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Family Camping Meal Plan

Family Camping Meal Plan

Without a doubt, the most stressful part of camping for me is the meal planning and grocery shopping. This is especially true if we are camping for more than just the weekend.

Whether you choose to follow our meal plans to a T, or pick and choose meals that work for you, we know that these plans will save you so much time and hassle.

>>>Download your free family camping meal plan here!<<<

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Me and my family enjoying made-ahead chili around the campfire.

Car camping vs. backcountry camping

While one kind of camping is not necessarily better than the other, they do require very different planning and tools.

This post, and our meal plans included here, are geared towards car and camper camping.

Be sure to check out Amelia’s The Easy Camp Cookbook for tons of meal ideas for backcountry camping and car camping alike!

About our Meal Plans

Both of our camping meal plans include:

  • Mom tested, family approved, simple to make recipes
  • Several meals that you can make at home, ahead of time
  • Recipes feed a family of 4 (but you can easily adjust for a larger family)
  • Recipes that require either a campfire with metal grate and/or a camping grill
Even the most basic snacks taste better when you’re camping.

Cooking Methods

Our meal plans include food that can be prepared at home ahead of time, on a camp stove, in the campfire, and over coals.

Prep Ahead at Home Meals

Some foods are just more difficult to prepare at the campsite. Plus, after a long day of adventuring, it’s nice to heat up some fried rice or pulled pork for a delicious meal that’s ready in minutes.

I recommend making as many meals as possible ahead of time and freezing them flat in resealable plastic freezer bags.

Some foods just don’t freeze well, but our meal plans include a variety of prep-ahead meals, and those that can be made quickly at camp.

Camp Stove Cooking

For car (and camper) camping, we always bring a 2-burner propane camp stove. Having the option to cook on both burners at once is key to getting those meals out quicker.

Although many campers have a stove, I generally prefer cooking over the camp stove so that I don’t stink up the camper. Cooking inside also generates a lot of steam, and my camper doesn’t vent very well.

Cooking Over a Campfire

Cooking over a campfire often involves food that can be cooked on a long stick so they’re easy to pull quickly out of the flames. Hot dogs are super fun to cook over the fire, and of course, s’mores.

If you bring a metal grate, you can also cook meats over the fire. This kind of cooking requires constant supervision though – of the kids and the food!

We love these stainless steel, extendable fire roasting sticks from Amazon.

Get distracted for even 5 seconds and you’ll have a scorched bratwurst on your stick!

Cooking Over Coals

Coal cooking allows for even heat distribution, but it takes some time to get the coals heated to the right temperature.

A cast iron skillet over hot coals is great for cooking meat and fish (no charring this way).

Charcoal that you buy in bags at the grocery store works great for cooking, as do logs that have burned almost all the way down in the fire.

How to Use the Meal Plans

Both the 3-day and the 7-day (coming soon) meal plans are full of recipes that my whole family will eat (and enjoy), and that will feed a family of two adults and two young kids.

Homemade instant oatmeal is one of my kids favorite breakfasts, and it has WAY less sugar than the store bought kind.

Print it out!

I suggest printing the meal plan and looking very closely at each meal to make sure that it’s something everyone will eat. Of course pay close attention if anyone has food sensitivities or allergies.

My kids would eat charcuterie every day, but don’t worry, our meal plans are more diversified 🙂

Keep a printed copy handy at the campsite so that you know what you’re eating each day. Pay close attention to the prep-ahead meals and don’t forget to thaw them if needed!

Look Closely at the Meals Before Shopping

The nice thing about having the printable meal plans is you can easily cross out meals that you wish to omit, or write in substitutions on the shopping list.

Don’t forget though: If you omit a meal, make sure to cross out the ingredients listed on the grocery shopping list (so you don’t end up with un-needed items).

At the Campsite: Plan Ahead One Day

This is a super important point. Make sure that you look ahead to tomorrow’s meals so that you can thaw items if needed.

A little planning (beyond how many marshmallows to roast) goes a long way.

Of course if you forget to take the frozen muffins out, or forget to thaw the pulled pork, you can always swap for a different meal. Us mamas know how to be flexible, and camp cooking is no different.

Last But Not Least…Dessert

You will notice that both the Free 3-Day Camping Meal Plan and the 7-Day Camping Meal Plan (coming soon) include dessert every day. And in case you’re thinking, “wow, that lady gives her kids all that sugar?

At home? No way. My kids couldn’t handle it and I wouldn’t be able to handle them.

This funny kid prefers her s’mores with NO chocolate.

But when we’re camping, I know that they’re going to run around well after dessert’s over and burn off that sugar. They always get their crazies out before bedtime (which is way later when we’re camping).

But if you’re not into desserts, it’s all good – omit them!

Campfire popcorn is a super fun, after-dinner snack that has zero sugar but is sure to make everyone happy. Jiffy-Pop is easy, and all you need is a long stick. This YouTube video shows how it’s done.

If you have a camper with a freezer, popsicles make a great cool-you-down treat.

The Bottom Line

After a long day adventuring around the campsite, food just tastes better than it does at home. But with limited space, camp cooking requires way more planning.

Root beer + frozen whipped cream + fancy cup = camping root beer floats!

Just like everything we do here at Tales of a Mountain Mama, we aim to make getting outside with your family just a little bit easier and more fun.

That being said, our meal plans are intended to alleviate some of the planning and hassle. But we highly encourage you to look through and make modifications for your family (because we all have different tastes and preferences!).

Or if everything looks good, print out the shopping list and go for it, we know you won’t be disappointed!

Don’t forget some “special” drinks for the grownups, too!

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Family Camping Meal Plan

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