Best Hiking Strollers

Best Hiking Strollers

Have you seen people out on local trails with rugged strollers while you’ve been carrying a whining toddler over your shoulder? If that’s been you then perhaps you are wondering how you can join the hiking stroller club so you can more fully enjoy the trails without feeling like you’re in a wrestling match with your toddler.

TMM tea member Jami with Thule Urban Glide stroller and dogs

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Why a Hiking Stroller

Not everyone has a use for a rugged style outdoor stroller but I would wager that most parents who like to spend even small bouts of time outside with their littles can appreciate the value of a hiking stroller after their first use.

I thought I was one of those people who would always carry my babies and not have a need for a spendy stroller. My mother-in-law knew better and a Thule Chariot was gifted with my first child. To this day it remains my favorite baby gift.

Thule chariot on Missouri river trail

Even though our beloved Chariot of 11 years now has sticky harness straps, rips in the plastic side barrier and looks like it’s been through the war zone (if you examine the seats closely); it still works fantastic for it’s intended use and I still use this gift on a weekly basis.

A hiking stroller may not be a necessity for everyone out there. However, if you live in an area where you have some wider, trails that are not overly steep then I think you’ll be shocked by how much a hiking or all-terrain stroller can open the door to adventures with your little one.

Hiking strollers are also great options for moms concerned about the elements (rain, snow, sun, wind etc.) or bugs where they live (mosquitos, gnats etc.). Another reason I love them is that they are great for moms (and dads) who might have back issues or for various reasons find it difficult to carry their child in a hiking backpack or carrier.

Finally, they’re a great way to get back outside sooner after having a baby and provide a comfortable way for kids to travel.

If kids are comfortable they tend to enjoy the experience more. And if your kids are enjoying the adventure the odds are in your favor that you’ll enjoy the adventure too. I think hiking strollers could also be advertised as motherhood sanity savers. There are many times my outside trail jaunt has saved my mothering for the day.

All-Terrain Strollers: The Three Types

Mckinlay eating grapes in Chariot stroller

When it comes to hiking strollers there are 3 primary styles.

  1. Multisport strollers that convert from a stroller to a jogger, bike trailer, and/or ski pulk.
  2. Rugged, every day use strollers (often referred to as “jogging” strollers).
  3. Adventure wagons, which aren’t technically strollers, but can be great for trail use

All of these all-terrain options come in at different price points and have different features that make them unique. When picking a stroller that will be a good fit for you it’s good to think through your specific needs and terrain.

The TMM team was queried for input on their favorite hiking strollers and below we’ve outlined our favorites in each of the categories.

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Best All-Terrain Strollers: Multisport Strollers

Multisport hiking strollers are awesome because they lend themselves well to lots of different types of adventures with your kids aside from walking and hiking the local trails.

Dad pulling Chariot trailer using ski pulk on green skis

These strollers can convert from a regular stroller to a jogger, bike trailer, or ski pulk.

Two brands/styles made the “finals” list for best multisport hiking stroller. Read the specs below to see what we love and why these two particular brands made the list.

Thule Chariot Cross

Thule Chariot Cross

The Thule Chariot is a fan favorite of the team. The upsides of this stroller is that no details have been left out on how to make this stroller versatile and adaptable.

It really maximizes kid comfort and protection. Everything on this stroller from the harness to the handlebar adjusts to get a good fit. It even has an infant sling attachment for added safety when your baby is still little.

We really like the rain cover on this and have found that it’s very protective against cold winds as well. If safety, comfort, and versatility are important priorities then I would strongly recommend this option.

The downside to the Thule Chariot is that it is a high ticket item. The attachments don’t come included with the price so to get any of the extras only adds to the price.

I personally think the jogging attachment is better than the stroller attachment for the trails because of the bigger front wheel, but the “extras” do add up.

Another thing to consider is that it isn’t the most compact, especially if you get the 2 seater option. It is pretty easy to break down though and the newest model has made it really easy to switch between different sports.

