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Adventure Board Review

Adventure Board Review

Back in June, I had the pleasure of meeting Martha and Joey from Adventure Board at The Big Gear Show. They were demonstrating just how bouncy and durable their Adventure Boards are. We discussed the importance of play and movement in child development and the importance of quality gear for families that can be used in a variety of ways.

As a homeschooling family that frequently moves around to different climates, I was intrigued by the concept of a piece of adventure gear that was easy to transport and multi-functional. It sounded like this board may be exactly what we have been looking for, so I had to give it a try. Would it live up to my high expectations? Read on to find out!

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An Adventure Board docked on the beach next to a bay with a boat speeding by

About the Product

History of the Company

Adventure Board is a small, family-owned company headed by a former firefighter turned entrepreneur (Joey) and an educator (Martha). It all started when they were searching for a product that provided bounce and rebound, creativity, portability, and a small, temporary footprint. They wanted something that would promote play and movement for kids, which is foundational for learning and cognitive growth along with physical health.

Through all of their research, they discovered that this type of product didn’t exist yet. Rather than giving up and settling for multiple different products, they set out to create a solution. Inspired by the incredible durability of high-end stand-up paddleboards, Joey and Martha came together to create a single product with a remarkably diverse number of uses. The Adventure Board was born.

What is an Adventure Board?

My 7-year-old describes it as “a super thick, wide paddle board without a fin”. He’s not wrong. If you were to combine the bounce and rebound of a gymnastics AirTrack with the tough durability of a river stand-up paddleboard, you would get the Adventure Board.

It can be used indoors or outdoors, in all 4 seasons, and in various types of terrain. The PSI can easily be adjusted to fit the needs of your chosen adventure, whether you’re in the backyard, inside a playroom, or floating on the lake. It comes in three sizes to choose from: 10 feet, 16 feet, or 23 feet.

Seven children playing on an Adventure Board that is floating just off the shore of a beach

Product Specifications

The Adventure Board comes in three sizes, so we made this handy chart to compare the specifications of each size. Note: every board comes with a carrying bag, securing strap, patch kit, and detailed instruction manual.

A comparison chart showing the specifications for the 3 different Adventure Board Sizes

Key Features

I tested out the smallest board, the 10-foot option, for this review, but the key features are similar for all three sizes.

Connection Points

All the boards have several handles and D rings to attach accessories to, though the number changes based on the size. The 10-foot option has 8 handles and 8 D-rings, all located along the sides and ends of the board. This ensures that you have enough attachment points without hindering the smooth surface needed for activities such as sliding and bouncing.

Load Capacity

As shown in the chart above, these boards have incredible load capacities! Even the smallest board can hold up to 1,000 pounds on the ground or 750 pounds on water. We tested these limits by fitting as many kids on the board as we could while on the water, and the board never rode lower or dragged.

A group of smiling children sitting on an Adventure Board of the shore of a beach with an adult on either side in the water.

PSI Versatility

The main feature that makes this board unique and multi-functional is the variability in PSI. Lower PSI levels are great for jumping, bouncing, sledding, or even sleeping, while the higher PSI levels work well for floating and paddling. You can play around with the PSI levels without worrying about damaging the board.

Warranty and Customer Service

The company has guaranteed product satisfaction with a 5-year warranty and one-on-one direct access to the owner/creators for any questions, comments, or concerns. When I had an issue with not receiving the electric pump (I opted for the 10-foot board with the electric pump add-on), they responded within a few hours and remedied the situation quickly. Their customer service was superb!

Performance and Experience

I was able to test the 10-foot board both on the ground and on the water. Here’s how we tested it and our biggest takeaways from experimenting with this board.

On the Ground

We tested the Adventure Board in our backyard with various PSI levels. We found that lower levels (around 0.5 PSI) worked best when we were wanting to bounce and jump around. When we wanted to add in some water and create a slip-and-slide, 0.5-1.0 PSI worked well. However, the 10-foot board was a little short for a slip and slide (they recommend the 16-foot board for this).

