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Best Reima Rain Gear

Best Reima Rain Gear

I consider myself and the kids to be rain gear aficionados. We get a lot of wet weather up here in Alaska, and we spend a great deal of our lives outside in it. We don’t believe in “bad weather”, in fact rainy days are some of our favorite!

Of course, rainy days can be rough if you don’t have the right gear, especially in northern climates. It’s usually cold when it rains here so we don’t get to run around in shorts and tank tops and have a good time… we need to layer and stay dry! Enter Reima rain gear which will keep you warm and dry, and we have an AWESOME discount code for you too!

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Reima Rain Gear

Reima Rain Gear: Lammikko Rain Bibs

One of my favorite pieces of gear for the kids is rain bibs, and Reima makes an excellent version: the Lammikko.

Our days outside include a lot of play, and a lot of observation. Often this observation has all of us lying on our stomachs in puddles to watch something on or under the surface.

Reima Rain Gear

Or splashing through creeks…

Reima Rain Gear

We wear rain bibs at least a few times a week if not every day, from spring through fall. Even in the height of summer we tend to do a lot of our hiking and outdoor play early in the day to beat the crowds, and it’s often quite brisk so the extra layer to keep them dry really helps prolong play!

Early morning or rainy day kayaking is another time that the bibs are great. It may look warm in the picture below but it was not, and glacial lake water is cold! Bibs and boots helped keep him warm and dry throughout our paddle.

And of course for puddle splashing you don’t want to be wearing waist-high rain pants. Either rain bibs or a one-piece suit are essential for this!

Reima Rain Gear

Reima Rain Gear: Hauho One Piece Rainsuit (for Babies and Toddlers)

I am a huge fan of one-piece raingear. If you have puddle-divers like I do, you’ll know what the benefits to it are. Or if your kids love to run back and forth across creeks.

Reima’s Hauho goes up to 3T, and if they made it in larger sizes we would love them (please Reima… please!!)! This suit is fantastic. It’s so well made and looks really sharp.

And it’s completely puddle-swimmingly waterproof!

I really love the stirrups on this suit too. Reima’s rain bibs, and the rain gear from most companies we own, has a standard elastic stirrup; the stirrup on this suit are made of silicone so it’s more durable and it sticks in place on the bottom of a boot better! (Also as the one that usually puts these on for my younger kids, it cleans up easier so mom’s hands don’t get as dirty).

Reima Rain Gear

Reima Rain Gear Separates

Schiff Rain Jackets

The Schiff rain jackets from Reima are very high quality. I’ll admit a little skepticism about trying 2-layer rain gear (I prefer 2.5 or 3-layer gear for all my stuff and lean that way for the kids’ gear also), but these jackets are waterproof, windproof, seam-sealed, and breathable and I definitely recommend them.

Reima Rain Gear

We’ve hiked in them on rainy days, and on mild but windy days; and they kept everyone comfortable. Zippers are easy to work and their range of motion was great.

Wearing the Schiff jacket and Lento pant

I love that the hoods snap off. This is especially helpful if you’re also using the rain hats and can decide to forego the hood.

The Schiff is helmet-compatable, fitting over their Woom bike helmets and giving decent visibility while riding.

This jacket doesn’t pack down quite as small as our 2.5 layer rain jackets, so it is not my choice to bring along backpacking on longer trips. The heaviness of the jacket is really the only downside, and isn’t something I consider a problem for day trips.

Lento Rain Pants

The Lento pants are actually the first rain pants my kids have tried that aren’t bib-style. Typically when we hike in wet conditions we wear a one-piece rainsuit, something light and breathable.

But that doesn’t work as great for times when it’s rained all day so the trail and overgrowth is wet but the sun has come out. Having a top and bottom piece and being able to use on or the other or both gives you flexibility on the trail.

Wearing the Lento on a midnight hike on the Summer Solstice, they were perfect!

It’s fairly easy to get them on and off over boots, though they do not have a bottom zip. They feature reflective accents at the bottom. They have a button-adjustable waist so it was easy to get a good fit and both kids loved wearing them.

These pants aren’t ideal for puddle splashing (nor are they designed for it!). We tested them this way to be thorough and my son was wet up to his knees. There is no elastic inside the pant leg to keep the water out if you are actively splashing water UP the pants! (This is where you need the Lammikko!)

