Guardian Bikes Original 24 inch

Guardian Bikes Original 24 inch Guardian Bikes is a relative newcomer to the bicycling world, but is making waves with affordable and high quality bikes for kids. The company was started less than 7 years ago by the founder, who created an invention called Sure-Stop technology in 2013. Sure-Stop technology helps to prevent a misapplied … Read more

Burley Piccolo Review

Burley Piccolo

No whining, no tears, and mom gets a workout?  Yes, please! My four-year-old son and I just got back from a 15-mile bike ride with the Burley Piccolo, the newest trailercycle from this tried-and-true bike trailer company.  He was so proud of how far we biked, and I was so happy to spend a morning … Read more

Pello Ripple Balance Bike Review

Pello Ripple

In a line-up of balance bikes the Pello Ripple Balance Bike certainly stands out as a favorite for our family. It is a very high quality bike built for helping kids be successful on their journey towards eventually riding a pedal bike. As a member of Pello’s affiliate program, we earn from qualifying purchases. Pello … Read more

Burley Dash Review

Burley Dash

I was given the opportunity to try out the new Burley Dash product line of children’s bike seats. There are three styles of seats the FM, X FM, and RM. Each one provides unique benefits for going on bike rides with your little one. >>>This post has been updated, but now lives at our biking … Read more

REI Bikes for Kids on the Move

REI Co-op provides nearly every type of gear for the active family, including bikes for kids! Given their generous return policy, quality service, and free first tune-ups, buying your child’s next bike from them is worth serious consideration. Currently, they are even offering bike shipping direct to your home, which is a great option during … Read more

Do Little Bike Seat Review

Do Little Bike Seat

If you are looking for a child bike seat your whole family will love, check out the The Do Little kids bike seat. A revolutionary new design allows kids to ride up front through a mid-mounting system on your bike. The result is a front-to-rear weight distribution that is essentially unchanged. This fully integrated system … Read more