Outdoor Family Spring Gear Guide 2021

Outdoor Family Spring Gear Guide

Ah spring. While I am personally not particularly fond of the wet and mud, I DO love the changing of seasons and the birth of new life all over the earth. I also love talking about gear….and finding new great gear to share with you all.

This post is packed full of great gear we recommend for the whole family and is a collaboration with the following fellow outdoor bloggers: Jessica at Bring the Kids, Mel at Traveling Mel, Nicky at Little Family Adventure and Karilyn at No Back Home.

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Iksplor Base Layers

We have been lucky enough to watch Iksplor grow from the very beginning right here in Jackson, Wyoming. Sisters Kailey and Karissa have built a brand with amazing quality base layers that all five of our kids love. Available now in sizes 0-12 and a variety of colors, my kids literally wear them day and night (for pajamas and adventuring).

Because they are made from soft merino wool that breathes so well, they are perfect for year-round adventures. I also love that they are completely machine-washable AND we throw them in the dryer with no issues.

>>>Use code “mtnmama20” for 20% off at Iksplore.com!<<<

Spring Gear Guide

Merry People Bobbi Boots

This Australian company is new to me, but their boots have quickly became a favorite since they are functional and fashionable.

Available in a variety of colors, the Bobbi boots have great traction, are completely waterproof and are comfortable, especially as you break them in. The boots are initially a little snug, but they stretch over time. The neoprene lining also has similar properties to memory foam so will mold to your feet with use.

Spring Gear Guide

Morrison Outdoors Sleeping Bags

For kids aged 6 months – 4 years, Morrison Outdoor makes our top-choice for safe, warm and comfortable sleeping bags.

Little Mo

Built specifically for camping for kids aged 6-24 months, we love this one because it is super lightweight and packable and has closed sleeves to keep little hands warm. It is also available in a synthetic 40 degree option with removable hand covers.

Big Mo

Exactly like Little Mo, but fit for kids size 2T – 4T. For older kids, we really prefer their synthetic 40 degree option over the down 20 degree option simply because of the removable hand covers. We’ve found older kids in the 2-4 age don’t want their hands trapped. We opt to add more mid layers underneath if we will be camping in colder temperatures.

Check out more of our sleeping bags for babies and kids recommendations here!

Spring Gear Guide

UST House Party 6-person Tent

This unique tent is perfect for families with expandable walls, huge front and rear doors for loading and unloading gear and easy set-up.

I love the color coded-poles plus single layer construction, which means an integrated rain fly all in one.

Finally, the pocket storage system and gear loft keeps the whole family organized inside.

Nui Organics for Women and Kids

While Nui Organics started out as a kids’ brand, they now also carry amazingly comfortable and quality styles for women too.

Merino Silk Pride Hoodie

This comfortable merino silk hoodie features an extended hood with drawstring closure and beautiful colors, like all the Nui products. Thumbholes keep the sleeve down long on the hand or simply fold the cuff back for a regular sleeve. It regulates body temperature, breathes well and is machine-washable. Also available for women (though currently sold out).

Merino Socks

Nui sells merino socks for the whole family, including babies, which I love. They are incredibly soft and don’t stink, which means less washing.

Tifosi Sunglasses

This is another new-to-us brand that we are loving this year. Tifosi Optics offers a variety of lifestyle and sport frames for athletes of all ages and skill at a really great price for their quality.

Swanks start at the low price of $25 with polycarbonate lenses that never buckle and break like other brands at this price point.

New for 2021 is the Shutout, a youth model with young athletes in mind. Shutout offers a durable Grilamid TR-90 frame with Tifosi Glide technology that ensures an anti-bounce fit with 100% UVA/UVB protected lenses. My boys have both quickly claimed them and their price-point ($25) is awesome for kids who tend to lose their sunglasses (and then have to pay to replace them!)

Spring Gear Guide

Reima Kids’ Spring Gear

Reima makes fantastic and durable clothing for kids for all seasons. We have tried almost every one of their products and have yet to find one we don’t love.

>>> Use code “mtnmama” for 20% off! <<<

Vantti Softshell

Perfect for spring adventures, the Vantti is dirt and water repellent. It also has a soft fleece liner and a detachable hood. This is our favorite camping jacket since it’s so durable!

Muunto Pants

We love these hiking pants for kids (in sizes 4t – 14Y) with zip-off legs that turn into shorts. They also have UPF 50+ protection and a great zippered side pocket.

