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Customize your Chacos

When my husband and I got married 11 years ago, I thought I was cutting hippie edge to forgo heels for Chacos. White wasn’t an option, but I found a great brown pair to go with my bridesmaids’ dresses. I didn’t care a hoot about the people I shocked in the church.

These days Chacos are available in a wide range of options including their new monochromatic and, even better, custom sandals. I have no plans to ever walk down the aisle again, but I will happily match my Chacos to my clothing and mood.

This spring I had the opportunity to make a custom pair of Chacos and then was so impressed I went ahead and made a couple more pairs.

My mom is an artist and I convinced her to help me make a design for the straps of the sandal. While it does cost $35 extra, I love being able to wear her art on my feet. The designing was so fun as we worked together to come up with a pattern we loved, BUT if you’re not an artist, there are dozens of options to help you make them your own.

Besides the straps, you can customize the footbed to a a variation of black or white (for all you who plan to wear them to your weddings) and opt for the Cloud footbed (my favorite) should you choose for a little extra.

Building my sandals took a bit of time with slow internet and my tendency to be indecisive. It’s hard to press that “order” button when you know you’re going to be wearing them on your feet for all to see!

When they arrived (which was shockingly fast), I was impressed with the quality, color and detail. I love that they are truly one-of-a-kind.

Bottom line:

I love the fact that custom sandals are available for a slightly higher cost. They are the same Chaco-quality with a personal touch! I am a long-time die-hard fan and love how the brand is listening to the requests of their customers.

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Custom Chacos

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