Plantar Fasciitis Relief with Vionic Shoes

After M was born last February, I was anxious to get back moving after 10 weeks of being told to “take it easy” to prevent her coming early. With a history of two premies, it was the sort of advice I had finally learned to take seriously (only took me 4 kids to figure it out), but I was ready to be done with sitting around.

My frustration was compounded by a fluke twisted ankle at two weeks postpartum, which “healed” (because ankles are so weird, do they ever heal fully?!?) just in time for me to realize that my feet were hurting something awful and walking was tough.

A self diagnosis was confirmed by my doctor, that I was dealing with plantar fasciitis and it was best for me to work on healing and preventing further damage if I wanted to move forward, which I desperately did.

Plantar Fasciitis Relief with Vionic Shoes

While thankfully my case hadn’t progressed into something much worse, it meant first and foremost I needed to get my feet into shoes with great support constantly. I did a bunch of research, and was continually directed to Vionic Shoes. I plunged and bought some slippers for around the house and a pair of ballet flats of all things to get me through a bunch of weddings we had coming up. Because, truly, I don’t run around in my hiking boots or Chacos ALL the time. It was a start towards healing.

It was also a time when I re-committed to wearing supportive shoes all the time, no excuses. My ability to be strong and mobile is something I rely on so heavily for my own sanity….and so does the rest of my family.

This summer I approached Vionic and had the opportunity to try out a few more pairs of their shoes. After a good round of successes, I do recommend the company in general for people looking for great arch support.

They also have a fantastic 30 day return policy – which I did take advantage of a few times as I worked to find a pair of ballet flats that fit me well.

Here’s the run-down of a few pair I recommend:

  • Elation Active Sneaker: While I never ran in these, they’re great walkers, light hikers and all-around active shoe. You definitely need to size up 1/2 a size and they were just a tiny bit on the narrow side for my wide feet. But, they’re super lightweight and supportive!Plantar Fasciitis Relief with Vionic Shoes
  • Ida Slipper: Despite daily use for months and months, the Ida slipper didn’t break down and kept my feet happy. I think these were the key for my quick recovery! Only gripe? I got rid of the bow….because it continually came undone anyway. Plantar Fasciitis Relief with Vionic Shoes
  • Surin Ballet Flat: So…I don’t wear heels. Ever. Especially not when my feet were already hurting like crazy. But, I also have zero patience for shoes that hurt like crazy a couple hours in (like most non-supportive flats). This pair has great support (see that removable colorful liner? It’s key!) AND they breathe well. Plantar Fasciitis Relief with Vionic Shoes
  • Tide II Toe Post Sandal: Of all the shoes I have tried, these ones are actually my least favorite…..but I think for most people, they’re great! To be fair, I was testing them pregnant in the heat…..AKA fat, swollen feet. I prefer a sandal that has some stretch in the top and these ones really don’t. BUT, if you have normal feet, they do have great arch support (of course) and just enough lift for a good “rock while you walk”.Plantar Fasciitis Relief with Vionic Shoes
  • Opal Mary Jane Sneaker : These are my absolute favorites. I have actually ended up hiking in them…and have definitely put some serious miles on them, especially before the heat really set in. They come in a wide width too, which I always appreciate. Like all Vionic shoes, I am super impressed with the fact that I don’t feel/see any breakdown of the arch support, no matter how often I wear them! NOTE: Size up 1/2 size!Plantar Fasciitis Relief with Vionic Shoes


Vionic Shoes generously provided us some of these shoes in order to facilitate this review (and some I bought on my own!)  However, as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.

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