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I’m a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)

This summer seems to be particularly rough as far as keeping everyone sane….maybe it’s the adjustment of having everyone home again (yea!), maybe it’s the stress of every day life that has been especially taxing due to unexpected tragedy or maybe it’s just that I don’t speak “whinese” and that’s all I hear all most of the day!

There’s a lot of demands from kids.

A lot of demands from myself (self-inflicted).

A lot of fighting, a lot of hugging (sometimes a little tighter than what’s comfortable).

A lot of trying to find a balance of “free play” and “I-better-give-you-an-activity-before-you-make-us-all-crazy(er)”.

I'm a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)

Despite my frustrations and fatigue at the end of the day, I have come to just accept (usually) that the ups and downs and frustrations and joys are only normal. It’s all about setting aside the priorities for the day and making them happen.

I’ve learned if we don’t get outside within the first couple hours we are awake, the day just doesn’t seem to go quite as well. We ALL need some exercise before the heat and some fresh air to recenter our attitudes. And notice all pronouns are plural here….this isn’t a kid vs. mom thing, but a “we’re-in-this-mess-together” thing.

I'm a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)

It’s the moving of our bodies that helps us love each other a little easier.

Often that means big boys on bikes, Mom pushing the little girls until the end when L (age 2) is let free to ride her bike too. I guess I get a bit selfish with my own movement, but I insist me getting a little bit of a sweat on in the morning is for the betterment of the entire family.

I'm a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)

Because moms sometimes get frustrated and yell. And kids sometimes get frustrated and yell back.

And sometimes we all pout, and cry and fight and just don’t have the best day.

And sometimes it’s too hot out and sometimes too rainy and sometimes nothing (and I mean NOTHING) gets done.

But, this is usually how we recenter ourselves and start over and move forward because that is what families do.


So, I’m calling out my tribe. Calling all of you with kids that aren’t that perfect (or at least hardly ever). Calling all of you that literally have to tumble all your kids (and you) out the door for your own sanity.

I want to hear from those of you have kids with dirty faces, diapers that don’t get changed as often as they should, and sometimes get sick of the fact that the family just keeps on wanting dinner every day (and they can’t cook it themselves).

Please let me know if you sneak chocolate chips occasionally, escape to a whine-free world on your phone from time to time or try really hard to get that Dinner/Cleaning Fairy to visit your house.

I'm a Real Mom Too (Calling My Tribe!)

Speak up if your kids pop a squat in the middle of the trail (or grocery store aisle) and refuse to move a single inch (unless their feet are flailing).

Sound off if you plan escapes into nature all on your own (or, gasp!, with your spouse) and feel like something’s missing if someone isn’t attached to you.

Three cheers if you wake up trying your best every day…even if your motivation is gone by 9 am.

You are my tribe, you are my people.

And THIS, my friends, is what life is made of.

Can I get an AMEN?!?!


Burley-Ambassador-Badge-FINALThis blog post is sponsored in part by the #MothersofNature initiative from Burley. I (just like you) am a mom on the go…constantly. And I believe whole-heartedly in the fact that families who are active and mobile together find more peace and companionship.

Burley, the industry leader in recreational transport gear, also agrees. They strive to encourage moms to spend more time outdoors with their families by creating products that make the experience fun, seamless, safe and unique (see the “sanity-mobile” above!) Their gear sets the standard for safety, durability and thoughtful design. 

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