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A Day in the Life of a Midwest Outdoor Mom

This week is starting off a little busier than normal as I am getting caught up from a little trip, but I have two little girls who need their routine so, as most moms do, I hit the ground running.

I just got back from a little mom-cation and it was wonderful. I was earning the “mountain” part of my Mountain Mama status in the Colorado mountains. Mamas, if you haven’t done something for you lately, now is the time. What are you waiting for?!

I headed out to Pagosa Springs, CO to play in the mountains for a few days with my best friend from college, Amanda. Although I wish I could share every moment with my family, there is something about not getting woke up in the middle of the night (or before you really want to get up in the morning) that is really rejuvenating.

I had a great time even with sticking to a pumping schedule to keep my supply up. Best part, I was able to donate my pumped milk to a Durango mom in need (sure beats flying with a cooler!) We went snowboarding and soaked in the hot springs after. We also did a little hiking and just enjoyed the mountain life.

Back to reality

Anyway, here we are back to reality, another week in the Rogers house. Everyday is a little different for us as to where we are headed, but we are normally out of the house by 9am most mornings. We are often at one of three local YMCAs daily and try to get outside as much as we can. Kylie isn’t in school this year, so we don’t have a rigorous routine yet.

We are loving the longer days and more sunshine we have been receiving. We have even started to get back to our post-dinner walking and biking routine!

Here it is, what you have been really waiting for, what my day looks like.

I am mostly a stay a home mom. I work about 7 hours a week between two local YMCAs teaching small group fitness classes, meeting with personal training clients, and working in the Wellness Center. A few times a month, I can be found working as an on-call Liscensed Athletic Trainer. Otherwise, I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to stay home with our girls and take then on our daily adventures. Here is a look at what one of our weekdays looks like.

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Tuesday, March 10


Rise and shine! By some miracle, Nora decided to actually sleep 9 hours straight last night. I usually don’t set an alarm unless I really have to be somewhere at a certain time. Most days one or both of the girls are up between 5:30 and 7:00, so today was a little sleeping in!

It’s a bright sunny day here today! I start my day nursing Nora and pumping the other side. Greg gets her out of bed and her diaper changed while I get prepped. Greg asks me to get more wipes out…no more wipes in the closet! Raid some from travel pack and say I’ll run to Costco later to pick some up.  A few minutes later Kylie comes tromping up the stairs, also in a good mood, yay!

After nursing, we head to the kitchen for some for breakfast. I  have my usual toast with peanut butter, chocolate spread, and banana. Kylie has some cereal and a banana and Nora eats some Cheerios.  We give hugs and kisses to dad and wish him a good day at work!

While the girls are finishing up, I work on getting our stuff ready to head out. While packing up the warm clothes for the girls I realized I didn’t put Kylie’s boots and mittens on the dryer last night and they are soaked from her rain play yesterday. So, I grab her rain boots, warm socks, and next best mittens and hope she won’t be too cold.

I get the girls cleaned up, dressed and ready to get out the door. Load up the pack for Nora and Kylie’s bike for our hike. We have our usual “get out the door” delays, but we make it.


Finally, in the car and headed to our Hike it Baby Tuesday Coffee Hike that we host. As usual, we will be coming in hot, but, we still arrive before our friends.

As I am getting the girls ready in the parking lot my phone rings, its the chiropractor office asking if we can change our appointment to later today.  No problem, switch from 11a to 3:20p.

Nora is ready in the Osprey Poco Plus pack and Kylie on her Woom balance bike. I realize I forgot my mittens and it is a little colder than I thought.  I have a spare small stretchy kids pair in the back, that will do for now.

Check out our full review of the Osprey Poco Plus and Woom 1 Balance Bike!


After we are all set, we find our friends and do our hike welcome circle. We set out on our usual path and enjoy the company. Most weeks, we walk about 2 miles on a nice paved trail along the river. There is plenty of wildlife along the river and we often see Bald Eagles, ducks, geese, and the occasional deer or turkey.

We reach our halfway point at the top of a hill and turn around.  Kylie starts riding down the hill, gets going a little too fast and forgets to use her handbrake.  I’m cringing as I see her wobble, and then it happens, she wobbled too much and flipped over her her handle bars. She hits the ground, but gets up pretty quick.  I rush to her as quick as I can.  No major blood, broken bones, or missing teeth. Whew.

I scoop her up and a friend grabs her bike and we begin our trek back towards the car.  Nora on my back in the pack and Kylie hanging on in the front. She finally calms down after a bit and agreed to walk.

