Best Kids Base Layers

I’ll be the first to admit that I was late to jump on the base layers for kids bandwagon. I’ve always loved and worn them as an adult, but I did not appreciate until very recently how much they truly make a difference in keeping kids warm from the inside out. It’s easy to forget … Read more

Osprey Poco LT Review

Baby smiling sitting in Poco LT carrier

Osprey Poco LT Child Carrier Review My first backpacking pack purchase was an Osprey Ariel that I bought in high school. I love it, still have it and still use it. I have been a big fan of Osprey ever since. Osprey is sort of like the “Apple” of the pack industry. Their pack designs are … Read more

Best Hiking Strollers

Best Hiking Strollers Have you seen people out on local trails with rugged strollers while you’ve been carrying a whining toddler over your shoulder? If that’s been you then perhaps you are wondering how you can join the hiking stroller club so you can more fully enjoy the trails without feeling like you’re in a … Read more

25 Best Children’s Books About Winter

Children’s Books About Winter Children’s literature is the best! It’s fun for both children and adults. I love the witty rhymes, the fun pictures and the opportunity it provides to teach kids about various places, ways of thinking about things and how to approach new experiences. One of my favorite aspects of children’s literature is … Read more

Camping S’mores

Camping Smores

Creative Camping S’mores No campfire food has the same nostalgia of a classic, sticky finger s’more. It’s requested by kids and adults alike every time we camp.  The name itself explains why it’s hard to only eat one. While we love the classic version there are tons of fun variations on this favorite treat. If … Read more

Best Base Layers for Women

Best Base Layers for Women Base layer (n.): a necessary layer for outdoor adventuring that wicks away sweat to stay dry and can be worn in all 4 seasons. That’s my personal definition of what a base layer is and not a dictionary definition. However, “necessary” doesn’t seem like a far stretch from how much … Read more