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Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women

If there’s one thing us curvy women agree on, it’s that shopping for hiking pants and hiking shorts that fit curvy figures is a pain in the you-know-what!

But with spring on the horizon, it’s time to think about clothes for our warm-weather adventures.

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Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women
Hiking buddies in the Title Nine Clamber shorts and pants.

We know that women’s bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, but not all clothes do. Which is why we worked hard to compile our (and our friends, team members and co-workers) favorite pants for curvy body types.

Do you have a favorite that we missed? Please comment at the end of this post and we will be sure to get it added.

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Best Hiking Shorts for Curvy Women

Budget Pick: Brooks Chaser 5″ Shorts

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women
The Brooks Chaser 5″ is an excellent fitting short that won’t break the bank.

The Brooks Chaser 5″ shorts offer just a little more coverage, but don’t be fooled – these aren’t your grandma’s shorts!

The sweat-wicking fabric and mesh liner give them a super light feel. The slits on the sides keep them from feeling tight, and are perfect if you’ve got muscular thighs. The waistband is wide and flat and the fit is mid-rise.

Hurry and order before they’re out of stock. They’re on sale at

Nike Tempo Luxe 2-in-1 Running Shorts

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women
The Nike Tempo Luxe 2-in-1 shorts even fit pregnant bellies!

Later, thigh rub and chaffing!

The Nike Tempo Luxe 2-in-1’s has a loose fitting, lightweight outer short and a wicking inner compression short.

If the word “compression short” scares you away, be assured these aren’t super tight. In fact, they run a little big. If you’re between sizes, I suggest sizing down.

The wide waist band is forgiving and comfortable. My friend Laura (pictured) wore these shorts hiking while she was pregnant. They have a hip pocket that will fit a cell phone, and two smaller key-sized pockets.

The shorts are available in sizes XS-XXL. At the time of writing this post, REI only has sizes XS and XL in stock but Amazon has sizes XS-XL available in the $50 price range.

Patagonia Nine Trails Shorts 6″

The Patagonia Nine Trails 6″ short is my personal favorite.

The Patagonia Nine Trails 6″ are my personal favorite short. This is the only pair of shorts i’ve worn for the past four years. They’re made of a quick dry material that makes these suitable for hiking as well as days at the lake or on a SUP.

I love that the length is long enough to cover my booty and hips. The material is lightweight and flowy feeling, and the inner mesh liner means no underwear needed.

The waist-band pictured looks tight and fitted, but I assure you it’s not. It’s a wide, soft waist band with an inner tie to tighten or loosen depending on your waist size.

These Patagonia Nine Trail 6″ is available in sizes XS – XXL, and in my opinion they fit true to size. These sell for around $70.

Title Nine Clamber Short

Title Nine is sending me the Clamber shorts and I can’t wait to try them!

When I polled the TMM team about their favorite hiking pants for curvy figures, the Clamber Pant was the clear favorite.

Curvy ladies love their ultra stretchy fabric and sleek look. I personally prefer the look of back pockets covering my booty – which these shorts have.

The Clamber Short is priced at $65. They’re available in a 5″ length and a 13″ length in sizes 2-14.

Amelia loves the longer length of the Clamber 13″ shorts and the stretchy fit.

Clearly I have very high hopes for the shorts. I will update on how they fit after I receive them. Stay tuned!

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Figures

Budget Pick: Eddie Bauer First Ascent Guide Pro Pants

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women

 The Eddie Bauer First Ascent Guide Pro pants are our budget pick pants, coming in at around $65.

These pants have a lightweight feel and two-way stretch to hug those curves (but not too tight).

Are you sick of plain black hiking pants? Me too! Which is why I was stoked to see these offered in twelve different colors.

Available in petite, regular, tall and plus sizes 0-24 from Team member Jami says that these run slightly big, so no need to size up.

Title Nine Clamber Pants

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women
Each of these women is in the Title Nine Clamber (except for our friend in the very middle).

By far, the TMM team’s favorite hiking pant is the Title Nine Clamber.

These pants are awesome for curvy figures. The fabric is durable yet ultra stretchy. They have a great waistband that avoids the dreaded gap and stays put under a backpack.

The Clamber comes in short, regular, long and capri lengths and they have a drawstring at the ankle so you can always cinch them up if needed.

I’ve worn the Clamber on everything from backpacking in Montana to hiking and camping in Moab. These pants fit curvy figures particularly well and I love the waistband.


Title Nine Clamber pants are available in sizes 2-14 and they’re currently $89.

