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Best Hiking Boots for Women

Best Hiking Boots for Women

Having good hiking boots is key to having a great hiking trip! And just like every body is different, we all have different FEET too. I enlisted some help from my favorite women hikers to round up the best hiking boots for women.

These are boots that are sturdy, comfortable, have great traction and work for different kinds of feet.

hiking boots for women

This is one of those posts that I will also be continually adding to, so I would LOVE to hear your opinions too. If you have a boot that you just LOVE, please email me at amelia (at) – I’d love to hear all about it (and maybe will add your opinions here!)

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Oboz Sawtooth II Low

Ok I am going to be really honest here – when I first got these boots I thought they were heavy and clunky and I didn’t even want to wear them. BUT, I am so glad I got past that initial reaction and put some miles on them.

They have hands-down the best traction of any of these boots, come in wide sizes (and a high version) and are very, very comfortable on the trail. A new favorite!

  • Also available in a non WP version if you don’t need that feature and want to save some money
  • Find them at REI here
hiking boots for women oboz

Mishmi Takin Kameng Boots

I have been wearing these for the past few months (in 2018) and am so incredibly impressed. They’re a beefier boot for great support while remaining still very breathable. They have great traction, are waterproof and are THE boots I reach for every day right now.

hiking boots for women mishmi takin

LaSportiva Trango TRK GTX

Rebecca from Hike Like A Woman says: “When I’m guiding groups on backpacking trips my pack is twice as heavy as everyone else’s so I need a boot that’s comfortable and supportive. But, it also needs to breathe well and provide protection against water and snow. This boot is burly without being too burly, breathable yet waterproof with minimal break-in time. Of the 5 pairs of hiking boots that I own, my feet are the happiest in these.”

Find them here on Amazon

hiking boots for women la sportiva

KEEN Targhee III

This is one of those boots that has KEEN has updated and kept around forever….because they’re really great! KEENS tend to usually work very well for my wide feet and are a bit more substantial than the lighter Ahnu boots above. Great traction and they hold up to a few years of use and abuse.

Buy them here at REI or or HERE directly from KEEN (low version also avaiable)

hiking boots for women KEEN

Solomon Quest 4D 3 GTX

A great boot for wet conditions!

Sarah of North Country Littles says, “They are over the ankle and waterproof which makes them perfect for hiking in wet or rugged areas. Last summer I took my kids backpacking and carried all our gear in a pack on my back while carrying my baby on my front in a carrier, these boots made me feel stable and confident in my footing.

BONUS: they are made to accommodate orthotics or inserts!

Find them at REI here!

hiking boots for women salomon

Merrell Moab 2 MID Waterproof

Flat feet? Sarah says these are for you!!

“I have very flat feet and struggle to find shoes that accommodate my collapsing arches.  The Merrell Moab 2 MID Waterproof is what I have found that works great. I need ankle support and this provides that while not making my flat feet ache like other shoes have.  I have had several pair and they are awesome new and with miles on them.  I don’t feel like I have to break them in and that has been a big blessing.  I forgot my shoes on a trip to Colorado a few summers ago and had to buy new boots to hike the whole trip in.  I was so worried I’d end up in blisters but these were great from the get go.”

Find them on Amazon here!

hiking boots for women merrell

Xero Shoes Daylight Hiker

The Xero Shoes DayLight Hiker is a great all-around hiking boot for wide feet and those looking for a minimalist, barefoot feel. The boot is insanely comfortable, flexible & stylish. The traction isn’t aggressive, so be aware if that is high on your priority list. 

Note: Valerie recommends the men’s boot for wide feet! However, it is also available in a women’s version.

Vivobarefoot Women’s Tracker

These boots need some breaking in, but then they are an amazing barefoot hiker. Team member, Kristen says:

“I LOVE my Vivibarefoot Tracker FG right now, which is new because I HATED THEM passionately until I finally broken them in hiking in the rain recently. Now they’re awesome. Everything I’d hoped they would be”

Kuru Quest

Kuru claims to be “better than orthotics.” I was skeptical, but I ended up agreeing. They didn’t offer as high of arch support as my custom-built orthotics, but were more comfortable. The boots are very smooth on the inside – just the right amount of cushioning and padding with no bothersome gaps or seams. The ankle support was enough to keep me from rolling my ankles, but wasn’t stiff. If you prefer a lot of support, you might need to look for a sturdier shoe.

Despite the Kuru Quest boasting a big toe box, it wasn’t quite large enough for me. My toes tend to prefer a HIGH toe box, not just a WIDE one, and the Quest was slightly lower than what I would have preferred.

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Best Hiking Boots for Women

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