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KidORCA Over the Knee Rain Boot Review

KidORCA Over the Knee Rain Boot Review

Every kid eventually finds that puddle that is a little too deep and then fills their rain boots. But NOT if you have some KidORCA Over the Knee Rain Boots! This innovative design is part rain boot part wader. You can find over the knee and hip waders for adults, but they are often made of a very heavy material and not kid friendly.

KidORCA has come up with a kid friendly boot that works as a rain boot when folded down or as an over the knee wader for some high water splashing. KidORCA was created by parents of some splashy kids in British Columbia, Canada.

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KidORCA Over the Knee Rain Boot

All About the KidORCA Over the Knee Rain Boot

The KidORCA Over the Knee Rain Boot is 100% waterproof and is ready for an adventure with your kid. The adjustable height makes it a great fit for all types of adventures from puddle stomping, creek wading, or just headed to school.

The lower boot portion is made from natural rubber and has a typical rain boot feel. They are soft and flexible with a decent tread on the bottom and a roomy toe box. The rubber boot portion also features a cotton lining for comfort.

The KidORCA Rain Boot features a cotton lining and a water proof breathable upper.

The wader portion is attached to the top of the rain boot. The wader is made of a 100% waterproof breathable polyester outer-layer with nylon lining. There is a toggle and drawcord at the top to keep the wader from sliding down.

And for some of my favorite words… FULLY SEALED SEAMS. This means there shouldn’t be any leaks coming in and so far our kid testers haven’t noticed any issues. I did have one area of concern when the boots arrived (you can see the stitching in the middle picture below), but there is a rubber band adhered to the exterior of the boot and I haven’t noticed any leaking.


The KidORCA Rain Boot starts at size US Little Kid 6 and continues up to to Big Kid 3. I would say these run a little big. My oldest currently wears a size 12 Nike sneaker and can still fit into her size 10 KidORCA boots (barely, the toes are finally at the end).

The KidORCA Rain Boots Are Best For

Toddlers to young kids who love to splash in deep puddles or wade in creeks, or if they are like my kid, pick garbage out of the ditches.

What We Love About KidORCA Boots

The flexible fabric and natural rubber boot

The rubber is soft and flexible for growing feet, but also still provides protection. With that, if your kid steps on a large sharp rock, they will likely feel the pressure underfoot, but it seems thick enough that it wouldn’t puncture. The uppers are also very flexible and made of a breathable waterproof material.

the KidROCA boots are made of flexible natural rubber.

The adjustable height

We don’t need over the knee every day, so I love that they can be neatly folded down for a casual rain boot. Bonus- because they have the drawcord, you can still cinch down just above the top cuff of the boot to limit any water or dirt sneaking in.

I love the over the knee for toddlers since they are bound to trip and fall in the wet, the waders help keep them nice and dry.

What Could Use Some Improvement with KidORCA Boots

We really didn’t find too many negatives with these, and the things we didn’t like were overall pretty minor.

The wader can get scuffed on rough surfaces

Obviously the wader fabric isn’t as durable as the rubber boot, so I recommend keeping play to splashing and not crawling around on pavement. The material can get scuffed and eventually could cause some leaking.

The toggle and drawcord

The drawcords don’t really stay put that well, meaning they will loosen over time around the thigh. The cord is a little too slippery for the toggle to keep a solid grip on it. You can loosen the toggle without having to push the release button.

Footbed liners are not attached

A small annoyance is that the footbed liners are not glued down, but it is an easy fix with a little shoe glue and I wouldn’t really dock points for it. And perhaps some of you prefer that as you could add your own insoles if needed.

Bottom Line…

We totally recommend these boots. I love that its much harder for kids to flood their boots when they can get them up higher and cinch them closed.

Also… with the addition of the KidORCA Boot Liners, these boots can last just a little longer into the colder weather for more splashing in slushy puddles.

>>>Use code “20mtnmama” to save 20% on KidORCA through 11.26.21<<<

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KidORCA Over the Knee Rain Boot Review

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