Read our full Thule Chariot review here.

Thule Chariot Specs:

  • Children: 1 or 2 (depending on whether single or double stroller is purchased (specs listed below are for single stroller))
  • Price: $1249.95
  • Stroller weight: 30.4lb
  • Max child weight: 49lb
  • Max stroller weight: 75lb
  • Folded Dimensions: 34.2 x 25.5 x 14.7 in
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Accessories: Jogging kit, cross country ski kit, infant sling, baby supporter, sport organizer, storage cover

Burley Encore X or Burley D’Lite X

The Burley Encore X or Burley D’Lite X are two other great options from Burley that convert for multisport use.

Keep in mind that if you’re buying either Burley option for its hiking capabilities you’ll have to purchase the jogger/stroller kits separately as the base models come with a bike trailer set up and not a hiking set up.

The Encore X is the base convertible model that has stroller, hike, ski and bike capabilities and the D’Lite is Burley’s fancier model with single and double passenger options, independently reclining seats and nicer seat pads.

Both trailers have been tested by TMM team members and the overwhelming feedback is positive for both options. The specs listed below are for the Encore X.

If price is not an issue and you would benefit from the bonus features or a single trailer option the Burley D’Lite is the way to go.

If you’re wanting the best bang for your buck while still having all the convertible options than the Burley Encore X is the way to go.

Like Thule Chariot, Burley provides a great multisport trailer option and great attention to detail. You’ll find many of the same features on the Burley trailer as the Chariot and the price point isn’t quite as steep.

Burley trailers have good wind rain protection, a protective harness system etc.

You can read our full review on the Burley Encore X here.

Burley Encore X Specs:

  • Children: 2 (*Note, Burley D’Lite has 1 or 2 person option))
  • Price: $649.95
  • Stroller weight: 24lbs
  • Max child weight: 40lbs
  • Max stroller weight: 100lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 36 x 31 x 12
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Accessories: Jogger kit, 2 wheel stroller kit, 16+ wheel kit (a heavier duty wheel for better handling on snow, sand and gravel), handlebar console, ski kit, 1 wheel stroller kit
Child pushing Burley trailer with jogging stroller attachment.

The bigger rear wheels on the the Burley trailer with the jogging wheel make it easy to go over bumps. Also, if you have the ski attachment you can use the ski kit poles with the wheels for pulling a two wheeled trailer.

TMM Team Member Jami

Hiking Hip Strap

Important to note is that both Thule and Burley used to sale a hiking hip strap (similar to the hip strap used for the ski pulk) for use when hiking on trails. Neither of these brands advertise this hip strap any more as part of their accessories.

Dad using hiking strap to pull burley trailer

I suspect that part of this is because the hip strap was cumbersome to use on trails with twists and turns and not an overly popular item.

We’ve included a picture of TMM Team Member Jami and her husband using the hip strap with her rear wheels in place instead of skis so you can visualize how you could use the hip strap for hiking if desired.

Jami pulling kids in Burley trailer with hiking attachment.

It wouldn’t work on every trail but it’s a great option for straight trails and those who would rather walk with their kids behind them as opposed to pushing them.

If you’re interested in this kind of option then you can purchase the ski pulk for the hip strap and still leave the rear wheels in place. At this time neither brand sells the hip strap separately from the skis.

Best Off Road Strollers

These kinds of strollers are what I typically think of as a “jogging” stroller. If you anticipate doing a lot of hiking/jogging with your kid and your priorities are kid comfort and mom comfort when hiking/jogging then this might be the best stroller style for you.

Mom pushing baby using Thule urban glide hiking stroller

Thule Urban Glide 2 – Single and Double

Although I have both the Thule Chariot and Thule Urban Glide I find that I use the Thule Chariot most often when I’m biking on trails and the Thule Urban Glide most often when I’m hiking/jogging on the trails.

