Adventure Overalls for Women

Adventure Overalls for Women

Although I had a closet full of work overalls, overalls didn’t really become my best friend until I was pregnant with my son. While most of my pants were getting too tight to be worn comfortably, I discovered that my overalls were super comfortable and were perfect to accommodate my ever growing body.

Plus, overalls are the perfect clothing piece in my opinion, modest enough to be worn professionally, or can be worn out exploring and show off your best assets. Here’s a round up of some of our favorite adventure overalls that work for women of all body types.

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Warm Weather Adventure Overalls

Duluth Trading Co. Heirloom Garden Overalls

Hands down my personal favorite overalls for summer exploring. Duluth’s Heirloom overalls are a light weight material that also seems to resist water and is made of rip-stop nylon that withstands this mama scrambling over rocks chasing toddlers.

This was my most comfortable overall to wear while pregnant due to stretch, lightness and comfort. With as much as I love these overalls, I’d be very interested in trying Duluth’s Women’s Job-Jitsu Rain Overalls to wear on rainy days, as well as any of their insulated bibs for freezing winter weather. 

Pros of Duluth Heirloom Garden Overalls:

  • Lightweight, durable, stretchy and moisture resistant material with lots of pockets. 
  • There is a strap inside the pant leg so they can be rolled up and secured so as to be worn as capris too. If that’s not your style, they are also made as an overall short (Women’s Heirloom Gardening Short Overalls). 
  • They are great for curvy women too!

Cons of Duluth Heirloom Garden Overalls: 

  • Meant to be a garden pant so is roomy for a range of mobility, not fitted.

Adventure overalls
Duluth Trading Co. Heirloom Garden Overalls dare I say are slimming? These I wore while pregnant with my son, and here while 8 months pregnant with my daughter exploring the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana.
Adventure overalls
Amelia gets more compliments on these Heirloom Garden Overalls than any other clothing she has ever owned.

Patagonia All Seasons Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls

These overalls are very comfortable, lighter weight and incredibly soft. These don’t seem as loose fitting as many of my other overalls, but they are not fitted by any means. They are not nearly as thick or stiff as a new pair of uninsulated Carhartt overalls.

Pros of Patagonia All Season Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls:

  • Lighter, soft material (hemp, organic cotton and spandex blend) very comfortable for a range of mobility and what I’d consider perfect for fall or spring adventures. 
  • Can be ordered in a variety of leg lengths (short, regular, tall) to accommodate a range of women’s heights.
  • Patagonia All-Season Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls are curvy-women friendly too. They are bit baggier (fit more like Carhartts) and are more “sturdy” than the Duluth, for example.

Cons Patagonia All Season Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls: 

  • Shoulder straps; they are limited to only two torso length options dictated by the button selected on the straps. So if your torso is not one of the two lengths available, you need to decide if you are fine with the torso being a touch longer on you, or having a perpetual wedgie. 
  • These overalls are a thinner material, which is great from a breathability and temperature control standpoint, but not for protecting your legs from sharp things like thorns or sharp rocks.
Adventure overalls
Patagonia All Seasons Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls in the wild searching for huckleberries.
TMM Team Member Sarah says the Patagonia All Season Hemp Canvas Bib Overalls are curvy-friendly too!

Flylow Life Bib

I was not familiar with the Flylow Gear brand until a fellow Mountain Mama introduced me! She loves hers and felt these are great for shorter, curvy ladies as they are stretchy and run a good length.

As a professional school teacher, she considers these her “dress up” overalls and could wear them as not only adventure attire, but as professional attire as well.

Pros of Flylow Life Bib:

  • Light, breathable and stretchy.
  • Runs true to size, although is more fitted than many overalls.

Cons of Flylow Life Bib: 

  • Something less desirable noted by the wearer was the elastic waistband on the back side of the overalls created somewhat of a “bubble butt” appearance.
Adventure overalls
Fellow Mountain Mama so happy with her Flylow Life Bibs! Wear them to work or out adventuring!

Dovetail Workwear Freshley Overall

Another fellow Mountain Mama recommended these as they are made for so many different body types, coming in a variety of sizes (000-24) and lengths. What makes these great for adventuring or hard work is they are durable, but very stretchy as well which is flattering on all body types. 