We noticed that it can get quite hot when playing on summer days, which was the only downfall we experienced when using it in our yard. It does make for a comfortable spot to relax in the shade though, and I can often find my older son drawing or coloring while relaxing on the board.

Two children and an adult female bouncing on an Adventure Board in the grass in a backyard.

On the Water

For us, this is really where the Adventure Board shines. We took the board to the beach and used it for a slip-and-slide, a diving board, a floating dock, and a paddle board. We even gathered our homeschool friends and tested it out with around 25 kids. They were jumping off, sliding, playing chicken, etc. It was a huge hit!

My youngest son loved to float along with the current, and even fell asleep a few times as we paddled along. It is easier to paddle than I expected, though a bit hard to steer if the waves pick up due to the lack of a fin for stability. One thing to note is that the larger sizes will require multiple people to lug it to the water once it’s pumped up. Even the 10-foot size was a bit difficult for me to handle myself if I wasn’t parked close to the water.

Children standing or sitting on an Adventure Board that is floating just off the shore of a beach.

Best For… Families Looking for Variety in Their Adventure Style

If you’re looking for a piece of adventure gear that has countless uses while still being durable and affordable, the Adventure Board is likely a good fit for you. Here are just a few of the common uses for the board along with the ideal board size for each adventure.

On the Water

There are several ways you can use the adventure board in the water. Here are just a few:


We enjoyed paddling along the bay, which is best suited for the 10-foot board or the 16-foot board if you have multiple paddlers. When wind or waves pick up, it can be difficult to steer, but generally, it’s easy to maneuver. A paddle is NOT included, so you will need to buy one separately.

Three children on an Adventure Board, one is paddling while the others stand behind off the shore of a beach.
Beach/Lake Slip-and-Slide

My kids enjoyed doing a beach slip-and-slide. We set the board up so half of it was in the water and poured buckets of water on the board to make it more slippery. While it was doable with the 10-foot option, it would have been better with the 16-foot or 23-foot boards for a longer slide.

Diving Board

I use the term “diving board” loosely, as it simply involves jumping off the board into the water, but my boys called it that and it stuck. By far their favorite activity on the board, they can spend hours just jumping into the water and then pulling themselves back up. This will work with any size board.

Children jumping off of an Adventure Board into the water off the shore or a beach
Water Slide

This is one of those activities that will depend on your set-up. If you are near a dock or some other incline, you can secure the board using the D-rings to use it like a water slide. This will work best with the 16 or 23-foot options.


A chair can easily be attached to the board using bungee cords on the D-rings! Then you can sit back and relax as you wait for the fish to bite. This is best suited to the 10 or 16-foot boards.

Floating Dock

Looking for a place to hang out on the lake? Simply secure the board using the D-rings to an existing doc or other fixed point and you’re set! This will work best with the 23 or 16-foot sizes, though it could still work with the smallest board.

On Land

With a little change in air pressure, you can do quite a bit with the Adventure Board on Land! Here are a few popular uses:

Bouncing (Trampoline)

When set to a low PSI, the boards are far bouncier than I expected. We set it to a little less than 1.0 PSI and were able to bounce around and get some air. All board sizes work well with this. This is especially helpful if your kids love jumping, but you live in an area where backyard trampolines are not allowed.

Two children jumping on an Adventure Board in a grassy backyard location with a climbing dome in the background

Just add water and you have an excellent slip-and-slide! We made it work with the 10-foot board, but it would work best with either of the larger sizes.

Tumbling and Tricking

This is really where the board shines on land. You can practice gymnastics, enhance parkour moves, or even use it for bicycle tricks. The 16 and 23-foot options work best for this use, but we were able to cartwheel and tumble on our 10-foot board as well.

A child doing somersaults on an Adventure Board in a grassy backyard location with a climbing dome in the background

Do you have a set of stairs off your deck? Or maybe you have an inclined hill nearby? You can anchor the Adventure Board to the deck or other fixed point and create a dry slide. The ideal board sizes will depend on the size of your stairs or hill.


