I’m a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)

This summer seems to be particularly rough as far as keeping everyone sane….maybe it’s the adjustment of having everyone home again (yea!), maybe it’s the stress of every day life that has been especially taxing due to unexpected tragedy or maybe it’s just that I don’t speak “whinese” and that’s all I hear all most of the day!

There’s a lot of demands from kids.

A lot of demands from myself (self-inflicted).

A lot of fighting, a lot of hugging (sometimes a little tighter than what’s comfortable).

A lot of trying to find a balance of “free play” and “I-better-give-you-an-activity-before-you-make-us-all-crazy(er)”.

I'm a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)

Despite my frustrations and fatigue at the end of the day, I have come to just accept (usually) that the ups and downs and frustrations and joys are only normal. It’s all about setting aside the priorities for the day and making them happen.

I’ve learned if we don’t get outside within the first couple hours we are awake, the day just doesn’t seem to go quite as well. We ALL need some exercise before the heat and some fresh air to recenter our attitudes. And notice all pronouns are plural here….this isn’t a kid vs. mom thing, but a “we’re-in-this-mess-together” thing.

I'm a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)

It’s the moving of our bodies that helps us love each other a little easier.

Often that means big boys on bikes, Mom pushing the little girls until the end when L (age 2) is let free to ride her bike too. I guess I get a bit selfish with my own movement, but I insist me getting a little bit of a sweat on in the morning is for the betterment of the entire family.

I'm a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)

Because moms sometimes get frustrated and yell. And kids sometimes get frustrated and yell back.

And sometimes we all pout, and cry and fight and just don’t have the best day.

And sometimes it’s too hot out and sometimes too rainy and sometimes nothing (and I mean NOTHING) gets done.

But, this is usually how we recenter ourselves and start over and move forward because that is what families do.


So, I’m calling out my tribe. Calling all of you with kids that aren’t that perfect (or at least hardly ever). Calling all of you that literally have to tumble all your kids (and you) out the door for your own sanity.

I want to hear from those of you have kids with dirty faces, diapers that don’t get changed as often as they should, and sometimes get sick of the fact that the family just keeps on wanting dinner every day (and they can’t cook it themselves).

Please let me know if you sneak chocolate chips occasionally, escape to a whine-free world on your phone from time to time or try really hard to get that Dinner/Cleaning Fairy to visit your house.

I'm a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)

Speak up if your kids pop a squat in the middle of the trail (or grocery store aisle) and refuse to move a single inch (unless their feet are flailing).

Sound off if you plan escapes into nature all on your own (or, gasp!, with your spouse) and feel like something’s missing if someone isn’t attached to you.

Three cheers if you wake up trying your best every day…even if your motivation is gone by 9 am.

You are my tribe, you are my people.

And THIS, my friends, is what life is made of.

Can I get an AMEN?!?!


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  • Amelia lives with her husband and five young children outside of Jackson, WY in Grand Teton National Park. As a mom, she quickly learned that the secret to sanity was to spend more time outside where tantrums don't see quite so bad. Amelia started TMM in 2012 to help encourage all families (including her own) to get outside, no matter the weather. Due to the necessity of having to keep so many kids warm and happy, she has become an expert in kids' gear and loves being able to share it with others.

15 thoughts on “I’m a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)”

  1. Amen! Life is crazy and momming is hard! I jog/walk with s friend three mornings a week around a nearby lake and it helps my sanity immensely! I also have taken to drinking tea and enforcing “quiet rest time” after lunch which isn’t always a success. And I try to read or steal away to Facebook when I’m ready to burst. My kids all spend a lot of the day outside and start right off with outside playtime after breakfast. And we try to swim in the lake every afternoon. But with all 6 at home I struggle to get them beyond the yard or lake on my own. Walking or biking I find to be nearly impossible unless my husband is home. The roads aren’t conducive to it and I have too many too little. But it’s a goal we are working towards. And you are an inspiration!

    • I need to reinforce the rest time…for me! So easy to keep on being busy bee! πŸ˜‰ Way to go, Mama! I love watching you get out with your 6!

  2. Amen! It’s been whines around here too. We’ve been getting outside for sure everyday and it makes it better for both of us. She is always so happy outside. But the lack of consistent schedule has her all out of sorts. She’s definitely a schedule girl!

  3. Amen!! I only have 2, and 2 really self sufficient/independent ones at that, but then juggling all the other stuff that goes along with it such a rentals, cleanings, school work, paperwork, the typical daily chores, going between two living spaces (Lake and here)….. Don’t get me wrong….I love it all (most of the time) but feeling overwhelmed at times. I always feel guilty for any complaints but man it’s just the way it is…..and I am blessed πŸ™‚

    We have been playing lots….fresh air does the soul good. I have to admit the past few cooler/rainy days have been good as well. Games, painting, play dough, naps…etc….equally good for us.

    Amelia, thanks so much for this post. We’ve had a hard time connecting…..seems as we always do. You are so good reaching out. Keep doing it…….I’ll keep trying as well. Live well up on the hill there tribal friend….and we will also down here πŸ™‚

  4. Yes!! We are homeschooling, so the kids being at home all the time isn’t a change. The weather is the difficult part for us. My kids, nor I, like hot weather and we live in the SE. We have hit the 90’s with high humidity for the summer and I can’t pay my kids to go play out on our farm right now. I had to move our kiddy pool to the front porch to get them to spend any time outside. The struggle is real every summer!! This time of year, I always miss living in San Diego!!

  5. Amen sista! Being outside is my sanity. I often jog with my 3 and hit up local parks these days, embracing the limitations and my capabilities for this season. Thankful for a driveway and yard where they can play as well. On weekends with my husband we are likely to hit the trails more or bike pulling the kids. I do escape at times to social media and hardly can keep up around the house especially if the sun is shining. Tis the season!

  6. Amen! I work from home as an adult continuing education program coordinator. Our programs start next week, my husband’s been working long hours, and I need to be online/phone 3-5 hours a day! So I work on my computer on our back porch while the kids play outside. This week Virginia finally heated up to 90s + humidity, so pretty hot. But we have to be outside for sanity and for me to get anything done. Today, M&Ms and hard cider are my go-to’s, and looking forward to hiking and Luray Caverns tomorrow! (And the only housework that occasionally gets done is dishes and laundry late at night! πŸ˜‰

  7. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone! Although I have to admit I was pretty proud the first time my girl popped a squat trail side

  8. Amen! And thanks for keeping it real! My husband is the one at home with our son full time and I know for him, just getting outside is the key to keeping everyone same. Bike rides keep him in a healthy place too- often with the weehoo, sometimes with our chariot. He’s a big freak in general, but it’s definitely helpful for him.


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