The tears finally ceased as we were almost back and she even got back on her bike to finish the last part of the hike (after a little handle bar straightening.) We finished the hike with our group photo and started loading up.

Kylie gets buckled in her seat and then I nurse Nora in the car before we head out.


Headed home to clean up Kylie’s face and eat lunch. Tossed a load of laundry in. Worked on cleaning up kitchen so I can prep dinner. We have swim lessons this evening, so I normally do a make ahead meal or slow-cooker meal on Tuesdays.  I get on the phone quick to schedule a routine vet appointment and a new personal training client appointment while the girls are hanging out.


Nora is being a bit needy and doesn’t want to be put down, so I nurse her for a few while Kylie is rocking out to some Frozen soundtrack tunes. Clearly her fall hasn’t scared her too bad.  We continue with some chores around the house and I finish making dinner to put in the oven.

Check out this super simple and yummy recipe: Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole!


Out the door again, headed to Costco to get some wipes and a new mop for our house cleaner.  Nora is getting sleepy, so I’m hoping the 20 minute drive will put her to sleep.  Of course, she is still awake when we get to Costco. We head straight to the back of the store to find some wipes. Turns out, Costco isn’t currently carrying the Huggies wipes we use. I quick place a Target drive-up order for some wipes while I am checking out with our mop and napkins. We load up and head towards Nora’s chiropractor appointment…of course, she falls asleep now.


Made it to Nora’s appointment and wake her up.  Thankfully, she is still happy after her 10 minute snooze.  She gets her quick adjustment and all is good and we head back out the door.


Load back up and rush back across town to the Y for Kylie’s swim lessons.  Run into the Y, get Kylie changed and into class, thankfully, only a minute late.  Kylie just got some goggles a few weeks ago and has been practicing going underwater with them. I am looking forward to see how she does in class today!


Kylie went right in the water and even put her face in without her goggles on, hooray!  She also jumped in and went under today.  Swim lessons are not far from Greg’s work, so he comes to watch if his schedule allows, and today was one of those days!  I nurse Nora again while Kylie is in swim.

Greg was headed to the other side of town after swim and said he could pick up wipes for us. Cancel Target West drive-up and make a new order for Target East for Greg to pick up the wipes.  Super helpful since I didn’t want to drive back into town to pick up the wipes. 

Its so nice when Greg can make it to swim lessons, Kylie loves when Daddy watches her and I appreciate that he can hang out with Nora while I pick-up Kylie from class, get her showered and dressed.  Nora isn’t always so patient when she is restricted to the stroller during that time.


Load up in the car, hugs and kisses to Daddy.  We head home and he heads to the East side of town for the Target pick up and a group run he attends.  I was bummed I didn’t get my run in earlier this afternoon, but I figure out I have just enough time for a quick one when we get home.


Load the kids in the Burley, leash up the pups and hit the pavement.  I cranked out a quick 3.5 miles, thankfully our neighborhood is flat!


Sitting down for dinner, well Nora and I. Kylie is having a long winded conversation in the bathroom and is in no rush to join us at the table to eat since her “tummy doesn’t feel good.”  We are a little late with dinner today, but the run was needed.  We normally try to eat around 5:30/6:00pm.


Done with dinner and cleaning up when my mom FaceTimed us.  We spend a few minutes on the phone with the grandparents before starting to get ready for bed.


Time to get ready for bed!  I nurse Nora and start getting the girls ready for bed.  PJs on, teeth brushed.  We snuggle Nora and put her down to bed before heading downstairs to Kylie’s room. We climb in Kylie’s bed and read our current book of “The Adventures of Sophie Mouse.”


Both are in bed and asleep.  Time to let the pups back out and finish cleaning up the kitchen.  Greg returns home from his run and I tidy up the house so our house cleaner can actually clean it tomorrow.  This was something we decided to hire out for this year since I just did not have the time to keep up on the floors and bathrooms, so worth it!

Before I get ready for bed, I work on preparing my plans for my Y workday tomorrow.  I have a few personal training clients and small group classes on my schedule tomorrow.  I also prep the girls bags and things since it is normally a rush to get out the door in the morning.


Head back to Nora’s room to nurse her one last time, then I let the pups out and wash my pump parts for the morning. Bring the dogs back inside and get their collars off and put them in their kennels for the night. Time to brush my teeth, get my PJs on and crawl into bed.

I missed doing my core exercises today, so I will have to make up for them tomorrow. Otherwise, it was a pretty decent day. Although Kylie’s face was looking a little rough, she was perfectly fine when she went to bed and I am very thankful she was not seriously hurt.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my life. If you would like to check out some of the other TMM Team Members Days, check out the posts here!

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