Mother’s Day for the Outdoorsy Mom

Our team has carefully compiled a list of products that (hint, hint, we would REALLY like to receive for Mother’s Day…you know, besides breakfast in bed and a solo hike!) Mamas, bookmark this and pass it on to the people who may be inclined to spoil you. We are certain they’ll appreciate some concrete ideas!

Mother's Day for the Outdoorsy Mom

Note, many of these links are affiliates. Thanks so much for clicking through them to purchase. Don’t worry – we won’t suggest anything we haven’t tried and recommend to our friends and family too!


If you don’t give mom anything else for the holiday, consider giving her a day to relax.  By herself. Alone. Moms almost never get down time, much less alone-time. Let her recharge her batteries with a solo hike or bike ride, or take the kids out for a day so she can get some R&R on the couch with her favorite tv show.  It’s literally the best possible gift you can give a mom!

Mountain Mama Beanie

Mother's Day for the Outdoorsy Mom

If you haven’t checked out our brand new Mountain Mama beanies, now is the time! Being a #mountainmama has nothing to do with mountains really. It has to do with perseverance through theoretical mountains when it feels like you can’t possibly go on. It means sleepless nights, a heart wide open loving, and hearing things come out of your mouth you swore you would never say as a parent (like “who pooped in the hallway!?”. It means managing a circus and completing a marathon daily. it means taking them outside so they can’t bounce off the walls and because you’re a better parent there anyway. It means extreme vulnerability, and having purpose like you could never envision before kids. And it requires a village.

It looks cute with long or short hair and comes in a ton of colors, so you are sure to find her favorite! Use code “mothersday” for 20% off now through Mother’s Day (May 12th, 2019).

Sweet Treat

You can compliment her alone/relaxation time with her favorite pint of Ben & Jerry’s (and don’t ask her to share!). Trust us, spoiling mom for the day is worth the extra calories.  TOMM Team favorites include the new One Love, The Tonight Dough, perennial classic Phish Food, Half Baked, and of course, Cherry Garcia! Mom can’t do dairy? Well Ben & Jerry’s has a whole line of dairy-free pints, including the delicious Coconut Seven-Layer Bar.   

We also recommend some really nice chocolate (also that she doesn’t have to share). These make a great hiking snack too!

Swell Water bottle

Moms work hard, which means they need to stay hydrated!  A water bottle is always a great gift, because it’s hard to have enough of them!  On any given day, chances are that a 5-year old took her favorite water bottle and made it into a crazy science experiment, or left it at the trailhead.  S’well bottles are our favorite, because they are made of stainless steel, so don’t get that terrible plastic taste. They are triple-walled and vacuum insulated, which means they keep water cold, even after a long, hot day.  And of course, the mouth is big enough to fit ice cubes, but not so big you will spill it all over yourself when you drink! They come in beautiful designs, and most importantly, they fit in the cup holder in your car!

Sunday Afternoons Artist Series Hat

Trucker hats are all the rage right now, because who has time to style their hair?? Slap one of these on, grab your backpack and you are all ready to go! Each design is a work of art, just like the mama in your life.

As a team, we all agree these hats are incredibly rad. They have a whole series we recommend!

Parajax Jacket

Spring means Mom needs just a little more protection from the wind AND sun. This jacket is an all-time favorite of the TMM Team and recommended for all women. Super lightweight, packs up small, keeps wind at bay and light rain off as she adventurers!

Skin Protection

Help her protect her body for more family adventure by staying safe in the sun. Amelia recommends this sunscreen and this SPF lip balm (pair with both of the hats mentioned above!)

Blank Journal

While moms tend to struggle to find time to take a moment and relax, it’s always great for them to be encouraged to do so. Taking solo reflection time is a must for all parents. A weatherproof journal and some fun drawing pens helps!

Hydroflask Coffee + Wine

You gotta keep your coffee hot and your wine chilled! Hydroflask does it all. A really awesome Coffee Mug:  There’s a million options for coffee mugs, but we like one that keeps up with us on our busiest days, and keeps our coffee piping hot!  We particularly love the industrial styling of Stanley mugs and the beautiful designs and magnetic lids by Liquid Hardware.  

A Do-it-All Dress

A flattering dress for all moms who need to keep up with life. Perfect for travel, running, biking, hiking, and chasing kids. Oh and coffee dates too! Available in sizes 0-22.

Slippers for Cozying up

Slippers for Mom need to be functional, durable, indoor/outdoor (because you know she will run out the door for something), comfortable AND cute. We love these wool ones from Stegmann. They are cozy, have good traction (once you break them in) and great arch support too.

An outfit for adventure

Our team is testing out some Title Nine outfits (post on that coming!) and highly recommend that work for most women:

  • Anything from the Clamber collection. It’s tough and durable AND stretchy. Win for all body types! The pants come in lengths, as do the shorts. We are digging the skort this season! The waistband is super, super comfortable.
  • A Double Time Tee. Performance tee that looks great too. A favorite from our team and a T9 best seller!

A pack for HER!

Every mom needs a great pack to haul around. We recommend the Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL (see our review here) if she has kids to haul….

….and the Deuter Speedlite 22 SL if not! Both hold gear fantastically, feel great to wear and make her ready for more adventure.

Custom Chacos

Chaco has a new program that allows you to completely customize a pair of Chacos. It is SUPER fun and the turn-around is fast. Amelia’s mom is an artist and she got to design the sandals with art on them. Not an artist? Chaco has tons of built-in options for you to customize. More posts on this coming soon!

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Mother's Day for the Outdoors Mom

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