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“lululemon, isn’t that a fruit?” are the first words I remember my husband uttering after hearing of lululemon for the first time. My brother in law (a personal trainer) has an impressive collection of this line of athletic apparel which threw me off initially because I always associated the brand with women’s yoga clothing. But it’s so much more!

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1998, lululemon now designs athletic apparel for both women and men who have, “sweaty pursuits.”

Rest assured whether those sweaty pursuits include hiking, camping, toddler chasing, trail running, mountain biking, boss babe side hustles, plein air creative design, yoga or cycling, lululemon has you covered.

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lululemon is Giving Back

Another refreshing reason to give lululemon a second look is it’s commitment to social and environmental improvements. The company strives to grow people, communities and products that thrive because they: foster growth, are equitable and inclusive; contribute to mental, physical and social wellbeing; and avoid environmental harm. With 78% of the staff and 75% of lululemon’s supply chain workers being female, women everywhere should be smiling.

As someone educated and immersed in natural resources concerns through lifestyle and connections, I was particularly interested in lululemon’s environmental goals and found them realistic and achievable.

As a thrifty and environmentally conscious mama, I also appreciated their, “Like New” Program where gear can be traded in for credit, as well as cleaned and made safe for someone else.

Get Outside with lululemon : Why is lululemon Great for Outdoor and Active Mamas?

Something to appreciate about lululemon is that there is something for every activity out there that mamas engage in. Whether it’s a high impact activity like running, backpacking, hiking, keeping up with toddlers; or lower impact like yoga, rock climbing, gardening or building sandcastles, you can probably find yourself a little treat from the lululemon arsenal.

As a thrifty mama, the price tag of many items is somewhat of a deterrent I imagine for many mamas out there like me. HOWEVER, as I have learned over the years, it is better to invest in quality rather than quantity.

lululemon gear, apparel and accessories are made extremely made well. If I am investing in great gear, I expect it to stand the test of kids, chores, the outdoors, and life in general.

I have found second hand lululemon gear still to be in good condition, and I also feel good about extending the useful life of their products rather than it ending up in a landfill.

TMM Moms Put lululemon to the Test

One of the beauties of the TMM team is having lots of different body types to test out gear! This review was done with the hopes of showing real mamas, real WOMEN in lululemon gear.

As always, we are happy to answer questions about size and fit! These are the products we use and LOVE as a lululemon mom. See below for what we recommend.

lululemon Running & Hiking Gear

Running & Hiking Tops

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0

This shirt is dreamy soft and is perfect for running, hiking or any physical activity, It includes thumbholes and Silverescent™ technology which inhibits the growth of smelly bacteria.

  • Available in sizes 0-20.
  • 19 color options!
  • Fits true to size.

Sculpt Tank Top

Designed for running/training, this lightweight top is ideal for a sweaty workout. The reflective details offer an important safety feature, and the sweat-wicking technology helps keep with temperature regulation. In this top, moving inside after a hot & sweaty workout does not mean the chills!

  • Available in sizes 0-20.
  • 8 color options.
  • Fits true to size.
Sculpt Tank Top

“I have worn lululemon over the years and the quality is consistently reliable and holds up well to the sweaty test in Florida’s heat. The Sculpt Tank Top is light and breathable, and I wasn’t left feeling drenched in sweat. I choose lululemon for its quality, but also because of the appealing styles. “

Ann – TMM Team Member

It’s Rulu Run Long Sleeve

It’s Rulu Run Long Sleeve shirt is soft, warm, and breathable – perfect for colder weather activities like running, biking, and hiking. The thumbholes and Cuffins™ (cuffs that fold over to enclose the entire hand) offer great versatility for chilly shoulder season running.

  • Available in sizes 0-20.
  • 5 color options.
  • Fits slim.

“The fabric on the It’s Rulu Run Long Sleeve delivers an excellent balance of warmth and breathability, keeping the heat in when you need it but keeping you from becoming too much of a sweaty mess during more intense activity. My only complaint is that it tends to ride up around the midsection – definitely not a dealbreaker but a minor annoyance. Overall, a super functional and comfortable athletic shirt that will be seeing A LOT of miles through the winter.”

Jessica – TMM Team Member

Running & Hiking Bottoms from lululemon

Base Pace High Rise Tight

These tights were designed with runners in mind- it is seamless, has a sweat-wicking technology, and 4 way stretch. There is a drawcord at the high rise waist, and a back pocket as well.

