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WeeDo Funwear Review

WeeDo Funwear

WeeDo Funwear perfectly blends the worlds of function and fashion with well-built, insulated and waterproof outwear. Your kiddo will highly visible and toasty warm on the slopes or in the backyard.

The WeeDo product line includes one piece snowsuits, jackets, bibs, mittens and rain gear. TMM Team members Jen and Sarah provide their reviews of the Blue Mondo Monster Snowsuit, Unido Unicorn Snowsuit and the new Powdo Commander Snow Jacket.

The TMM team (and our kids) are so thrilled to test these suits and jackets out. While the suits do not come with mittens, we knew our unicorns needed hooves, and monsters needed claws, so we ordered the matching mittens too.

WeeDo has agreed to offer you an exclusive 15% off coupon! Shop the WeeDo Funwear website and use code ‘mtnmama’ at checkout for 15% off your purchase. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

As a member of WeeDo’s affiliate program, we earn from qualifying purchases. As always, this review is exactly what we tell our family and friends.

Picture of a toddler snowboarder wearing the WeedDo Unicorn Snowsuit

The WeeDo Story

Founded & Run by a Mom

Here at TMM, we are all about supporting women and moms, which is just one of the many reasons we LOVE WeeDo Funwear.

WeeDo was founded in Germany by Antje, who describes herself as a mother, tailor, manager and doer. She is in charge of everything from design to production, and she combines her creativity and love of all things fantasy, with a passion for sustainability.

Amelia got to met Antje and the WeeDo team back in January and was very impressed with their commitment to kids and families.

A boy wears the WeeDo Commando jacket with the cape flying in the wind.
Fun, functional AND environmentally friendly!

WeeDo’s Pledge to Sustainability

Something else we are passionate about is protecting our environment. We are thrilled that not only is the Weedo line of gear BlueSign approved, but they also feature:

  • Materials that are free of PVC and other harmful substances
  • Synthetic fabrics made from recycled bottles
  • Plastic shipping wrap that is made from cornstarch
  • Production that is Fair Trade certified

WeeDo POWDO Commander Jacket Review

If you’ve got an outer space lover or a kiddo who never takes off their superhero cape, this is the jacket for you!

A boy wearing the WeeDo Commando jacket while playing on a tree swing in the winter.
The WeeDo Commando Jacket puts the “fun” in functional.

Don’t let the commander cape fool you; this is actually a pint sized technical snowboarding and skiing jacket. It features all the essentials of a good jacket such as armpit zips, powder skirt, waterproofing with taped seams and plenty of pockets.

Jacket Features

  • Hyperloft insulation (100% recycled)
  • Waterproof (10k) & breathable (5k)
  • Reflective accents
  • Helmet compatible, adjustable hood
  • Snow skirt
  • Ski pass pocket, hand pockets and inner chest pocket
  • Mesh inserts for comfortable ventilation under the arms
  • Removeable red cape


The first thing you’ll notice when you take this jacket out of the box is how solid it feels. This is a heavy (but still easy to move around in), very warm jacket. Temperatures where we live are frequently in the single digits and my son has been toasty warm with just a midweight wool layer underneath.

A smiling kid with the hood pulled up wearing the WeeDo Commando jacket.
Blast off into outer space (or down the ski slope) in the WeeDo Commando Jacket.

I would say the warmth is comparable to a Patagonia Hi-Loft jacket, but much more durable.

Adding to the warmth factor is the helmet-compatible hood. On very cold, blustery days at the top of the Jackson Hole Tram you just have to put your hood up. And this hood leaves plenty of room for your helmeted kiddo to wear it comfortably up.

Powder Skirt

If you opt for the jacket and pants option rather than the one piece snowsuit, having a powder skirt is a very important jacket feature.

A close up photo featuring the powder skirt on the WeeDo Commando jacket.
A powder skirt is essential for a snowboarding or skiing jacket.

Not only does it do the obvious – keep snow from creeping up the back and down the pants – but it also helps block in the warmth, keeping your child’s core warmer.

Fit and Sizing

Same as the WeeDo one piece snowsuits, the jackets run big. Specifically, they are designed to be very long in the torso.