Whether it’s a snowy hill or a sand dune, you can hang on to the handles (or attach a bungee across to create a handhold) and use the board as a sled. It’s durable enough to withstand some bumps and drag when you’re ready to climb back up the hill. This is likely best suited for the 10-foot board, though you can make it work with the 16-foot option as well.


I frequently find my boys lounging on the board under the shade of a tree in our backyard. My oldest will draw or color while my youngest drags his Lego’s out to build a tower or city. Any size board works well for this!

Two children drawing pictures while sitting on an Adventure Board under a tree in a grassy backyard


Inclement weather got you stuck inside with stir-crazy kids? You can pull out the Adventure Board to use indoors if you have some extra room! Here are some indoor options for the board:

Crash Pad

If your kids love jumping off the couch or play furniture, the Adventure Board makes a great crash pad to land on. This will work best with the 10 or 16-foot boars sizes depending on the size of your space.

Bouncing and Tumbling

Let your kids burn off some energy indoors by jumping, bouncing, and tumbling on the Adventure Board. This provides a safer spot to get those wiggles out or practice their moves indoors. The 10 or 16-foot sizes are best for this use unless you have room for the largest board.

What We Love

There is much to love about the Adventure Board. Here are a few things I appreciate most about the board:

Two Children looking out at the water while sitting on an Adventure Board as it floats along the water in an inlet


I love that this board has so many different uses. Rather than buying a one-use piece of equipment, you’re getting an adventure item that can grow with your family and be used in all seasons. Whether you live near the beach or in the middle of a desert, you can find multiple uses for the Adventure Board.


The material on this board is so tough and thick that you won’t need to worry about your pet’s claws or a sharp rock puncturing it. It’s meant for rough play, whether it be jumping and flipping or doing tricks on it with your bike. The load capacity is huge, even for the smallest board, so you won’t have to stress about weight limits. I also love how you can change the PSI based on your activity without worrying about it damaging the board.

Handles and D-Rings

There are numerous handles and D-rings to not only make it easier to carry but also allow you to attach multiple accessories. They have placed them strategically so they don’t hinder performance (you wouldn’t want to slide into a D-ring).

Detailed Instruction Manual

This may seem like a small thing but having a detailed instruction manual with tons of diagrams, suggestions, and FAQs is super helpful! It also happens to be in color, so you can clearly see how to set up and break down the board along with ideas for how to use it.

What We Aren’t So Crazy About

While I have no complaints with the board, there were a few minor annoyances experienced along the way:

An Adventure Board rolled up in a bag with a hand pump, instruction manual, and patch kit nearby.

The Bag

I really struggled trying to get the board back into the bag. Even when we reverse-pumped the air out, it was difficult for my husband and I to get the board to fit into the zippered carrying bag. I feel as though if it were just a few inches larger, it would make a huge difference! Also, it became a little uncomfortable to carry to and from the beach while it was in the bag. We ended up ditching the bag and just securing the board with the provided strap instead.

The Hand Pump

While the 16 and 23-foot board sizes automatically come with an electric pump, the 10-foot option comes with a hand pump or an additional upgrade to the electric pump. While the hand pump functioned fine, it was super difficult to get the board pumped up higher than around 5 PSI with the hand pump. I HIGHLY suggest opting to add on the electric pump for the 10-foot size option!

All-Terrain Adventure Board

I highly recommend this board to any family looking for a very versatile piece of adventure gear that can be used indoors or outdoors, in any season, and on land or water.  The load capacity is incredible, and the number of handles and D-rings allows you to accessorize the board to fit your needs. The larger board sizes allow you to do more but are more difficult to transport if you happen to be the only adult around. While we aren’t crazy about the bag or the hand pump, those are small grievances compared to the quality and durability of this board.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Adventure Board exclusively on their website. Use code MTNMAMA for 10% off an Adventure Board!

Use code MTNMAMA for 10% off an Adventure Board!

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