  • Available in sizes 0-14.
  • 3 color options.
  • Fits true to size.

“These Base Pace High Rise tights are as fun as they look. They even pass the squat test with minimal fading. They are great for any activity whether you are out running or running errands. The lightly brushed inside is great for cooler weather when shorts are to chilly, but thicker pants are too much, like early fall. They also are quick to dry if you happen to run through some puddles.”

Jami – TMM Team Member

Stretch Luxtreme High Rise Full Length Pant

These super soft pants are designed for any active adventure. The Luxtreme™ Fabric is sweat-wicking, breathable, and cool to the touch. This unique combination and hidden zipper pockets are especially practical and cozy for moms on the go.

  • Available in sizes 0-20.
  • 3 color options.

Swift Speed High Rise Tight

Comfortable high-rise tights with no inseams, side drop-in pockets as well as a zippered back pocket. These are breathable and feature slick low friction support.

  • Available in sizes 0-14.
  • 3 leg lengths available (25″, 28″, 31″).
  • 4 color options.

Workout Gear for Moms from lululemon

Workout Tops

Enlight Bra Weave High Support

This sweat wicking, fast drying high support bra was designed for high impact activities like running. It has an open and close feature on the back so you don’t have to shimmy to get in or out like many constricting, high impact bras.

  • Available in bra sizes 30″- 40″.
  • Cup sizes A-E.
  • 3 color options.

Like A Cloud Bra

No bunching or lines in this lightweight bra with ultra soft foam cups that mold to your body. Thin double straps sit wide on the shoulders offering light support for yoga or everyday wear.

  • Available in sizes 2-12.
  • 7 color options.
  • Runs a full size small, so size up!

True to its name, the Like a Cloud Bra really does feel like wearing a cloud. The feel is lightweight and ultra soft. There are no lines or bunching in the cups. I went on a very steep, very sweaty hike and this bra wicked like a dream; not once did my skin feel cold or wet despite the temps being in the mid 30’s. The thin double straps stay in place, even when wearing a light backpack. The only downfall is the fit is very small. Despite taking measurements and ordering accordingly, the bra was at least a full size too small. The exchange process though was seamless and I had my replacement in less than a week! 

Sarah – TMM Team

Nulu Cross Front Yoga Bra

A very soft bra with wide straps rides comfortably on the shoulders and is perfect for low impact activities like yoga, hiking or everyday wear. Unique cross front feature provides more modest coverage over the chest area and has removable cups.

  • Available in sizes 2-12.
  • 3 color options.
  • Fits true to size.

“I love the feel and fit of lululemon’s Nulu Cross Front Yoga Bra. It’s soft, stretchy, comfortable and unique! Now when wearing a strappy tank top, low or wide necked shirt, this unique bra adds a touch of color and coverage where there wasn’t any before.”

Domo – TMM Team Member

lululemon Best Workout Bottoms

Dance Studio Jogger

Lightweight without being flimsy, and a ribbed waistband that makes these super comfortable and so they stay put. Fantastic pocket system is the highlight of these joggers, but taller mamas beware, these are not currently available in tall lengths.

  • Available in sizes 0-20.
  • 5 color options.

“The Dance Studio Joggers are easy to wash and wipe off easily making them awesome in muddy water. The best thing about these pants is the pockets.

The right hand pocket has an internal sleeve for a cell phone so you don’t have to worry about it falling out and the left hand pocket has an internal zipper pocket to keep your keys or other valuables safe.

Both internal compartments also made the pockets more flattering even when they were full.”

Nicki – TMM Team Member

Align High Rise Pant 31″

These are a thin, ultra soft workout bottoms designed for yoga with hidden pockets. They are the same material as the buttery soft Nulu Cross Front Yoga Bra.

  • Available in sizes 0-14.
  • 3 leg lengths available (25″, 28″, 31″).
  • 7 color options.

“The Align high rise tight is so silky soft and light. The product was described as so thin you’d forget you’re wearing them, but I think it’s even better than that because the luxe softness of the fabric means they’re weightless, but so comfortable that you can’t stop feeling them with your hands!

They are super high rise and stay in place, which I love.”

Kristin – TMM Team Member

Groove Super-High-Rise Flared Pant

These pants are soft and although they were designed with yoga in mind, are practical for many activities. The flare at bottom hem adds a unique look to these pants. They do not come in lengths.