Pros of Dovetail Workwear Freshley Overall:

  • Stretchy and durable, with lots of pockets and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Incredibly durable
  • Definitely made for women of all sizes and shapes (we LOVE that about Dovetail)

Cons of Dovetail Workwear Freshley Overall:

  • They are a little heavy so not great for super hot days, but totally work for cooler summer days, spring, fall and winter too.
Dovetail Fresley Overalls

Hot Weather Adventure Shorteralls/Jumpers

Title Nine Scout Overall Jumper Dress

Sometimes it’s just nice to wear skirts instead of pants, am I right!? Cue the Scout from Title Nine, an above the knee skirt with adjustable overall straps and a collection of open and zippered pockets. I can see this being the perfect cover up to throw on over a swimsuit after a day on the water. It also has potential to be a great piece to explore trails in all day, and then easily transition to a girls night out (or in!).

Pros of Title Nine Scout Overall Jumper Dress:

  • Light material with adjustable straps.
  • Zippered side allows additional ease in getting in and out if you don’t want to shimmy out the top or bottom.

Cons of Title Nine Scout Overall Jumper Dress:

  • It runs a bit short (above knees)

Duluth Trading Co. Heirloom Gardening Short Overalls

You can’t have too much of a good thing. These shorteralls are made of the same great material that the full length version is except they are knee length shorts! Great for when it’s too hot or muggy to be wearing the full length version.

Pros of Duluth Heirloom Gardening Short Overalls:

  • Lighter material in a short version for the days it’s too hot to wear pants!

Cons of Duluth Heirloom Gardening Short Overalls:

  • These do provide UPF 30 sun protection, but it’s up to you if you’d prefer UPF 30 full leg protection, or just over your torso and legs.
The Heirloom Gardening Short Overalls aren’t just for gardening, they’re great for hiking up mountains too!

Rosies Workwear for Women Classic Overall

I have been eyeing Rosies Workwear for a couple years now. Rosies is a family owned business now based in Manhattan, KS and has been woman owned since 2002. The founder was frustrated with wearing ill-fitting mens coveralls during a welding class, so she started designing workwear for women because she found it unacceptable that there were not durable and versatile workwear options designed to fit a woman’s unique shape.

I recently purchased a pair of the Classic Overalls because they are a lightweight and durable overall that can be converted to a shorterall by zipping off the pant leg at the knee. I can hardly wait until my Rosies arrive!

Pros of Rosies Workwear for Women Classic Overalls:

  • Lightweight, durable, breathable, stain resistant and 100% cotton overall with zip off pant leg option or spot to add removable kneepads make this a versatile garment for those looking to minimize their closet.
  • Design details and feminine cut to flatter all women sizes 0-20.
  • By shopping with Rosies you are supporting a small family business that is woman owned and designed. Design modifications are based on customer stories and needs; expect new items and upgrades in the future as Rosies is responsive to women’s needs!

Cons of Rosies Workwear for Women Classic Overalls:

  • This is mainly my own fault, but mine are a light blue color so of course when I wore them, they immediately got dirty! The “Blue Jay” color is pretty though and adds variation to my overalls collection, but it definitely shows dirt!
Rosies Workwear Classic Overalls are versatile with the zip off pant legs at knee length so can be worn as shortfalls or full length like pictured here.

Rainy Weather Adventure Overalls

Burton Multipath Overalls

You may be familiar with Burton as a snowboard and winter apparel brand, but they make non-snow bibs as well! The thicker, but very stretchy and durable material makes these slim fitting overalls comfortable and flattering to wear. With Burton’s Durable Water Repellant coating, these are a great overall to wear on rainy hiking adventures. 

Pros of Burton Multipath Overalls:

  • Durable, stretchy and water repellant. 
  • Pockets! Including a a generously sized front zipper pocket.  

Cons of Burton Multipath Overalls:

  • Caution! Water repellant, not waterproof! Worked well for causing water to bead and roll off during light rain.
Burton Multipath Overalls have the feel of a tech hiking pant and are water repellant.

Udder Tech Inc. Bibbed Overalls- Waterproof

There are many things I love about my Udder Tech Inc. bibs, but lets start with the fact that they were developed by a dairy family in rural Minnesota. Although these products were developed to meet the needs of those working within various sectors of agriculture (farmers, veterinarians, etc), they fit the needs of this mountain mama and mountain babies too! They hold up well to rugged adventures in the rain and have velcro siding at the hip for easy on and off over additional layers if necessary. 

