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Do Little Bike Seat Review

If you are looking for a child bike seat your whole family will love, check out the The Do Little kids bike seat. A revolutionary new design allows kids to ride up front through a mid-mounting system on your bike.

The result is a front-to-rear weight distribution that is essentially unchanged. This fully integrated system stabilizes the ride in a way that hasn’t been previously accomplished.

If you love riding with your kid or want to love riding with your kid, this system is a game-changer.

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*The Do Little is suitable for ages 18 months to 7+ years (child’s weight and adult rider’s comfort being the determining factors)*

Fits any bike, take it anywhere!

I love the conversations we have while riding with my daughter. We took our bike everywhere last summer. In the photo above, I’m chasing my 6 year old through the bike park while listening to my very chatty 3 year old. Mom life doesn’t get better than this!

The Do Little bike seat is designed to fit any bike from a double tube step-through frame (tubes minimum 50mm apart) up to a standard horizontal top tube bike frame with a maximum top tube width of 50mm (measured 200mm back from headset.)

Note: A folding bike or a single tube bike will not work for this design.

Quick and EASY Install

Benefits for Mountain Biking with Toddlers

Positioned up front, and with your coaching, your child will quickly develop a sense of bike balance and will learn to read the terrain, adjusting their riding position accordingly.

A front mounted seat has ignited a fire for trail riding for my toddler. She can see how much fun it can be with a bit of stability and confidence. She begs to go out on rides on mommy’s bike.

What we don’t love

A few months after we purchased the Do Little Bike Seat, the Kids Ride Shotgun seat came out. I covet the ability to adjust the stir ups on this seat. The Do Little Kids seat has welded stir ups that are not adjustable.

Another downside is that there isn’t a handle bar for the child to hold onto like the Kids Ride Shot Gun seat. My daughter often wants to hold my grips leaving me with very little room to brake and shift.

This problem however was easily fixed by putting sparkle stickers where she should place her hands.

The final issue we encountered was loading the bike on the back of my car, there is just enough room to load my bike but it takes some jiggling. It took practice and I had to shorten the distance between the bars on my Saris rack but it works. 

Bike racks that attach at the tires or hang from the handle bars would easily fix this problem.

*Safety is a concern: we crashed once while chatting with a friend on a smooth paved multipurpose path. We were a bit traumatized, but fine physically. It made me realize there was added risk just from the distance to the ground.

With that said, it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Pads and caution are recommended.

The “Bottom Line”

The Dolittle seat is a great option for parents who want a sturdy frame mounted bike seat, its welded design makes it both stable and light. The installation is easy and the durability will mean it will retain a high resale value. We’ve had the seat a year and I don’t regret the purchase one bit.

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