Reima Winter Gear for Kids

Reima Winter Gear for Kids

Reima Kids is a very well-established (since 1944) Finnish brand that is new to the US and makes incredible gear for kids. Over the past month or so we have been testing out Reima Winter Gear and are excited to share them with you.

While Reima did send us products to review, our opinions are completely our own and exactly what we tell our family and friends.

One of the reasons we love Reima so much is the fact that ALL of their products are free from harmful chemicals and all their cotton will be organic by the end of 2020. Not only that, but they are working hard to have at least 50% of their gear and clothing include recycled material by 2023.

Stay tuned for our spring review coming up shortly (because winter to spring happens SO fast!)

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Reima Winter Gear

Reima Winter Gear for Skiing

While Reima has a full winter kids’ line, this year we went with pieces ideal for skiing since that is what we do so much all winter long.

Learning to ski or board this winter? Here are our best tips to teaching kids to ski and teaching kids to snowboard. And, since we understand it can be tough, our best tips for family skiing on a budget.

In general we found that Reima understands what makes gear perfect for skiing including the following:

  • Wide pant bottoms to fit over ski boots
  • Pockets in the sleeves AND mittens for ski passes
  • Reflective details
  • Built-in powder skirts
  • Removable hoods
  • Adjustable cuffs with soft cuff gusset
  • Waterproof
  • Warm
  • Adjustable

Reima is very nearly a solid 10 in our book, BUT we would love to see them update their hoods on their ski gear in particular to fit over helmets.

Reima gear fits slightly big so we suggest not ordering up to grow. If my kids are solidly in a 8, for example, I order an 8. If, however, they are just moving up into a size, I find it best to size down.

Reima Winter Gear

Roxana Ski Jacket

The Roxana is one of the most popular pieces for Reima, even more so now that it is worn by the royal family. Available in sizes 2T – 10Y.

The Roxana has a slightly more fitted fit than the Regor (see below). While Reima tries to not distinguish between “girl” and “boy” coats, the colorways of the Roxana are more “girlish” and the Regor more “boyish”.

Need a larger size? Check out the Frost – available up to a 14Y size.

Reima Winter Gear

Regor Ski Jacket

Honestly very similar to the Roxana, but in a less fitted shape. Available also in sizes 2T – 10Y.

I love that it comes in a bright orange – all the easier to spot my kids on the slopes!

Reima Winter Gear

Wingon Ski Pants

The Wingon is fully water proof and very warm with a straight leg to fit over those ski boots. The suspenders are removable, which my kids really like. I like that the waist has an exterior adjustment so they fit perfectly no matter what layers they have under them.

Terrie Ski Pants

Like the Wingon pants above, but a narrow fit ski pant. The detachable suspenders are great, and the adjustable snaps give us the options to fit well over every boot we’ve tried them with (snowboard, nordic, ice skates!).

Terrie ski pants shown with the Roxana ski jacket and matching Ote mittens

Riggu Ski Mittens

These are our new favorite ski mittens. Not only are they warm, easy to put on and very waterproof, but they have a ski pass pocket on the left side.

This means that for shorter kids instead of having to attach a pass to their helmet to reach the pass readers, you can put it in their mitten and they just wave their hand up to scan. Ingenius.

Ote Mittens

These mittens are warm and waterproof, and they stay on. They also come in lots of different colors. They’re simple, and very effective; and so far an instant favorite.

Ski Day Socks

Available in size 9.5 kids – size 8 adult. My only complaint about these wool blend socks is that I wish they came in smaller sizes. They have a soft terry lining and fit very well, which means they are perfect for long ski day comfort.

More Reima Winter Gear

The gear below isn’t as specific for skiing, but could easily be used for that too. We use it as all-around great gear to keep our kids warm and dry.

Favorite Reima Snowsuits

Aapua Snowsuit

As far as warm snowsuits go, the Aapua may be THE warmest for toddlers we have seen. And while it’s a bit “poofy”, it’s light and easy to move around in, which is a huge factor for toddlers in particular.

I was a bit concerned about the down insulation getting wet and not being effective in cold wet weather. However, we have found that it is very waterproof (8000 mm) and remains dry for the kids.

Other features we love include removable faux fur hood lining, detachable and durable foot loops to keep boots covered and a long zipper for easy in and out.

Reima Winter Gear

Stavanger Snowsuit

The Stavanger snowsuit is an award winner, and with good reason. It’s beautifully warm (rated to -5 degrees F), waterproof to 12,000mm (which essentially means you’re good sitting in a puddle of water), and very high quality. It is slightly less warm than the Aapua, but more waterproof.

Stavanger snowsuits + Ote mittens

Like all Reima suits with faux fur, the fur is removeable, but it does an amazing job of keeping wind and snow out of little faces (and it’s also quite stunning).

As mentioned above, ordering your child’s current size is usually the way to go. However, I sized *down* for the petite (36″ tall) 3.5 year old pictured below (she is wearing 2T), and the 6.75yo (he is wearing 6).

There is plenty of room to grow for the 3.5 year old, and the internal button adjust at the waist helps keep her suit trim. My almost 7 year old would have done better in a size 7, but he does have enough room in it and it never restricts his movement. The size 5 for my 5 year old is perfect.

The variety of colors is worth mentioning again. Reima has so many excellent options for snowsuits, whether you like patterns or solids, and pretty much any color. (Though we’d love a brighter green Stavanger!). It’s so important for kids to love their gear and really helps get them excited about it.

Langnes Snowsuit

The Langnes is the most affordable of the three snowsuits listed here, but just as warm as the Stavanger minus the more protective hood. It is slightly less waterproof (10000mm) than the Stavanger but more so than the Aapua.

We love the cute patterns it comes in and that it’s a great all-around suit at an affordable price.

Langnes snowsuit + Qing winter shoes + Ote mittens

Reima Base Layers

Parvin Union Suit

One piece baselayers are ultra cozy, and this one is made even for the big kids! It’s an 80/20 wool/poly blend, and is a great layer for cold days with less exertion.

Some kids may overheat in this if they’re being active, but it’s great for children who run colder or who aren’t moving as much. It’s a great choice for little ones on the sledding hill. Only issue is quick bathroom breaks!

Kinsei Base Layer Set

Perfect for the active kid, this 72% wool/ 28% tencel blend base pair is soft and silky. Wool is of course great at wicking moisture and thermoregulation, and the touch of tencel adds just a little extra cooling feel to the material.

Reima Winter Boots

All of Reima’s winter boots and shoes are very waterproof and warm. While they don’t have specific ratings, our kids have worn them in below freezing temperatures with no issues.

Vimpeli winter boots

While I was skeptical, my daughter loves the fact that these boots are very lightweight and easy to pull on.

Orm winter boots

The Reima Orm winter boots are my favorite boots for snowshoeing, winter hiking and winter play. They have great grip, are warm, and are easy to move in.

Qing winter shoes

For everything but super deep snow, the Qing is a great shoe. It is easy to put on for younger children and easy to adjust. It’s another great option for snowshoeing.

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Reima Winter Gear for Kids

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