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Hiking Pants for Kids

Hiking pants for kids are crucial to keep kids dry and safe when they are out on the trail. My kids all have pants they use specifically for hiking and exploring. I personally kids just need a couple quality pairs they can wear often.

While they are harder to find than larger sizes, toddler hiking and adventure pants keep crawlers and new walkers just as protected also.

Hiking pants aren’t JUST for hiking – they’re helpful for any adventures.

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Hiking in any Weather

While it’s tempting to wait for good weather for hiking, some of our best family memories have been hiking in the worst conditions…made ok because we were wearing the right gear.

The pants below are also labeled by which conditions they are best used for.

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Hiking Pants for Kids

What to look for in Kids Hiking Pants


You want kids to be comfortable on the trail and that includes not sitting in their own sweat. Pants need to be breathable to keep kids comfortable both as far as temperature is concerned AND how it feels.

Quick Drying

On the trail conditions are changing often. Plan on water, mud, dirt and sometimes even snow. Again, you want pants that will dry quickly so you don’t have a kid hiking in soaking pants (which can become a dangerous situation very quickly!)

Good coverage

Depending on the terrain where you are hiking, longer pants protect legs from brush, plants (sometimes poisonous) and rock abrasions.

Grow with the child

We all want to get more than one season out of hiking pants for our kids. I look for pants with an adjustable waist, zip-off capabilities or can be easily rolled up and down (on the waist and at the ankles).

Easy to clean

Hiking pants are meant to get dirty…but we also want to know they will come clean too. Look for pants that can put up with some serious mud-sliding AND wash out.


Hiking pants should able to withstand some serious abuse of play and adventure…and then passing that down to the next kid too!

Hiking Pants Specifically for Toddlers

Hiking pants for toddlers are harder to find than they used to be, but still a worthwhile investment. They keep little ones dry and warm and protected from all the plants and vegetation they tend to sit right in the middle of.

Since we have had trouble finding good toddler pants in the past, we’ve made them their own section. Notice that many of these pants are available in larger sizes also.

Reima Kuori Soft Shell Pants (see full review below)

Start at size 12 months.

These are great for toddlers because you can just throw them over whatever they’re wearing for an extra layer of protection.

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Columbia Silver Ridge Pull on Pants for Toddler Boys

Start at size 2T.

We love these when we need quick dry protection from the scratches and scrapes of the trail. Also available in big and little boy sizes.

Columbia Silver Ridge Banded Pant for Toddler Girls

Start at size 2T.

We actually prefer the girls style just because they keep less from going up their legs with that banded cuff. Also available in little and big girl sizes.

Hiking Pants for Kids

Hiking Pants for Kids of All Ages

Reima Broby Trousers

Best for warmer conditions, but because they dry so fast, can be used in warmer spring and fall conditions too.

We love these because they have a great slim fit with a tapered leg, have big pockets for collecting treasures and are very stretchy with sun protection.

Available in size 4T – 14Y.

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Hiking Pants for Kids

Reima Kuori Soft Shell Pants

Best for cool or cold weather conditions. Can be easily layered under.

Available in size 12-18 mo – 10 Y. These are my favorite pants for less than ideal weather. We throw them over any layers the kids are already wearing and they stay dry. All Reima pants come with an adjustable waist which helps for longevity of wearing them. We recommend NOT sizing up in Reima gear as there is some room to grow.

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Idole Softshell Trousers

Best for cool conditions or cold conditions during aerobic exercise.

These have a soft lining and wind protection. They are perfect for winter, spring and fall adventures especially on cold rainy days. Slim cut (though slightly more room than the Broby), they are a great all-around play outside pant.

Available in sizes 4T – 14Y.

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Hiking Pants for Kids

Kuhl Renegade Pants

Best for year-round adventures.

These are some of our favorite do-it-all pants. They literally are worn all week for play AND still look sharp for church on the weekends. Stretchy with UPF 50+ sun protection. They also have seven great adventure pockets.

Available in sizes XS (age 5-6) – L (age 14-16).

Kuhl RECCO Convertible Pants for Boys and Girls

Best for all conditions.

Kuhl’s RECCO Convertible pants come in both a girl (Horizn) and boy (Renegade) style. They are quick drying, convertible to shorts that are a great length for hiking (not too short) and have lots of stretch for comfort. Like most Kuhl styles, they also have tons of pockets.

Available in sizes XS (age 5-6) – L (age 14-16).

L.L. Bean Trail Pants

Best for spring, summer and fall conditions.

These are a great all-around adventure pant. While they are marketed for boys, I see now reason why they couldn’t work for active girls too.

Available in sizes little kids 4 – big kids 16.

L.L. Bean Mountain Fleece Pants

Best for cold conditions.

While these are fleece so they don’t particularly dry fast, they are very durable and perfect for shoulder seasons and/or layering under a more waterproof outer layer. My boys wear these almost daily all fall, winter and spring.

Available in toddler and big kid (girls and boys) sizes up to size 16.

REI Mountainmaker Tights for Girls

Best for all conditions.

My girls prefer wearing tights all the time, and hiking is no exception. We love these because they feel like tights but are durable enough to protect her during play on rocks and with sticks. UPF rating 50+.

The Mountainmaker is also available in a looser pant style.

Available in sizes XXS (4-5) – XL (18)

REI Sahara Convertible Pant for boys and girls

Best for spring, summer and fall hiking.

I feel like these are the classic REI style that has kept kids protected for a very long time. Lightweight and great for long hiking days or backpacking when conditions may change. We love the zippers around the ankles to easily go over hiking boots.

Available in sizes XXS (4-5) – XL (18)

Hiking Pants for Kids

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Hiking Pants for Kids

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