Pros of the Udder Tech Inc. Bibbed Overall- Waterproof:

  • Waterproof nylon material is tough and resistant to wear and tear, and can be machine washed. Adjustable straps and lots of pockets, including inner pocket with zipper.
  • Generously sized to be worn over other layers (shorts, leggings or pants) and comes in a variety of lengths.
  • Economical: pricing for adult sizes begin at $54.99 and have some specialized customization options (like back pockets) available for only an additional $3. Youth sizes begin at 2T and pricing begins at $26.99.

Cons of the Udder Tech Inc. Bibbed Overall- Waterproof:

  • Despite the range adult of sizes available due to unisex sizing, and lengths available, short isn’t an option! Leg length options begin at regular. 
Udder Tech Inc. for the win with their waterproof overalls in mommy and mini sizes down to 2T!

Cool to Freezing Cold Adventure Overalls

Revivall Clothing Wool Overalls

These are my go to overall pair for everyday wear in the winter. I wear mine hiking and snowshoeing, and know ladies who cross country ski in these. When in stock, these woolies do not last long! Revivall makes small batches of overalls and works with deadstock and reclaimed fashion industry fabrics so as to be sustainable, which means supplies are limited. 

Pros of Revivall Clothing Wool Overalls:

  • These are wool, need I say more?!? Each pair is hand made in either Montana or Oregon, beautiful and unique and only made in small batches. 
  • Fitted to women’s curves, with deep pockets. 
  • Feel good about your purchase as you are supporting a woman owned and operated business that uses deadstock fabric and practices sustainability and minimal waste. 

Cons of Revivall Clothing Wool Overalls: 

  • These overalls are made to be a little more form fitting to a woman’s figure, so if you are built more boyish or prefer a looser fit, size up! I am 5’5” and weigh 120lbs with a 36B bust, although sizing recommended a size small, I went with a size medium because I did not want a form fitting overall.
If the temperature drops below 25 degrees, you can bet I’m wearing my wool overalls from Revivall Clothing based in Bozeman, MT. With winter weather apparel I tend to size up so I can fit more layers underneath if necessary.

Carhartt Loose Fit Weathered Duck Insulated Biberall

I’m excited that Carhartt now offers a wide variety of overalls and workwear designed specifically for women. Most of my pairs are hand me downs from the men’s line, so although they are somewhat more baggy on me, they are durable and keep me warm.

Insulated bib overalls are typically meant to be worn over other layers of clothing so they may not be ideal if you want to go cross country skiing, but are maybe better suited for winter activities like ice fishing or sledding. Both the men’s and women’s styles have zippers down either leg for easy on and off over other layers of clothing. 

Pros of Carhartt Loose Fit Weather Duck Insulated Biberall:

  • Traditional duck canvas material from Carhartt is rugged and withstands hard work and wear.
  • Insulation helps keep you warm during moments of minimal movement or activity (like ice fishing). If you overheat, you can always partially or fully unzip the legs to cool down. 

Cons of Carhartt Loose Fit Weather Duck Insulated Biberall:  

  • These are not waterproof so if they get really wet from either rain or snow, you get real bogged down (Carhartt does make a Waterproof Loose Fit Heavyweight Bib Overall and the Storm Defender line is waterproof as well, but neither is insulated and these are from the Carhartt men’s clothing line).
  • Somewhat heavy and bulky, probably shouldn’t wear for activities where you want to move light and fast (unless it’s really, really cold). 
My Carhartt insulated overalls are hand me downs from the men’s line. I’m very excited that there are now two options of insulated bibs within Carhartt’s women’s line of apparel!

Overall options for women have come a long way over the years. I’m certain there is a functional and flattering style for every body shape, every activity and every mountain mama out there. Whether you like fitted or roomy; heavy duty winter bibs for the bitter cold; lighter ones for sweltering weather, there are now many options from which to find the perfect fit.

You don’t need to be a farmer to wear overalls, but you certainly can be! Are you a fan of overalls? If so, tell me why and what your favorites are!

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Adventure Overalls for Women

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