Helmet Flair

These super fun interchangeable magnetic helmet accessories are so fun for helping encourage kids to wear helmets while riding bikes, skiing, sledding or scootering!

Our kids are begging for more sets so they can swap them on and off. We love them because they are affordable and make getting outside and being active fun for kids.

>> Use code "mtnmama" for 5% off! >>> Use code “mtnmama” for 5% off! <<<

Spring Gear Guide

Wolf and Grizzly Portable Campfire Set

Need a durable and long-standing campfire pit that you can take anywhere? The Wolf and Grizzly Portable Campfire set does that and more. The Campfire Trio contains a portable grill, portable fire pit, and ferro rod fire starter.

It is lightweight, easy to pack and can be set up anywhere. Best part? It’s made entirely of 304 stainless steel which means it will last a VERY long time.

Spring Gear Guide

Espin Bike

The electric Espin Nesta is a super fun way to explore this spring! It folds up for easy storage and unfolds easily for a stylish and convenient ride. It has a low standover height at only 15″ for easy on and off and fat tires for stability. The Nesta has a top speed of 25mph and will go for about 40 miles without needing a charge.

Spring Gear Guide

TowWhee Bike Strap

Our family has used the TowWhee for years for both biking and skiing and found it extremely helpful in keeping our kids at a family-speed.

We also love that it is simple so something we can just throw in anywhere to have when we need it.

See more about how we use the TowWhee in this post from Valerie (A Day in the Life of a Mountain Biking Mom) and this post about best biking gifts for families.

Also, find TowWhee products here on Amazon.com

Spring Gear Guide

Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray Set

Bear awareness and safety is a crucial skill to learn from a young age whether you live in bear country or just visit it. This set is great because it has bear spray, plus a practice canister, so that you can learn how to use the bear spray before ever confronting an actual bear.

We practice with all our kids old enough to carry spray (in our family, around age 8+) every year. I, myself, find that it’s such a unique feeling to spray it that it’s worth all the practice you can get.

Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray is also available at Walmart.com

Spring Gear Guide

Stanley Food Containers

I’ve been a huge fan of Stanley thermoses for years, and love that this line has only expanded with quality adventure-gear for drinks and food. Think picnic dinners in the spring and ski tailgating in the winter.

Stainless Steel All-In-One Food Jars

I love this container in particular because it has a spoon included AND a space to keep “toppings” (think granola, nuts, seeds, crackers, etc.) from getting soggy while they wait to be eaten. It also keeps food hot or cold for 12 hours.

Spring Gear Guide

Adventure Stay Hot Camp Crock

This 3 qt crock is perfect for hauling two things: soup and ice cream. And we eat a LOT of soup here….and everyone wishes we would eat more ice cream, so it’s perfect. It keeps food hot for 12 hours (perfect for hauling a warm meal into a cabin or yurt) and food cold for 16 hours (again, ice cream!)

57 Hours Guide Services

Using a local guide service is a REALLY good way to explore new adventures or locations when you are traveling or even staying close to home. For families especially (but really anyone), this takes the legwork out of the planning so you can instead just focus on the time together.

57 Hours Guide Services offers a range of single to multi-day guided tours ranging from backcountry skiing to rock climbing with locations are all across the country.

We love the idea of hiring guides for safety, local knowledge, personalized tours, worry-free trip planning, route finding and more. Don’t let your inexperience hold you back from great exploration. 57 Hours can make it easy!

ShotGun Child Mountain Bike Seat + Handlebar Combo

This seat in particular has completely changed mountain biking for our family. Before we were limited by kids who were ok to be out of a trailer, but weren’t quite ready to ride their own bike (at least not at the speed we wanted them to!)

Our own kids started riding in the seat at around age 2 and we have found they can ride it until about age 5. It’s fun, it gets the whole family out and it simplifies family trail riding.

We are thrilled that Shotgun now carries Child handlebars. We didn’t have them in the past, but wished we did. We will be upgrading our own seats now!

Check out our full review of the Shotgun mountain bike seat here.

Spring Gear Guide shotgun seat
Spring Gear Guide shotgun seat

Cruisin’ and Campfires Road Tripping Kit

Cruisin’ and Campfires knows how to help families get out on the road traveling to their next adventure. While their website has tons of ideas, the following is a list of their favorites specific to helping overcome road tripping challenges.

Plus, we LOVE supporting small, mama-run businesses! Be sure to check out Kimberly’s full site here!

