Wonderfold Wagon X2 Review

Let me just start this review with saying that I never really thought a wagon would have a prominent place in our household. We have lots of strollers and they have always been enough. Spoiler – the Wonderfold Wagon X2 has completely blown us away.

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About the Wonderfold Wagon X2

The Wonderfold Wagon X2 is a two-kid (minimum 6 months) capacity wagon that is durable, has some great features for easy rolling and folds down to a slim size.

At $349 it is certainly not cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for. It is easy to pull and push, very durable and holds a ton of weight.

What the Wonderfold Wagon X2 is best for

Walks around the neighborhood

One of the features I particularly love about the X2 model is that I can push it (like a stroller) OR pull it (more like a traditional wagon). I’ve found that when it is really loaded down, I prefer pushing it over pulling, though both are smooth and handle very well.

Hauling kids and gear+

With a 150 pound limit, you really can put a LOT of gear and kids in there. My three girls (aged 2, 4 and 6) sit in it together comfortably and we always end up throwing in water bottles, balls, extra jackets and food with no issues.

Wonderfold Wagon X2

Fitting in small places

The Wonderfold Wagon X2 is unique in the fact that it really does fold up small. I love this for storage in our shed to keep it out of the way. A strap secures it in place and it moves around easily.

Wonderfold Wagon X2

Festivals or outdoor events

While social isolation has limited us in being able to try this out, I’m looking forward to the fact that the wagon can easily fit in our vehicles (easier than a Chariot, for example) so is perfect for hauling to town and then walking around with.

The removable shade cover also makes it great for summer events.

Wonderfold Wagon X2 Features

The Wonderfold Wagon includes the following stand-out features:

  • Wagon weight – 34 lbs
  • Wagon weight capacity – 150 lbs
  • Pull handle with spring bounce so it stays off the ground and is easier to grab and go <– my favorite!
  • PU tires so no pumping required
  • Optional sun cover
  • Rear gear basket (10 lb capacity)
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Foot brake
  • (2) 5 point harnesses
  • 1 step easy folding
Wonderfold Wagon X2
The adjustable handle also has a spring so it doesn’t fall to the ground.
Wonderfold Wagon X2
The Wonderfold Wagon X2 includes two 5-point harnesses

What we love about the Wonderfold Wagon X2

Quick in and out rides

My youngest now is 2.5, and while she walks often, there is usually at least two (and sometimes 3) kids that want to jump in and ride at some point on our adventures. There are two buckle harnesses in the X2, but we rarely use them with the age of our kids. Instead kids are repeatedly jumping in and out.

Wonderfold Wagon X2

Kids Combined weight of up to 150 pounds

When we first got the wagon our 10 year old son had just sprained his ankle. In an attempt to get us all out, he sat in there comfortably even though he was slightly embarrassed. Even with a load of 100 pounds, it pulled easily.

Folds small

The amount of kids and gear that can fit in the wagon is actually very similar to a stroller, but it folds much slimmer.

Paved and dirt roads

Most of the roads in our neighborhood are dirt and I was concerned the wagon would struggle on them. I was pleasantly surprised how well it did both pushing AND pulling.

What we aren’t so crazy about

The biggest downside to the wagon is that there is no door on it for easy access like some other wagons have. I have to help the kids in and out. And I would love some cup holders for the kids (available to purchase separately).

Buy it

Wonderfold Wagons are available directly from their site and on Amazon.

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