MyMayu Traveller Boot Review

Meet the MyMayu Traveller boot.

Lightweight. Weatherproof. Durable. Packable. Zero Drop. Phalate, BPA & Lead Free. Flexible.  These are the words that make me light up when i’m looking for new outdoor footwear for my rough and tumble kid.

 He just wants comfort. And…… radness.  (He IS six, afterall, and radness is really important when you’re six).

The MYMAYU Traveller checks all of my boxes & my son loves them too. He’s been wearing them for six months now. Long enough to try them out in three seasons, and in all kinds of terrain and weather….snow, sleet, sun, sand, mud, muck, streams, lakes, rivers & rock in 4 different States.

mymayu traveller review

He played in the Champagne Powder snowdrifts of Colorado with the Helios Liners keeping his toes toasty warm, even at temps as low as 10 degrees F! .  In the Sonoran Desert of Arizona he wore them to cross swollen snowmelt washes, and to dash along cactus lined trails. In Utah, he wore them in the sloppy spring mud and on slickrock adventures. In Oregon he hiked through tick territory with the boots pulled high, toggle snuggly hugging his legs, and splashed in the spring runoff of the Cascade Mountains.

Overall, in the last six months, he’s probably put over 70 miles on those boots, and yet, they look brand new. Happy kid. Happy Mom.

I love that I can pack light on our travels…just bringing two pair of shoes for him really saves on space. And not once did they leak. And he says they are SO comfortable. Take his word for it. He is hard on shoes. And VERY picky about comfort….. And radness.

mymayu traveller review

What we loved about the MyMayu Traveller:

  • Super Comfortable!!!!! 
  • Durable and very well made
  • Ultra flexible sole
  • Seam Sealed & weatherproof
  • 4 season boots (when layered up with the optional Helios Liner in fall & winter)
  • Zero Drop (seriously hard to find in kids outdoor shoes)
  • NO harmful chemicals. (no PVC, phthalates, BPA, ect)

What we didn’t love about the MyMayu Traveller:

  • Hard for child to pull on when using the Helios Liner for cold weather (I definitely had to help when we used the liners)
  • They steam up a little bit on the inside of the toebox area with high energy activities….best to wear with wool socks to stay dry.
  • Biggest size is a youth 3

What you need to know:

  • These boots definetly pass the kid wear-n-tear  test
  • The mymayu boots pass the picky mom test
  • If you’re buying them for 4 season use, and plan to use the liners, you may want to size up one size (see mymayu for specific sizing details).

The MyMayu Traveller boots are the perfect footwear for your active, outdoorsy kid. They will stay on through sticky mud, deep sand, and sloppy spring snow. And they will keep your child comfortable as they romp & play outside all day!

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  1. HI there! I’m planning on buying these for my 6 year old and was so happy to hear your son was into them. This will be our first mymayus. My sons feet measure 19.5cm. I’d love them for all season and winter. Based on your personal experience with fit ans sizing, would you go size 1 or 2 for proper foot fit and active climbing/running/jumping. Thanks for any guidance!


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