The biggest reason for this is that it’s easier for me to tend to my kids when they’re in the Urban Glide as opposed to the Chariot. The Urban Glide helps them to sit higher up and allows a little more separation between the kids.

It also has two separate adjustable seats so you can lay one kid back while the other sits up. This tends to work well when you have kids at different ages/stages.

I also love that you can have the large front wheel lock out or swivel. Current versions also have a hand brake option!

One girl sitting in Thule stroller and another one beside her. Both girls are smiling.

I have loved our Thule Urban Glide. Although mostly used for running, it has worked great for a variety of things from around town, to the campground, to easy trails!

-Jami, TMM Team Member

Thule Urban Glide Specs:

  • Children: 1 or 2 (depending on whether single or double stroller is purchased (specs listed below are for single stroller))
  • Price: $649.95
  • Stroller weight: 25lbs
  • Max child weight: 49lbs
  • Max stroller weight: 75lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 34.2L x 27.2W x 13.3H
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Accessories: Glide bassinet, car seat adapter (various brands), rain cover, bottle cage, snack tray, mesh cover, summer seat liner, stroller organizer

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0

The Revolution Flex comes as both a single and double stroller. It has air-filled tires and mountain bike style suspension for an ultra comfy ride.

Baby with teething ring enjoying sitting in Bob stroller

In addition, the handlebar adjusts so you can use it in 9 different positions. This stroller also has tons of storage pockets and a deep cargo basket for storing extra gear.

When the team was asked about their absolute favorite hiking stroller the Bob was the stroller with the most votes.

This is the stroller our team thinks of when they want to go on a stroller hike with kids and for very good reason.

Check out our full BOB review here!

I LOVED my BOB Duallie Stroller. I went everywhere with it except single track hiking trails. It carried snacks, sometimes even 4 kids and was built like a tank. It was still functioning after 5 kids, but they sadly outgrew it.

-Rita, TMM Team Member

BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Specs:

  • Children: 1 or 2 (depending on whether single or double stroller is purchased (specs listed below are for single stroller))
  • Price: $549.99
  • Stroller weight: 28.5lbs
  • Max stroller weight: 75lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 38L x 25W x 16H
  • Accessories: Car seat adapter, snack tray, sun shield, travel bag, weather shield, handlebar console w/tire pump

BOB is the best. From my personal experience (and lots of friends say the same) the BOB handles more difficult terrain, is easy to push, and has lots of storage.

-Kristine, TMM Team Member
Mom pushing Bob single stroller with baby inside.

Important to note is that BOB also makes an Alterrain Jogging stroller and an Alterrain Pro Jogging stroller that retail for $649 and $699 respectively.

No one on our TMM team has tested either of these specific variations of the stroller but it’s good to know they’re another option.

The main feature differences is an ath-leisure fabric, and extra large canopy. Neither of these strollers come as double strollers options. Check out this comparison sheet on all the BOB Strollers for more details.

I bought a dual seating BOB from a friend. I liked the tri-wheel style and that the front could be locked straight or unlocked for free movement/spit. There is great storage below and a pouch between 2 cup holders. I predominantly used mine on very groomed/manicured or paved trails, nothing too narrow or sporty.

-Domo, TMM Team Member

Best Wagon Stroller

Relatively new to the hiking trail scene are adventure wagons.

They’re a trail wagon with wheels, customization and attention to detail similar to the multisport and jogging strollers we love.

Although not versatile between sports (biking/skiing etc.) a wagon still opens lots of possibilities for trail use.

They are great for explorers who want to get in and out (and who you might be encouraging to do so). This helps to make your trail experience more interactive.

One advantage to using a wagon is that you also have the option of fitting in more kids and it can hold more weight.

The Veer and Larktale wagons specifically have options that can fit up to 4 kids.

One of the surprising things I’ve found with wagons is how much my kids like them. My older kids especially like them and will often request that the wagon come with us on adventures.

