 13T

The Crocs Handle It Rain boots are unique because they have no liner in them to impede dry time. Pair them with the socks that work best for the conditions and temperature and you’re set. They also are very durable and pull on easily.

We love that they are a molded boot so no seams that can come apart.

KidOrca Above the Knee Rain Boots

Sizes 5T – 12T

KidOrca came up with a new way to play in the wet, they added little waders to the top of their boots. Wear them over your knees to keep the water out or fold down for a traditional rain boot height, these are a great way to keep littles dry. When you have the waders up, it helps prevent the dreaded “filling your boots with water” when you kiddo splashes in a puddle too deep.

The solid colors keep the boots looking stylish and the wader fabric is soft and flexible with taped seams. Downside, the wader fabric can scuff on rough surfaces, so don’t let your kids use the waders as knee protectors when playing in the driveway.

Lone Cone Kids Rain Boots

Sizes 5T – 4Y

Lone Cone has high quality gear for kids that is super affordable. Check out our full review here to see why we love them so much.

Their elementary collection is a great basic rain boot for a good price. They keep feet dry and are easy to pull on.

If you tend to have more slush and snow than actual long periods of rain, you may want to check out the Lone Cone all-season neoprene boots.

Muck Boots for Kids

Sizes 10T-7Y

We have been long-time lovers of Muck boots because they fit well, keep little feet warm in colder, wet conditions and hold up for years and years and years.

In fact, our pairs that are over 6 years old show virtually no wear, despite being on the 3rd kid.

The only thing we have noticed is that for kids with a bigger heel/arch, we recommend their Rugged II over the Hale (which we love!)

Stonz West All Weather Boots

Sizes 4T – 2Y

Perfect for rain, mud, slush and everything in between with a -20°C/-4°F temperature rating. I like how these are a little lower so easy to walk in and come in cute designs. They also start at a 4T so are the other boots we recommend for early walkers (besides the Baby Bogs above).

Use code “mtnmama” for 15% off.

Stonz Rain Boots

Sizes 4T – 2Y

Super waterproof, durable and flexible for easy movement and protection from rain. These boots also have great traction! Easy for kids to get on and off by themselves, and enough height to withstand serious puddle splashing. Integrates really well with the Stonz Rain Suit, which has built-in stirrups to keep ankle cuffs in place.

Use code “mtnmama” for 10% off.

Best Rain Hats for Kids

Reima Rainy Hat

The Reima Rainy hat is our favorite rain-specific because it has ear flaps that you can put up or down depending on how cold it is. Remember to use “mtnmama” for 20% off!

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero

The OR Seattle Sombrero is fantastic for both sun AND rain.

Best Rain Gear for Kids - rain hats

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  1. Hi Amelia!

    It’s me who e-mailed you about baby boots for spring!

    What a great post!

    I think I’ll go with Muddy Munchkins over Bogs. It seems Muddy Munchkins will stay on better for a crawler but also adapt to a walker as I am hoping to get both spring and summer use out of them and since George is standing and walking behind a little wagon, perhaps walking isn’t too far off?

    I am now struggling between choosing between a rain suit versus rain bibs and a rain/wind jacket. In your experience, is a rain suit more of a pain when changing diapers during camping trips? Do you only put your kids in rain suits when it is in fact raining or are they convenient and comfortable enough to wear on cold/windy days for romping around?


    • Hi Catherine,

      Yes, I think you’re right on the boots….they are so great for the new walkers and crawlers 🙂
      I would go with a suit…we definitely use them for mud/wind/shell layer AND rain/slush/snow. It doesn’t make diaper changes that much harder, because even with bibs you are having to pull off a top layer (and they are so much more protective than regular pants that would allow easier changes).
      Hope that helps!

  2. Another question has popped up! My husband is looking at a tent heater. We are wondering if you have ever used one of these and if you think they are necessary and when. We are camping near Lake Superior in May where it could be in the 20’s at night. We have a really small tent… I’m not sure where we would put the thing! Thought we would see what you had to say about them!

  3. Hi Amelia,
    I am looking at ordering another Oakiwear rainsuit but I was wondering if you have an affiliate link for the Oakiwear website? I would rather order through their website than Amazon. 🙂

  4. Hi!
    Do you have any recommendations for fleece-lined rain jackets? We have a lot of wet and muddy days in fall, spring and even parts of winter. I’m happy to put them in layers at home, but for school it’s much easier to just have 1 jacket to put on for recess.

    We’ve always had LL Bean lined trail jackets and I’ve been ok with them, but this is the first time I’m having to buy new and the price is a bit staggering. We also love MEC products but their cozy rain jackets for youth are rarely in stock these days. I’ve also been looking at Therm but I’m not familiar with their products and I can’t find any extensive reviews.

    Any suggestions? Kids are 9, 7 and 4.

    Thanks so much for all your great posts!

  5. Hi!

    What rain-Mittens do our kids have? and are they good for winter-Things like Bulding a Snowmann or something like that in the winter. And for some times when its raining?

  6. Hello! Thanks for all the info you provide. I always use your site as a reference when researching new gear for our nearly 5 year-old daughter. Do any of the rain jackets you reviewed have a fleece-lined hood or are made of some material that “softens” the sound of a rain jacket hood? Our daughter has outgrown her Reima rain jacket (discovered through your site, thanks!) and I’m searching for a new one. It’s often a struggle to get her to put her hood up when it’s raining due to her aversion to the sound of the harder waterproof material, so I’m searching for something that may be more comfortable and encouraging for her to wear.

    Thank you! Matt

    • Great question. We really, really like the Akova shells for this. They are great for everything but super warm wet days. Not sure where you live, but they’re perfect for Wyoming and Alaska weather. Feel free to email me if you have more questions (or want our discount code!)


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