Reima Rain Gear
He got wet that day but still had a blast!

Reima Rain Gear Accessories

Some of these accessories may be seen as “optional”. But I like to think of it this way. Can this piece of gear prolong our time and comfort outside? If you live in a warm climate more clothes probably won’t be helpful in that regard; but in colder climates it absolutely makes a difference.

Puro and Kura Rain Mittens

We love rain mittens. It’s often in the 50s when it rains here, and if you add rain and possibly wind into the mix, you can have cold wet hands really quick and that’s no fun! (And no fun for the parents who spend so long getting you all into your gear to have you want to come right back in!).

Reima’s rain mittens come in both lined (Puro) and unlined (Kura) varieties. Because of our climate and lifestyle I like to have at least one set of both kinds for the kids.

Reima’s rain gear mittens fell off more than we’re accustomed to with rain mittens. This was due in part to the top elastic being a tad too loose, and there only being one snap to secure them around the wrist which was also a bit too wide.

The wrist strap I plan to fix by adding an extra snap to, but during play the top elastic will still ride down a little bit and it did bother the kids.

Picking out some perfect puddle rocks in the Puro.

My kids do have pretty slim hands and wrists, so if you have a child with larger hands or are using bulkier gear underneath, these may work just great. They were easy to grip stuff with, picking up rocks and poking around in puddles was no problem.

I’d still recommend these over foregoing rain mittens, and these are 35% cheaper than the Polarn O Pyret rain mittens (and with our discount code “mountainmama” they’re HALF the price!) so I do think they’re an excellent value.

Wearing them UNDER the rain suit would definitely be a way to help them stay on better, and we’ll be trying that in the future too. Mittens usually come on and off and on and off so much in this household (the kids love touching textures, petting wet moss, etc), which is why they usually go over not under; but going under the sleeve will keep you drier!

Rainy Rain Hats

All the kids love their “fireman hat”, the Rainy! The coverage is excellent and they’re totally waterproof. The ear flaps and long back flap help keep out self-generated puddle splashes, protecting from water above and below! This is one of our favorite Reima rain gear pieces.

Reima Rain Gear

The hats are comfortable enough that they keep them on for walks and haven’t overheated. On hikes with elevation, we use the hoods on the jackets since they will be more breathable and the hats are fleece-lined.

Reima Rain Gear

Reima Rain Gear: The Bottom Line

Reima rain gear is really well thought out that will keep you warm and dry outside. I recommend all of it highly.

What we Love about Reima Rain Gear

My kids love all their Reima gear. Color is probably more important to them than it is to me (my goal is DRY!), and Reima bibs especially come in so many colors! And they think they look cool in all of it and enjoy wearing it.

Reima’s rain gear comes in many colors but also a bunch of different styles and patterns. I like my kids to have a say in their gear, and that would be especially important if you have a child who doesn’t always love getting layered up. Giving them some say in the pattern goes a long way!

Keeping you dry is the whole point of rain gear and Reima’s gear does just that. The waterproof ratings are listed on their site and are extremely high. Sometimes I feel like kids’ rain gear is designed for the kids to be out for 20 minutes and then come in; Reima’s gear is built for the outdoor-loving child!

What we didn’t Love about Reima Rain Gear

The rain mittens were the only piece of gear we tried that wasn’t total love. I’ll fix them by adding another snap, but they didn’t stay on well on any of my 3 kids during splashing activities, and we’re used to rain mittens that fit better.

However, for their price point as discussed above, I’d still recommend them!

I also found the interior microfiber scratchy on my apparently rough hands, the kids said it was soft and nice though!

The mittens did work well for kayaking in the rain, my son was able to grip his paddle great and they didn’t seem to ride up as much doing this as they did when they were jumping and crawling through puddles.

Reima Rain Gear
Kayaking in the rain, warm and dry in the Schiff, Lammikko, and Puro

Where to get it

Reima rain gear can be ordered direct from Reima, and Tales of a Mountain Mama has an awesome coupon to get you 20% off anything on the site, even sale stuff!! The code is: mtnmama

Reima Winter Gear

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