Veer Wagon

Veer Wagon

This is the wagon that compacts to the smallest size and has the most rugged wheel set up.

The Veer has an ergonomic handle, interior cup holders, a foot brake, and a foot well.

Additionally you can attach a car seat to the wagon.

Wagons are especially handy for sandy trails as pulling sometimes works better than pushing in the sand and they’re also nice when you have more weight to haul.

We also like that the Veer wagon can be hosed down and then air dried for quick and easy cleaning.

Veer Wagon Specs:

Price: $699.00
Children: 2 or 4 (depending on which size is purchased)
Wagon weight: 36.7lbs
Max wagon weight: 55lbs/seat (220lbs total)
Folded Dimensions: 37” L x 24” W x 9” H 
Accessories: Retractable canopy, foldable storage basket, and comfort seat

Wonderfold Wagon X2

The Wonderfold Wagon is another great wagon option. You can read our full review here.

Of all the options listed in this post this is the one that comes in at the most affordable price point. Another perk is that it folds up small and upright for easy storage.

The wagon can seat two children and comes with a 5-point safety harness. It also comes with a removable canopy.

This wagon can be pushed our pulled depending on what is easiest to use on the terrain you’re on. I like that the wagon has a separate handle for pulling and a nice, wide handlebar for pushing.

We have lots of strollers and they have always been enough. Spoiler – the Wonderfold Wagon X2 has completely blown us away.

-Amelia, TMM Creator

Wonderfold Wagon X2 Specs:

Price: $389.00
Children: 2
Wagon weight: 34lbs
Max wagon weight: 150lbs
Folded Dimensions: 34″ x 16″ x 24″ Accessories: Removable canopy, collapsible rear basket

Larktale Caravan Stroller Wagon

Larktale Caravan

If you’re looking for a wagon that you want to be able to use for trails but that will also work great for around the city then the Larktale Caravan wagon is a great option.

This wagon has reclining harness style seats, a sun canopy, drop down footwell, rain cover, storage basket, and lockable swivel wheels. It also provides a nice stroller style handle.

The wheels are not as rugged as the Veer wagon wheels (which is what makes it better for sidewalks) but it still works on compact trails.

It’s a good fit for those that intend to mostly be doing city/sidewalk traveling with some trails than for those intending to use the wagon all the time on trails.

One of the things that we like about the Larktale wagon is that most of the bonus accessories are included with the price.

Larktale Wagon Specs:

Price: $629.99
Children: 2 (caravan model can fit 4 with extra attachments)
Wagon weight: 38.8lbs
Max wagon weight: 93lbs/seat (200lbs total)
Folded Dimensions: 17 x 25.2 x 37 inches
Accessories: double seat kit, ride along board, car seat adapter


Hiking strollers open a lot of possibilities for outdoor families.

When thinking about the best fit stroller there are lots of things to consider.

  • What’s your budget?
  • How many kids do you need it to fit?
  • Does weight matter?
  • How compact do you need it to be?
  • Do you want it to work for other sports too?
  • How important is it to protect against various elements?
  • What kind of distance do you plan to go with it?
  • Do my kids need to be restricted or do I want them to be able to get out and play along the way?
Little baby sitting in Thule Chariot holding a snack

If budget isn’t a huge factor and your top priority is lots of different trail uses and protection from the elements/bugs then I highly recommend the Thule Chariot or Burley options.

If you want the best option for long distances on the trails and intend to jog or run on the trails then I highly recommend the Thule Urban Glide or Bob Gear Revolution.

If you want the option of carrying a lot of weight and want more flexibility for your kids to come in and out and engage with the trail around them then I recommend an All-terrain wagon option like Veer or Larktale.

A hiking stroller is one of those accessories that doesn’t feel like a necessity until you have one. Then, once you have one you wonder how you would survive without it.

They definitely have their place in helping parents to engage with their kids outdoors and they’re a great way to utilize and enjoy the trails with your kids.

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