  • Available in sizes 0-14.
  • 3 color options.

Lululemon Outerwear Gear for Women

Outerwear Jackets

Break A Trail Jacket

This stylish design allows room for layering on cooler days and keeps you dry in the rain! Both waterproof and breathable, this jacket is perfect for adventurous runners, hikers, or even a casual walkers.

The thoughtful details add a lot of value: thumbholes, watch hole, and chest pockets that double as vents. The hood, like all Lululemon hoods is top-notch.

  • Available in sizes 0-14.
  • 4 color options.
  • Fitted fit, though true to size. Size up if you want to have a lot of layers under it.
get outside with lululemon

“The Break a Trail jacket is perfect for running. It’s lightweight and easy to move in, but still keeps me super dry and comfortable. I also love the bright colors for safety on the trail and on the road.

Amelia – TMM Owner

Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece

The Lululemon Scuba Hoodie in Light Cotton Fleece is a versatile and cozy option for cooler days and transitions nicely between a cool morning bike ride and an overly air-conditioned office.

  • Available in sizes 0-20.
  • 12 color options.
  • This is a slim and form fitting jacket, sizing up is recommended for not as tight of a fit.

“I love the versatility of the Scuba Hoodie; refined enough to wear wheel chasing kids around outside. The fit is really slim and form-fitting, so definitely size up for a comfier lounge option or to wear layers underneath the hoodie.”

Cait – TMM Team Member

Define Jacket New Luon

Luon fabric is versatile and smooth with 4-way stretch making it a comfortable hiking option and for everyday active mom use. The 2 deep front pockets with zipper closures provide ample room for car keys, cellphones, and a bank card. Plus many treasures your children might ask you to carry.

  • Available in sizes 0-20.
  • 13 color options!
  • This is a slim fitting jacket and seems to run small, sizing up is recommended for not as tight of a fit or for wearing over base layers.
get outside with lululemon

“The Define Jacket is hip length which I adore. It has thumbholes and Cuffins™ (extra fabric that folds over the entire hand). I was not sure if I would like the Cuffin™ option to begin with. Turns out I do! It takes the chill out from your hands.

I wore this on a super fall windy day hiking through the bush. This jacket kept the windy chill off of me.”

Kate – TMM Team Member

Outerwear Vests

Down For It All Vest

This vest is designed for running. It is slim fitting, water resistant and wind proof. Reflective details on the outside for safety and visibility in low light conditions. Zippered pockets to stow small items.

  • Available in sizes 0-14.
  • 3 color options.

Wunder Puff Crop Vest

If you loved the Wunder Puff as a jacket, it’s also available as a hooded vest! The exterior is water repellent and wind proof, and it is insulated by goose down to keep you extra toasty. Additionally, there is a removable hood feature and zippered pockets for your convenience.

  • Available in sizes 0-14.
  • 3 color options.

Another Mile Vest

This quilted and insulated vest is the perfect lighter weight vest made for running, but doubling as a water repellent and wind proof outer layer with detachable hood to throw on over a long sleeve shirt or fleece on a cooler day. The pockets are large enough to stow your phone, keys, a snack, or even your wallet, with an inner mesh pocket as well!

  • Available in sizes 0-14 available.
  • 3 color options.
  • This vest runs slightly small, so consider sizing up at least one size.

“Often I find “puffy” vests to be confining, and the side panels prevents that in the Another Mile Vest. I love that the hood is large enough to wrap around my head, but is also removable for days where I want less bulk.

The nylon shell has a matte texture that is easy to clean. I definitely got spots on this and the wiped off easily.”

Rita – TMM Team Member

Outerwear Bottoms from lululemon

Dance Studio Full Length Mid Rise Pant

Comfortable and light pants perfect for three seasons of activity. Waist band hits right above the belly button and does not need to be readjusted. Deep front pockets and cinch cords at the hems so can be worn as a jogger style as well.

  • Available in sizes 0-14.
  • 2 leg lengths available (31″, 32″).
  • 3 color options.
  • If you prefer a looser fit in the legs, then the size chart is right on. If you prefer a little less fabric in the thighs, then I would size down .

The Dance Studio Pants were comfortable from the moment I put them on… My goal with pants I purchase are to find ones I can be active in with my kids but also wear with something nice for work- these pants check those boxes!”

Calisa – TMM Team Member

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