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Thule Chariot Cross Review

In January of 2017, Thule did an overhaul of their line of Chariot Child Transportation systems. The Cross joins the Lite and the Cheetah XT in the line-up (the Chinook, XT and Cougar have been discontinued).

We have the Chariot Cross 2, so this review will be focussed on the two-kid system. But, really the single is the same except with one less seat, of course.

First off, Thule did make some really great improvements to the Cross to make it more user friendly for people looking for an all-around adventure mobile. Over the past two years of testing, we have come to really love it much more than we did initially, especially after the 2019 addition of a venting system (see below for details).

Thule Chariot Cross Review

Here’s a quick run-down of the Cross and some updates made on this new model:

  • Comes ready to go with the strolling and biking kits
  • Has individually reclining seats
  • More viewing space than past Chariots (screen is integrated… guard and sun shade are removable)
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Large “trunk space” that can be stored out of the way when not in use
  • Thule VersaWing system allows super quick conversion
  • Ability to store biking arm and strolling wheels right on the stroller
  • New venting system in 2019 model allows the best air flow we’ve seen when the weather cover is used. See diagram below. Vents can be opened or closed manually via a switch on the inside of the Chariot.

Jog and Stroll

While we usually use the jogging attachment for walks around the neighborhood or on trails. having the stroller wheels (included in purchase of the Cross) is really handy, especially in crowded areas where you need a tighter turning radius.

We have found that the jogging wheel stays true and is easily adjusted (an issue we struggle with with many jogging wheels).

When not in use, the strolling wheels can be stored on the stop part of the black “wings” (see photo above of holes where they could go).


The bike attachment gives us so much freedom as a family. It pulls very very well, is easy to load down with extra gear in the “trunk” and has great ventilation while keeping kids safe from road debris with the screen.


We used this for skiing 4 days a week all winter long and consider it an essential piece of winter gear for our family.

Like all attachments, the Chariot pulls smoothly and easily with the ski attachment.

In the photo above, we are anticipating skiing in some rougher terrain so Mtn Papa has bigger skis on. However, we do most of our skiing on skate or XC narrow skis.

Skate skiing in general is no joke, but pulling the Chariot (or anything) and doing it is a serious workout. BUT totally doable (and much better than having a child bouncing around in a pack).

What we love:

  • RECLINING INDIVIDUAL SEATS! This goes SUCH a long way for me and was something that I always wish my Cougar had. It’s a life-saver for kids of different ages napping at different times. It’s also a major improvement from the Chinook (which also had a reclining seat), just in that the mechanism is much smoother.
  • The adjustable handlebar + the shape that allows you to hold it at different spots makes pushing it so much easier.
  • While I am not crazy about strolling wheels on chip-sealed roads, we have been doing fairly well with them. The ride is surprisingly smooth.
  • The VersaWing system really does make changing between attachments SO much easier.
  • The mesh covering is a lot bigger allowing for better viewing and better ventilation
  • The weather shield and sunshade can come off completely (separate from each other) so if you don’t need them, they don’t have to “clutter” the space
  • It folds up small and compact (for what it is)
  • The seats are comfy for the kids and keep them secure. We love how Thule updated their buckles so now you can buckle each side individually – so handy when wrestling a kid into their seat….not that that ever happens…..

What we aren’t so crazy about:

  • While I do think it is a great idea to have the weather shield completely removable, getting it on and off is just one more step, which really bugs me. You have to zip up the screen mesh and then attach the weather shield. I don’t like the extra step when I have to do it every single time the kids need something….but once I don’t need it in the summer, I am sure I won’t even notice.
  • Going along with that, the sun shade is removable…but also easy to lose. I guess I just in general prefer the previous Chariot cover that was completely integrated with the sun and weather shade/cover.

NOTE: The Cross will not work with previous Chariot model attachments.

The Bottom Line:

The Chariot Cross is definitely a step up from the popular Cougar model. We love the new venting addition for 2019.

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A quick video of our initial thoughts:

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Vanessa Cebula

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

Does the cross 2 have the carseat adapter option like the chinook?


Thursday 25th of March 2021

No, it doesn't :(


Friday 25th of December 2020

Great post! We have a 6mo old and planning on having a 2nd in the future...

Is the cross 2 okay for just one kid? Is there a way to Center the seat or is the balance not an issue?


Monday 28th of December 2020

Hi Ian - you can't center a child, but the balance is not an issue! I would 100% recommend starting with a Cross 2 right away


Friday 17th of April 2020

Hi, A UK reader here. I'm needed a bike trailer for my little boy, currently only 4 months but I'm planning ahead. We are trying to decide between a Thule cross or a burley d'lite single. We are both keen runners, live in a pretty rainy climate.

I'm really torn between the two. Can you help?


Sydney Sipeki

Friday 8th of May 2020


I have a 4year old and a 3month old. I have the Thule infant sling and am using it for the stroller aspect but am curious how soon you used it for bike riding. I know that Thule recommends waiting until baby is a year old, but that seems so far away.



Friday 24th of April 2020

HI Emily - honestly you couldn't go wrong with either....both do very well. If you get the Burley D'Lite X you will have reclining seats like the Thule Cross does. I would say whatever you can get more affordably! I WILL say that the Thule infant sling is super nice to have and you could put your son in it NOW instead of having to wait (Burley works better 6+ months). Hope that helps! - Amelia

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Thursday 16th of January 2020

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Thursday 18th of April 2019

I have a single Cross Unit manufactured in 2017.

I would love to be able to purchase the new bottom base which has the new venting system. Seems like it is replaceable with simple screws. Do you know anyone at Thule that I could reach out to to purchase this piece? It would be crazy for me to have to buy an entire new system.


Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

Hi Bill - I reached out to them and will let you know what I find out!