Gift Ideas for Campers 2023

Camping gear and supplies are great gift ideas for campers during the holidays. These are gifts that can last for years, especially if you go for quality gear that can enhance a family’s experience outdoors.

Best Freeze Dried Backpacking Meals for Kids

Best Freeze Dried Backpacking Meals for Kids One of the most daunting parts of backpacking with kids can be the food, especially on multi-day trips. This can be a chance for you to get really creative with your meal planning, but if that’s not your thing or you don’t have time for it, dehydrated meals … Read more

Setting Up A Camping Pantry

Cooking at camp with camping pantry organized in 6 quart bins and a larger tub.

Meal planning and prep for camping trips can feel intimidating to even the most organized of people. Along with a pre-organized camp kitchen, setting up a camping pantry can reduce the time and effort you need to make to get food together for each trip, and let you rest assured that you’ll never forget your … Read more

Solo Backpacking with Kids

Three children holding hands with backpacks and down jackets on, with mountains and the ocean in the background

Solo Backpacking with Kids Embarking on a backpacking adventure with children is an exciting experience in itself, but when you add the element of being a solo parent, it becomes truly remarkable. Solo parent backpacking involves venturing into unfamiliar territory, immersing yourself and your children in the beauty of nature, and navigating the challenges and … Read more

Canoe Camping

Two kids wearing life jackets and woman in bow of canoe on a lake.

How to Start Canoe Camping With Kids Canoe camping is a fun and family friendly way to introduce kids to backcountry camping. It is a great way to get a wilderness camping experience without having to carry all of your family’s gear (and your kids) on your back. Imagine being in a secluded wilderness campsite … Read more