Family Camping Email Course

Family Camping FREE Online Course

Help your family get started camping Camping can be incredibly daunting, especially when you’re first starting out. In an effort to help, we have gathered all our best camping-related resources in one place so you can spend less time researching and more time with your family. When you sign up for this course you will … Read more

Family Camping Meal Plan

Family camping meal plan featured freebie

Without a doubt, the most stressful part of camping for me is the meal planning and grocery shopping. This is especially true if we are camping for more than just the weekend. Whether you choose to follow our meal plans to a T, or pick and choose meals that work for you, we know that these plans will save you so much time and hassle.

Fun Toys for Camping

You figured out your camping gear, used our camping meal plan to plan your food and feel generally really ready to tackle your camping trip. Except you just realized you have no idea what the kids are going to DO the whole time. Rest assured that many a camping kid has been fully entertained by … Read more

13 Ways to Help Kids Sleep While Camping

The number one question we get about camping as a family is how to get babies and kids to sleep. Parents of young children are usually sleep deprived to some degree even at home, so thinking about adding extra challenges to getting sleep can be a huge barrier to overcome to get out and camp … Read more

Family Backpacking: The Gear You Need

Have you been wanting to try backcountry camping, also known as backpacking, with your family, but are intimidated by the gear you need to get started? That’s completely understandable! Even seasoned car campers often balk at the idea of entering the backcountry with everything carried on their backs. We’ve gathered our list of must-have items … Read more

Car Camping with Kids Checklist

Getting out of the door when camping can seem pretty overwhelming. The to-do list is LONG and you will always, ALWAYS forget that ONE thing that you can’t live without (Toothbrush anyone?). Well, at Tales of a Mountain Mama, we spend a LOT of time packing, unpacking, repacking, sorting, and organizing gear. We can tell … Read more