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Creative Camping S’mores

No campfire food has the same nostalgia of a classic, sticky finger s’more. It’s requested by kids and adults alike every time we camp. 

The name itself explains why it’s hard to only eat one.

While we love the classic version there are tons of fun variations on this favorite treat. If you want to step it up a notch with your s’more making then check out some of our very favorite ways to make campfire s’mores.

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s'more over fire

The Cooking Environment

Fire Safety for kids:

First, it’s important to think about your cooking environment.

A fun thing about making s’mores over a campfire is that they are a great way to introduce kids to navigating the campfire safely. When kids are young they can be appropriately supervised making their own s’more and allowed more independence as they get older.

camping s'mores

My kids wouldn’t think we were truly camping without the s’more experience, and I love that time spent roasting mallows doubles as a way to also teach and educate them on fire safety.

You can help kids understand an appropriate distance to stay from the fire (especially when cooking something) and kids are able to see first hand how quickly something catches on fire if their marshmallow makes it into the flames.

parents help with s'more

Additionally, cooking s’mores can be a great time to remind kids not to swing around sticks or anything hot coming out of the fire and to always be aware of themselves and others when they’re close to fire.

If you want more suggestions on fire safety tips or building your own fire starters then check out some of our other great articles on the blog.

Roasting Stick Recommendations:

Second, if you want to roast some awesome s’mores then buying roasting sticks can be helpful.

TMM team members really like the Jolly Green telescoping sticks for convenience and packing light. They come as a set of 5 with a really handy bag.

We also like the Solo Stove roasting sticks. They are made of stainless steel and super durable. They have a carrying case and are 36″ in length.

roasting stick

The solo stove roasting sticks are awesome! Really heavy duty. They unscrew and break down in two pieces and come with a really neat carrying case.

TMM Team Member Kristin
solo s'more roasting stick
TMM Team Member Kristin’s daughter with Solo roasting stick

Sticks also make great roasting sticks when you are camping in a wooded area and/or an area that allows you to remove branches. If this is your plan then make sure you have a pocket knife for whittling the end of the stick so it has a nice point.

Timing the fire:

Third, s’mores are easier to cook and more safely cooked when the fire is dying down and there are lots of hot coals. My husband and I often compete to see who can find the best spot in the coals to cook the perfect s’more.

Trying to cook a yummy s’more on a blazing fire almost always results in a burned marshmallow so waiting out the fire will give you some nice coals which make for perfect tasting marshmallows.

S’More Recipes Campfire

Below are some of our favorite s’more variations. The fun thing about s’mores is that the possibilities are endless.

Since we make them often it’s fun to be a little creative and make different versions of this beloved campfire treat.

The Classic S’more

If by some chance you’re new to s’more making then starting with the classic s’more won’t disappoint. It might seem silly but I’m quite partial to name brands on creating the best “classic” tasting s’more.

Store brand graham crackers sometimes taste like cardboard and off brand marshmallows don’t sizzle over the fire with the same pizazz. So if you’re going with the best classic tasting s’more then spend a little more to buy the name brand ingredients.

classic s'more

Ingredients Needed:

Gourmet Goodness S’mores

If you have some extra time and want the gourmet s’more experience then making your own marshmallows won’t disappoint. Homemade marshmallows and fancy chocolate (like Ghiradelli) create an indulgent and delicious s’more experience.

gourmet s'more

TMM team member, Becky, loves to makes decadent s’mores and uses Alton Brown’s recipe from Food Network for her homemade marshmallows.

Homemade marshmallows are lighter, moister, and toast a little quicker than store bought. They are definitely worth the effort and you can make a large batch at once.

TMM Team Member Becky

Ingredients Needed:

Banana Boats S’mores

Banana boats are a really fun s’more variation and are great when you don’t want a sugar hangover or you have a child with a gluten allergy.

For this variation you can use a knife to make a cut down the middle of the banana on the concave side (cut almost to the other side but not all the way through). Then you stuff the banana with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows, wrap it in aluminum foil and let it sit on the coals for a few minutes.

You know it’s ready when you give it a little squeeze with tongs and it’s not quite as firm as when initially put it in.

Ingredients Needed:

Chocolate Strawberry Cake S’more

Another fun variation of the classic s’more is a chocolate strawberry cake s’more. If the flavor of regular marshmallows and hard chocolate isn’t your thing then give the chocolate strawberry cake s’more a try.

