Camping Activity Book for Kids

Camping Activity Book for Kids

When I was asked by my publisher to write the Camping Activity Book for Kids, I couldn’t say no to an opportunity to write a book for my own children.

Targeted specifically for kids aged 6-9, the Camping Activity Book for Kids helps them learn about the ins and outs of camping while doing fun projects.

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Camping Activity Book for Kids

About the Camping Activity Book for Kids

Get ready for adventure in the great outdoors! There’s so much to see and do when you’re out camping or hiking― even in your own backyard. Encourage kids to explore the world around them and learn important wilderness skills with this activity book. It’s full of projects and ideas to spark a love of nature and help kids have tons of fun outdoors.

Kids will learn to tackle survival challenges like building a shelter, making a compass, and tying a bowline knot. They can get creative with fun outdoor projects like designing a treasure hunt, crafting a walking stick, and making a sundial.

They’ll need an adult’s help for some of the activities but can also do many on their own. Sized perfectly for a kid’s backpack, this is everything camping books for kids should be.

  • Become an outdoor expert―Master the basics of setting up camp, hitting the trail, identifying plants and animals, observing weather, and surviving the wilderness.
  • Build wilderness skills―Grow skills as the book progresses, earn special badges, learn to care for the planet by leaving no trace, and become an official outdoor adventurer!
  • Learn and play―Colorful illustrations and in-the-book activities like connect-the-dots and fill-in-the-blanks add to the fun for each project.

“If the thought of adventuring with children seems intimidating, this book is the dose of encouragement you need. Amelia’s book is full of trail-tested tips and how-to information on everything from identifying scat to making a homemade compass. This book is destined to become a family favorite for children and adults alike.” 

―Rebecca Walsh, founder of Hike Like A Woman

What’s Included in the Camping Activity Book for Kids

Wilderness Skills

Wilderness skills are crucial to teach kids from a young age. While the book keeps the language at a kid-appropriate level, they’re still getting a taste of skills like how to find water, how to build a shelter and how to practice Leave No Trace.

Chapter 1: Hello Campsite!

The book starts with a whole chapter on getting familiar with the campsite. This includes how to pitch a tent and start a fire, and what knots are good to know when camping.

It also has a fun section on s’mores (obviously), how to build your own camp lantern and a page to help kids tell their own campfire story.

Camping Activity Book for Kids

Chapter 2: Hit the Trail

I love that this chapter is focused on helping kids get familiar with maps, compasses and orienteering themselves while camping AND hiking/exploring.

Kids will make a compass and a map, learn the signs to watch for on the trail and do their own campground maze and treasure hunt.

The activity that we show a little teaser for below is SO fun because it actually works!

camping activity book for kids

Chapter 3: Let’s Go Wild

Chapter three is focused on connecting kids to the nature around them – trees, animals and bugs. It includes some teaching pages AND a fun I Spy game to play at the campsite.

Chapter 4: Sky-Gazing Superstar

One of my favorite (and my kids’ favorite) activities to do while camping is stay up late and check out the night sky. This chapter covers stars along with reading clouds/weather and how to tell time by the sun.

Chapter 5: Rescue Ranger

I think this chapter is the most important because there is nothing scarier for kids (or adults) than getting lost in the woods. This chapter teaches kids how to use a signal mirror, how to find water and also what to do so they can be found if they DO get lost.

While the book has tons of different fun activities, this write-your-own song page is my favorite!

Camping Activity Book for Kids

For the adults

The book ends with a resource section of my favorite links and books for further outdoor exploration with kids.

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Camping Activity Book for Kids

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