Lone Cone Boots Review

Lone Cone Boots

Finding great boots for kids that are both affordable and functional can be tough. Knowing the struggle is real, Lone Cone founder Annalisa (a mother of 3) focused her brand on durable gear for kids aged 3-6 that won’t break the bank AND kids want to wear.

Lone Cone Boots for Kids

Over the past few weeks, our team has been doing a preliminary review of both the Rain Boots and the Mud boots in mud, slush, snow and plenty of rain. Since we love to test gear for months, we will be updating this review as the season progresses.

lone cone boots for kids

I love that this family-run company stands behind their gear enough to offer a 6 months 100% guarantee!

Lone Cone Rain Boots

Our testers loved these boots because of their durability, easy on and off, and fun patterns.

lone cone boots for kids

What we love about the Lone Cone Rain Boots

  • Durable and completely waterproof
  • Easy to put on and off (the handles help immensely)
  • Tons of designs to choose from
  • Affordable (less than $20!)
  • Lightweight – even our 1 year old tester had no trouble walking in them

What we would love to see updated about the Lone Cone Rain Boots

  • The insoles come out easily (shoe glue will fix this!)
  • The insoles are white, which means they show off the grime of dirty feet
  • They do scuff, and designs start to rub off on toes over time
lone cone boots for kids

Lone Cone Mud Boots

lone cone boots for kids

While the rain boots obviously work in mud too, Lone Cone’s Mud Boots are specifically focused on keeping feet dry and comfortable in a little more extreme conditions. They are rated for play down to 0 degrees F and are perfect for all-season use.

What we love about the Lone Cone Mud Boots

  • Completely waterproof
  • Comfort rated for use in winter slush too (0 degrees F)
  • Affordable ($26-$35 depending on the size and print)
  • Great traction for mud and slush and snow
  • Handles make it easy for little ones to get on and off
  • Lots of cute designs to choose from

What we would love to see updated about the Lone Cone Mud Boots

  • None we have seen yet!!
lone cone boots for kids

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Lone Cone Boots

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