This s’more is made with chocolate graham crackers, chocolate frosting and strawberry marshmallows. After you cook the marshmallow you smear your graham cracker with chocolate frosting and smash the strawberry marshmallow in between.

Ingredients Needed:

Peanut Butter Delight S’mores

This is an easy swap but it really takes your s’more to the next level if you’re a peanut butter fan. Instead of using Hershey’s chocolates use a Reese’s peanut butter cup instead.

I particularly like the Reese’s peanut butter thins for this s’more so it’s still easy to get my mouth around the crackers. I’m inclined to think that Reese’s peanut butter thins were created with this specific purpose in mind.

Once you try it, you’ll probably agree.

backyard s'more

Ingredients Needed:

Cinnamon Churro S’mores

Churro s’mores are for those who love an extra hint of cinnamon in there favorite foods.

churro s'more

For this one you use cinnamon graham crackers, marshmallows and cinnamon sugar spice to shake on your mallow after roasting for the yummiest churro tasting s’more.

churro s'more

Ingredients Needed:

Strawberry Shortcake S’mores

Strawberry shortcake s’mores are divine and especially yummy if you prefer a hearty s’more or don’t love graham crackers.

We love to make homemade shortcake for this s’more but the s’more can be enjoyed with a store bought short cake as well.

As an added bonus or if you’re wanting to get extra fancy then you can bring some whipping cream to go with the strawberries and marshmallow. This s’more version is bound to impress your mini and adult campers alike.

Ingredients Needed:

Hiking the Andes S’mores

This S’more is for the Andes mint lovers. It’s a fun s’more combination during winter campouts when minty flavors are everyone’s craving.

Andes S'more

For this one we like it best with chocolate graham crackers, Andes cream mints and a toasty mallow. Ghriadelli peppermint squares are another yummy, minty option.

Ingredients Needed:

The Easter Bunny S’more

This s’more is especially fun to make on spring campouts.

For this one you’ll need some peep bunnies or chicks, coconut flakes, cadbury mini eggs and graham crackers.

Roast your peep carefully, put a cadbury mini egg in the center after you’ve roasted it and sprinkle some coconut flakes on before smashing it between two graham crackers for a fun spring surprise.

The roasted peep will have a burned sugar taste (think Creme Brûlée) because of the outer coating on peeps. It’s the perfect use for leftover peeps from Easter baskets.

Ingredients Needed:

Sweet & Salty S’mores

I love a good sweet and salty mix in my mouth and it’s the best made in s’more form.

I like to use pretzel crisps since they’re flat and salty, a rolo for added sweetness, and marshmallows.

Ritz crackers, saltine crackers and potato chips are other great substitutes for pretzel crisps or you can use a combination of two or more salty flavors on your s’more.

rolo s'more

Ingredients Needed:

The Belgian S’more

I’m quite sure they don’t actually make these s’mores in Belgium but they are so delicious and another favorite you need to try if you’re wanting to impress all your friends at the campfire.

belgian s'more

They remind me of my favorite way to make Belgian waffles lathered in cookie butter and nutella hazelnut spread. The addition of a pizelle waffle cookie and a toasty mallow makes this combo a rich celebration of yum in your mouth.

waffle cone s'more

Ingredients Needed:

Chocolate on Chocolate S’mores

This s’more creation is for the chocolate lover in the family.

To create a decadent chocolate s’more experience you’ll need a chocolate outer layer (this could be a chocolate graham cracker but thin and crispy chocolate brownies or a chocolate cookie are also delicious), a chocolate marshmallow and a combo of nice milk and dark chocolate.

Ingredients Needed:

Cookie S’mores

Cookie s’mores are another favorite and I can’t decide which is best so you may need to try a few different ones to let us know what your favorite cookie is.

oreo s'more

Several other TMM members sub graham crackers for cookies for a fun s’more change up.

Girls scout cookies (tagalogs, samaoas, thin mints) are super great to use (if you haven’t already eaten your final box). A homemade chocolate chip cookie, oreo or frosted animal cookie is another great cookie layer too.

Ingredients Needed:

Camping S’mores

S’mores are a campfire classic! If you go camping a lot or are underwhelmed by the traditional version of a s’more then try changing it up with a fun variation that will having everyone at the campfire giving rave reviews.

yummy s'more

What’s your favorite version of a s’more? We’d love to know what your family likes the best!

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No campfire food has the nostalgia of a classic, sticky finger s’more.

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