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Best Ski and Snowboard Helmets for Kids

Choosing the best ski and/or snowboard helmet for kids is a crucial step in getting them safely through winter activities. Not sure a helmet is really necessary? Check out some of our reasoning here.

Teaching your child to ski this winter? Here are our best tips!

In my opinion, it’s an across-the-board, no-questions-asked, you wear your helmet  every. single. time.

– Amelia Mayer, Tales of a Mountain Mama

Best Winter Sport Helmets for Kids

Giro Crue

This helmet provides an adjustable, snug fit even on really small heads which was key for us. The lining is super warm and our son has never needed an additional layer underneath.

It has MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), which is quickly becoming the new standard for helmet safety technology. It interfaces really well with goggles, and most of all our son loves it! Bright green color really helps with visibility. – Ginny


Giro Launch

Giro Launch

Like the Crue, the Launch does a really good job fitting small heads well for a safe fit. We tried on numerous helmets on our three year old and this was the only one that we felt was going to keep her safe.

Not going to lie, she also happens to love the bow on it (despite eye rolls from Dad!) It’s warm enough to wear without a liner hat most days. – Amelia

Giro Launch

Anon Define

Check out our full review here of the Anon Define – it’s an incredible option for kids!

Anon Define

Lucky Bums Snowsports Helmet

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet with Fleece Liner

The Lucky Bums snow helmets are really great for super young toddlers, like 1 year olds. They’re lightweight and very low-profile. They are also inexpensive. Harper wore her Lucky Bums Doodlebug when she was really little and it seemed comfortable, and she actually kept it on.

Another cool feature is the whole inside liner comes out and it’s machine washable. You never know…hot chocolate spill, throw up, sweaty toddler head…might need to wash that a thing! – Team member Sarah

POC Fornix & POCito Fornix

My eldest wears a POC Fornix, and my youngest a POCito Fornix (kids’ version). The Fornix is an award winning helmet that is lightweight, vented, and has a really great safety profile. 

My kids have almost identical head circumference measurements, but when they were trying helmets on, it was abundantly clear that they needed different helmets.  We went to a local shop who educated us on fit and helped us get the kids into the perfect helmet for their head shape / size! I love the day glow POC colors.

It’s hard to miss my POC wearing kids in a sea of black helmets. Great for crowded days and low-light night skiing too!  – Team Member, Valerie


Wildhorn Spire

The Wildhorn Spire helmet is great because it is safe, warm AND the kids will wear it. The Wildhorn is particularly light and comes with fun stickers which allow kids to customize it.

As a mom I love that it comes with goggles (which can also be worn separately), is affordable and very durable.

Check out our full review of the Wildhorn Spire here.

Wildhorn Spire Helmet

Get out and Ski or Snowboard!

We hope these helmets will make your outdoor play just a little safer this winter.

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