Prana Halle Pants

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women
Team member feelin’ Ginny sassy in her Prana Halle pants.

The Prana Halle pant is another team favorite. The feel is stretchy and soft, no chaffing, and they fit great through the hips and butt for a curvy body.

Here’s a true testament to their durability: One of our team members hiked Mount St. Helen’s four times in these pants and they never let her down!

One reason the Prana Halle’s are a TMM favorite is they come in lengths that are sure to fit just about every body type. Prana is doing a good job trying to reach a wide range of women’s bodies so we love the full range of sizes.

Currently Prana has availability in regular, tall and short lengths, plus sizes, and even a convertible pant option in sizes 0-16. $60-$85 price range. The Prana Halle is also available in regular, short, long and plus sizes at REI.

Leggings & Tights for Curvy Women

REI Take Your Time Leggings

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women
The REI Take Your Time 7/8 Leggings are great for both hiking and everyday wear.

I stumbled upon the REI Take Your Time Leggings at a local thrift store (I know, score!). These have become my go-to leggings for just about everything, including hiking and as a baselayer under snowpants.

The 7/8 length hits right above my ankle, which I love. Being 5’3 means that most leggings are too long for me. But these are perfect.

The material is soft, breathable and very stretchy. The pants are roomy in the hip/thigh/butt area, and the waist comes up almost to my belly button.

Besides the awesome, comfortable fit, my favorite thing about the Take Your Time Leggings is how well they’ve held up. Remember, I bought them used, and I wear them every weekend, and they show no signs of wear and tear.

These come in sizes XS-XL and the 7/8 length makes them fit like a “short” length. REI has these listed at $69.

Athleta Headlands Cargo Tights

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women
Team member Stephanie’s favorite leggings are the Athleta Headlands Cargo Tights.

The Athleta Headlands Cargo Tights are honestly a great fit for all body types. Team member Stephanie recommended these to a girlfriend who has a curvy figure and she loved them!

These tights are lightweight and breatheable – and offer UPF 50 sun protection. The high waist comes up to just below the navel.

The tights are stretchy yet they have a “durable” feel to them. They are treated with DWR (durable water repellant).

The tights are available in regular or tall lengths in sizes 0-16, currently priced at $74 from

Title Nine Trail Tamer Tights

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women
Team member Ginny’s go-to tights are the Title Nine Trail Tamer’s.

TMM member Ginny highly recommends the Title Nine Trail Tamer tights (which are actually made by Kuhl). These tights have a durable fabric on the butt and the front so you don’t have to worry about wearing holes in your favorite pants.

Trail Tamer’s are great because of pockets and drawstring waist. They are highly abrasion resistant. 


These stretchy, high mobility pants have a mid-rise waist and come in sizes XS-XL, and they cost about $90.

Hiking Capris for Curvy Women

Budget Pick: REI Active Pursuits Capri

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women
The REI Active Pursuit Capri’s are comfy and available in many sizes – and they won’t break the bank!

These mid-calf length REI Active Pursuit Capri’s are our budget pick, coming in below $30.

The material is UPF 50, breathable and sweat wicking. The calf-area has a mesh insert for extra ventilation.

The wide, flat waist band ensures that these stay put when you’re hiking. Most reviewers say these run on the small size, so probably best to size up.

Currently on sale at REI for $29. Available in regular and plus sizes XS-XXXL.

Title Nine Clamber Capri

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women
Another TMM favorite is the Title Nine Clamber Capri.

OK, full disclosure, we love ALL the Title Nine Clamber’s.

The shorts, the pants, and the capri’s. They just fit so well, especially for us curvy mamas! The awesome stretch, the wide soft waist band, and the flattering capri length are our favorite features.

These are looser fitting than a legging, and the fit is so flattering. The material is lightweight and soft yet abrasion resistant. And of course, stretchy.

I do realize that $80 is a big investment for hiking capri’s, but keep in mind that these will last you for years and years.

Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women
Another photo of the Title Nine Clamber Pant in action – just because we love it that much!

The Bottom Line

I know how frustrating it can be to find hiking pants and shorts for my curvy shape. Shorts that ride up. Leggings that the waist band slips down. Quick-dry material that isn’t stretchy at all. The dreaded waist gap!

And I also fall into the trap of buying my kids gear every season as they quickly outgrow stuff and then realize I’ve been wearing the same gear for ten years.

Join me in treating yourself to some great fitting pants (or shorts or leggings). We deserve it!

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Best Hiking Pants for Curvy Women

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