My 7.5 year old is 50″ tall (127 cm), weighs 50 lbs. and is wearing the 116 cm size which is equivalent to 6T. The sleeves are the perfect length right now, but they will be short at the end of the winter. The torso length provides plenty of room and is long enough to keep his bum warm.

Stock image of the WeeDo Snow Jacket size chart.

My suggestion on sizing is to measure your child in centimeters and look closely at the WeeDo size chart. Order based off your measurements rather than the regular clothing size your child typically wears (ie: 5T, etc.)

A photo highlighting the sleeve and toro length of the WeeDo Comando jacket.
Fit notes: the sleeves are just-right and the torso length is a little long (but that length is intentional).

WeeDo Mondo & Unido Snowsuit Review

The helmet-compatible hoods keep your kids neck and head warm.

Snowsuit Features

  • Hyperloft insulation (100% recycled)
  • Waterproof (10k) & breathable (5k)
  • Reflective accents
  • Helmet compatible, adjustable hood
  • Adjustable foot width (wider for ski boots, narrower for snowboard)
  • Hook in the leg for snowboard boots
  • Zippered waist for easier potty breaks
  • Ski pass pocket, hand pockets and inner chest pocket
  • Reinforced fabric & extra padding in the knees, elbows & butt
A closeup ohoto of the butt padding and the removeable tail
Extra insulation in the bottom, and snap-off tail.

Built In Padding

As snowboarders, my kids spend a lot of time sitting on their butts or kneeling. So I especially appreciate the extra hyperloft insulation and reinforcement in the butt, knees, and elbows.

The extra insulation helps them bounce back up after those inevitable falls. And the reinforced fabric will hold up to the butt slides down the sledding hill, rolling around in the snow, scooting on their knees…whatever your kid can dish out!

The padding is thicker and softer than the Burton impact shorts or the Demon United crash shorts. I love that we don’t even have to talk about pads because they are built in. 

Teammate Jen
Blue Monster kid running on icy sidewalk
Slide on icy sidewalk all you want, Lil Mondo, the butt and knees are reinforced!


My very first impression as I pulled the suit out of the box was wow, this thing is heavy (but still easy to move in)! It just feels like a really solid suit. My kids have worn all kinds of one-piece snowsuits and this is definitely the warmest one we’ve tried.

Little girl toasty in her Blue Mondo Weedo snowsuit
Toasty warm during icy rain dawn patrol.

Having a hood that can easily fit over a helmet just adds to the warmth, and the fun factor.

Ari has always been chilly and fussy on days below 30 degrees. In her old one-piece I was layering a wool base layer, fleece and then a Patagonia Hi-Loft jacket under her previous one-piece.

The last two days on the ski hill she’s been nice and toasty in 20 degree weather with just a wool base layer under her Blue Mondo suit. We just extended her comfort range at least 20 degrees!

Teammate Jen

Mitten Clips

WeeDo’s matching mittens (sold separately from the snowsuits) are highly insulated, waterproof, they come up high on the forearm, and best of all? They clip on to the sleeves.

A close up stock photo of the mittens attached to the snowsuit.
No more lost-in-the-snow mittens with these awesome clips.

Adjustable Grow System

When I shell out the big bucks on gear, I want to make sure I get more than one year out of it. So I was happy to discover WeeDo’s adjustable grow system.

There are 3 snaps on both sides of each arm, and each leg. The snaps allow you to progressively adjust the sleeve and/or pant lengths, which extends the wear time.

Using the adjustable snaps, the arms (pictured) and legs can be lengthened by up to 2.5″

Lots of snowsuits have a grow system, but it usually requires cutting an internal seam, which makes it permanently bigger. I like that with the snap system, nothing is permanent. This unique system allows the suit to be worn for several seasons and multiple kids.

Built In Suspenders

WeeDo’s 2020 line of snowsuits come with a built in pair of suspenders. Typically when kids get hot in a onesie you have to pull down the entire top half, and tie it around the waist.

But with these suspenders, you can pull arms out of the sleeves for a quick, easy cool off. They also come in handy at lunch time to keep food and hot coco drips off the suit.

These suspenders came in clutch when Ari got carsick in the canyon on the way up the mountain. I was able to help her strip down from the front seat before she got sick. I was very grateful the zipper and suspenders work so well and nothing jammed. The suit is so seamless!