  • RVing with Kids 101 Course: A new course to help families start RVing with their kids.
  • Crusin’ Activity Box: A box to keep kids aged 2-7 entertained while on the road.
  • Constellation Activity Book: Teach kids about the stars (and then let them stay up late enough to see them!) The book includes 26 of the most compelling and well-recognized constellations in the night sky.
  • National Parks Playing Cards: An old fashioned deck of cards National-Park style!
  • Gnome on the Roam Activity Cards: Fit in tiny (cheap or free) adventures for kids of any age with this deck of cards. They are the perfect companion to pack on a family trip.  Included are adventures to airports, campgrounds, hotels, museums, and road trips.
  • Campfire Tic Tac Go: This fun game is easy to take along and
Spring Gear Guide road tripping games

Mozzie Style Mosquito Repellent Jacket

Struggle with bugs where you live? Ditch that awesome mosquito suit and try something new! The Mozzie Gear Jacket is an attractive bug jacket that blocks mosquitoes, ticks, black flies and biting gnats.

It’s designed like a zip up hoodie (pockets and all). Made with a no-see-um grade mesh, it is attractive, lightweight and comfortable even when it’s hot outside.

Available in unisex sizes XS-2XL, machine washable & insecticide-free.

>>Go here and use code "mtnmama" for 20% off!>>>Go here and use code “mtnmama” for 20% off!<<<

Spring Gear Guide mosquito jacket

Kuoma Rain Boots for Kids

Made in Italy, Kuoma boots for kids are made to help them get outside in the wet weather! They have a variety of rubber boots for kids available at their retailers across the world.

Note: Kuoma Rubber boots run narrow.

Spring Gear Guide boots

American Backcountry Vintage Tees

These National Park Tees with a SPF of 50+ are great for a light, cool (safer) alternative to sunscreen while sporting vintage art of your favorite parks. Perfect for hiking, camping or traveling.

Grizzly Cooler

These made-in-the-USA coolers come in a variety of sizes and bright, fun colors. We love that they are certified by the IGBC to to be bear-resistant, have amazing ice/cold retention and are incredibly strong and durable.

Spring Gear Guide cooler

RVezy RV Rentals

RVezy is North America’s top rated RV rental marketplace, providing outdoor enthusiasts with a safe and affordable way to rent unique and authentic RVs from private owners. With a huge influx of families camping last summer, it’s no doubt that camping this summer will continue to be popular (which is so great!) This is an easy way to get out camping without having the hassle of owning a camper yourself.

Spring Gear Guide rentals

My Family Camping/Adventure Books!

Both of my family camping books (Camping Activity Book for Kids and The Easy Camp Cookbook) are a great choice for helping move into the camping season. Also check out our TMM Team-collab, the Outdoor Family Adventure Guide (also available as an e-book), packed with tons of ideas on how to get out in every season….including spring, of course!

Camping Activity Book for Kids

Get ready for adventure in the great outdoors! There’s so much to see and do when you’re out camping or hiking― even in your own backyard. Encourage kids to explore the world around them and learn important wilderness skills with this activity book. It’s full of projects and ideas to spark a love of nature and help kids have tons of fun outdoors.

Kids will learn to tackle survival challenges like building a shelter, making a compass, and tying a bowline knot. They can get creative with fun outdoor projects like designing a treasure hunt, crafting a walking stick, and making a sundial.

Check out more about the Camping Activity Book for Kids here!

The Easy Camp Cookbook

It’s so easy to default to hot dogs and s’mores. And, while there’s nothing wrong with those classics, it’s nice to mix it up a little too.

I am not a gourmet cook. I am no expert. I like my family to eat healthy, but also balance that out with treats, especially when we’re camping.

This book is for car campers and backpackers. It’s for singles, couples and families. It’s for people who love to cook and those who would rather someone else just do it for them. It’s for vegetarians, meat-eaters and even vegans.

Check out more about The Easy Camp Cookbook here!

Outdoor Family Adventure Guide

The Outdoor Family Adventure Guide is a heart-felt collaboration by the Tales of a Mountain Mama team, and is my favorite project I’ve ever worked on. 

We get emails daily begging for a community of like-minded families who are also striving to find connection and health outdoors. This book is an answer to those requests and jumping-off point for family togetherness.

It includes over 365 ideas on how to get outside in every season, journal pages, recommended outdoor family book lists, and additional family challenges.

Check out more about the Outdoor Family Adventure Guide (including a video walking through it) here!

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Outdoor Family Spring Gear Guide

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