Teammate Jen
A toddler showing off the attached suspenders on the WeeDo snowsuit.

Fit & Sizing

WeeDo suits do run a little big. To choose the correct size, make sure you look closely at their size chart and measure your child’s height before buying!

The WeeDo Snowsuit size chart.

Harper (wearing the Unicorn suit), is 4.5 years old, 38″ tall (97 cm) and 36 lbs. She wears the size 92-104 cm WeeDo suit. Remember that the Adjustable grow system DOES give you more flexibility on the sizing, but these suits work best when they fit correctly (and not too big).

Aria (wearing the blue Mondo) is 5.5 years old, 47″ tall (120 cm) and 46 lbs. She’s wearing size 116-128cm. With the snaps on the smallest setting, the suit fits nicely. Ari is very sensitive to clothes being too big.

Her blue Mondo suit is definitely a little big making dressing and layering easy but it fits snug enough to feel cozy. The 5-6 year old gloves fit perfectly as well.

A photo of a girl snowboarding wearing the WeeDo Blue Mondo snowsuit.
She’s the coolest monster at ski school!

I love the bright colors making her easy to spot on the slopes. This added safety feature may seem small but bright loud colors that bring attention are exactly how we keep little ones safe on the ski hill.

The Potty Zipper

I saved this one for last because it’s my favorite feature on the one piece snowsuits.

No more sleeves dragging on the disgusting, wet restroom floors. And no more freezing kids while I peel down the top of their suit so they can go potty outside in the woods.

Just one simple zipper around the waist of the suit, and voila, potty breaks simplified!

My kids arms aren’t long enough to reach around and unzip it by themselves, but I figure I can always unzip it before they go into the restroom (if i’m not accompanying them).

A close up photo of the WeeDo waist zipper.
The full waist zipper makes potty breaks so much easier.

WeeDo Mittens

As a kid growing up in the 80’s, my mom would tie a string of yarn to my mittens and feed the yarn up my sleeves into my jacket.

WeeDo has modernized this technique. All their mittens have a clip that attaches to the sleeve of the snowsuits. No more coming home with just one mitten!

A close up of the WeeDo mittens.
No more lost mittens with these genius clips.

These are a high-loft insulated mitten, but they are still easy to move around in.

Constructive Criticism

I did find many stray threads. It’s possible my daughter caught a rock playing but I did notice two right out of the package. With all its beauty and devoted design there’s always going to be some stray thread. My guess is production during Co-vid has been harrowing at best.

My daughter also managed to rip one side of the mittens right where it attaches to the suit. The mittens were attached to each other at the time. I plan to ask my mother-in-law to sew the seam.

Features We’d Love To See Added

I’d love it if there were 1 or 2 additional grown snaps on the suit. I just think that for this price, I want to make sure I get 2 seasons out of it.

Currently there are 3 snaps, for a total adjustability of 2.5″, but adding another 1″ would be nice.

On our first outing I noticed my little mondo walking on her snowsuit. I was able to clip up the back with the snowboard clip on the upper calf until we got home. I was delighted to see how easy the dirty and grime washed out with a little elbow grease and dish soap. 

My girl loves to get up close and in the dirt, I’m stoked that this beautiful suit is also easily washable. I can chill and just enjoy exploring with my little monster.

A close up photo of how to clean the WeeDo suit.
Good news is that they are very easy to clean!

Having washed the cuffs, I would say that white might not be the best choice of color for the cuff of a snowsuit. The claw design is cool though. Every little detail is calculated stoke of art. I can appreciate its beauty. 

All smiles on ski day in her favorite Mondo Monster snowsuit.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is we are impressed with the suits and jackets. They features are well thought out, the design is loud and fun, and they are warm and fairly durable.

And don’t forget about the 15% off coupon! Shop the WeeDo Funwear website and use code ‘mtnmama’ at checkout for 15% off your purchase. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

Three sisters wearing their WeeDo snowsuits in front of the Tetons.

And my daughter has given me ZERO trouble when I ask her to put on her snow clothes. Getting her to take it off when we come back inside is another story.

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WeeDo Funwear Review

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